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She suggested that I go through a series of lidocaine injection to certain trigger points (not sure if trigger points are exactly what she called them). I asked about side effects and she quickly dismissed that - saying that there is no side effect. Would you please give me some advice on this?
Why do i have to rest after a lidocaine trigger injection in my back? What are the side effects of resuming normal activity immediately?
In a simple dental procedure, I had what I can only describe as a seizure after getting what was supposed to be lidocaine and epinephrine injection. The area never got numb, and the pain from the point of the needle each time they attempted to inject me was painful. I was taken to the ER and released after 8 hours with no explanation. I read that lidocaine can cause a seizure. I have had injections many times with no problem. What could have gone wrong?
I have to get another filling next week, and I can't decide whether I should ask him to use Lidocaine, which contains epinephrine, or stick with carbocaine. I checked with my old dentist who moved out of town, and he said that he would have either used lidocaine or carbocaine. My question is - does lidocaine ALWAYS come with epinephrine? Is it possible that because I did not have much to eat that day, I somehow had a much stronger than normal reaction to carbocaine?
my mom had a reaction to lidocaine at her dentist. the left side of her face went numb and tingly as did her lips, tongue and throat. her dentist figured it was a reaction to the injection. she went to her allergist who tested here for it. right away she had a systemic reaction to it! they told her to avoid all caines. any suggestions as to what can be done at the dentist instead, her dentist has no suggestions. keep in mind my mom has chemical sensitivies and has MANY allergies!
thinks it would be OK. I had previous severe heart reaction to the dental injection containing lidocaine in the past, so bad that my heart beat so fast I started blacking out and they had to immediately put me on oxygen. dentist & cardio said no lidocaine ever again, cardiologist said if it happened gain, my heart may not be able to handle it or recover from it. I have tachy., brady., PSVT, PACs, PVCs, SVEs (all previously diagnosed on holter monitors, etc.
My daughter is an addict. I found a bottle of lidocaine w syringes. Why would she have this? Can it be used to get high???
In early April, I recieved an injection in my buttock that seemed to have caused nerve. The injection was Norflex for back pain. The injection was in my right buttock and immediately after the injection I had numbness and tingling down my legs, and 2 days later, after taking the medication in pill form, I had an allergic reaction. Now, almost 2 months later, my right leg is still numb, tingly and painful.
In a couple of month I have been bookedin for " LUMBAR EPIDURAL INJECTION OF LOCAL ANAES.+STEROID",what does the proceedure involve & what steroid will be used ? Also I'm having this proceedure instead of having a stimulator put in,is this a normal pattern of treatment or is there something that my Dr isn't telling me ?????
Hi group, I had a cortisone injection into a trigger point or my spot where it hurts and I keep getting reinjured (nervous system is oversensitized) and I'm deconditioned. How long does it take to work completely and how long will it last. My problem is chronic pain and inflammation.
I have twice received a modest injection of Lidocaine by my dermatologst. This has been to numb the skin as he shaves off a portion of skin for a biopsy. Within a minute or two of the injection, my throat scratches and my eyes water a bit. It is rather mild and subsides after a minute or two. No after affects. I will have other such procedures in the near future. Is this an issue I should be concerned about? Should I visit an allergyst?
wants to do a lidocaine IV infusion, he says IV infusion of lidocaine is different than the dental injection. My cardiologist says I can't have lidocaine at all, due to my past severe heart reaction to it, but my pain dr. thinks it will be OK and has scheduled me for infusion for pain relief for this Friday. I dont know what to do, so any info on the lidocaine and any contraidictions with heart arrhythmias would be helpful. Thankyou.
He said I probably have IC and pedundal neuropathy, and before I knew what was going on, the doc jammed a straight catheter into my urethra and injected a mixture of heparin and lidocaine into my bladder. He said it would help ease/numb the pain and wants me to come back once a week for 6 weeks to have this done.
In a simple dental procedure, I had what I can only describe as a seizure after getting what was supposed to be lidocaine and epinephrine injection. The area never got numb, and the pain from the point of the needle each time they attempted to inject me was painful. I was taken to the ER and released after 8 hours with no explanation. I read that lidocaine can cause a seizure. I have had injections many times with no problem. What could have gone wrong?
, no needle, even though that technology exists and its inexpensive to use at around $10 a shot. Nor any attempt to use EMLA cream and or add 1% lidocaine to the injection itself to deaden the area.Or to use a local. Ending or severely reducing the notorious pain associated with these injections is not rocket science. The fact is the Nuclear Medicine Protocol creators and overwhelming majority of practitioners simply don't give a damn about our pain.
Yesterday when I was there, she gave me a cortisone injection to see if it would help - I do have a LOT of pinpoint pain when she pressed on certain areas so she though possibly a bursitits?
Everyone keeps telling me this is normal due to an increased volume at the injection site which is causing inflammation around the nerve. But, I have been on NSAIDs for 5 days and wearing a lidocaine patch on the injection site with no relief. Please help. I am terrified this is permanent. I just feel like no one is listening to how serious this could potentially be.
I also found out from my Primary Dr and Cardiologist that that Lidocaine and Septhacaine people with heart conditions can't take for because it can cause a heart attack and being I do not numb I have to be put under for the tooth extractions. Make sure you tell your dentist about your heart condition and he will tell you to get a medical clearance first because he will not touch you.
I was feeling good about things until I read this article , "Relieving the Pain of Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy Tracer Injection", Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, Aug. 2008, Vol. 12, Number 4. This article talks about the use of eutectic mixture of local anesthetics (EMLA) cream.
The pain went away after the injection but returned a couple of hours later. The steroid was supposed to have an effect a week later according to the doc (that was a month ago), but I have felt no effect from the steroid, only the anestheic had an effect. What does this mean, I'm slightly confused??
As soon as your child is even close to old enuf, I'd encourage you to involve him/her in the injection process. S/he can likely push the plunger before being able to do the injection, but every step of involvement and empowerment will take some of the pain away. I did a little websearching on "topical anaesthetic" looking for non-commercial sites that had some objective information on products.
I am concerned that I may have serious nerve damage if the injection I had hit my sciatic nerve directly. Would an injection of lidocaine and methylprednisone help my symptoms?
Following a trigger point injection over two months ago of lidocaine and Markane that did not improve the muscle pain and spasms in my shoulder, neck and back, I was left with a painful knot that I can physically feel under my skin at the point of injection in my upper back just under my right shoulder blade.
I also have some new pain, which seems to be around the point of injection. Can anyone relate, or share some hope? I was really hoping to get a break from dealing with the hip issues, if only for a little while. I have moved my follow up appointment up a few days, to see what they say, but so far, their response to my questions have been pretty generic. I am new to all of this so I appreciate hearing about your experience.
Due to undiagnosed right upper quadrant pain I have had two right celiac plexus nerve block injection. after the first injection i was pain free but it only lasted for a week and a have. A couple of days ago I had a second injection, and same as the first one the pain was completly gone after the injection, but now I'm experiencing left upper quadrant pain. Does anyone knows if this could be cause by the injection or if it could be unrelated to the nerve block injection? thanks.
Should I rest or restrict my activities after an epidural cortizone/lidocaine/marcaine injection into L3 L4 and L4-L5? . WIll walking make it worse? sitting makes it hurt. SHould I lie down for the whole day after? when can i return to Physcial therapy for my neck?