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more if i am stressed. i have high blood pressure . without meds it runs 147/93. i am on atenolol 25 mg. a day. my dentist says he will not use epi and doesnt know what else to do. he sent me to an oral surgeoun who says he will use epi on me. my question is, is this safe to use epi on me? my cardiologist says no and gives me no other options to get my tooth pulled. how do you get a tooth pulled if you cant get numb safely?????... will the epi kill me or something?
I checked with my old dentist who moved out of town, and he said that he would have either used lidocaine or carbocaine. My question is - does lidocaine ALWAYS come with epinephrine? Is it possible that because I did not have much to eat that day, I somehow had a much stronger than normal reaction to carbocaine? Is carbociane supposed to go into your bloodstream, or does it stay localized to the jaw bone?
If I covered one eye the vision was ok otherwise. My blood pressure went up also from 107/75 to 149/89. Vision is ok now, blood pressure decreased but not all the way.
Should Lidocaine be given to someone with a low blood pressure and high pulse rate. What are the different dosages and how often should it be given (IV). Are there are cases in which someone has died because of Lidocaine, is this possible ? I realize these are many qyustions, Thank you for your time, your help will be greatlu appareciated.
Are the doses given to an elderly person, someone over the age of 65, the same as a typical adult, what are the therapeutic doses, does need to be mixed with another medication if given to an older patient. Should Lidocaine be given to someone with a low blood pressure and high pulse rate. What are the different dosages and how often should it be given (IV). Are there are cases in which someone has died because of Lidocaine, is this possible ?
Dental lidocaine often contains adrenaline, to constrict blood vessels and keep the lidocaine from having systemic effects. Could it be that your reaction actually was towards adrenaline and not lidocaine? I don't know, but you should ask your cardiologist. Anyway, if he is against IV lidocaine and you had this reaction, I would not take the chance..
I understand about anatomic variations and fully believe this seizure was caused by lidocaine essentially hitting a vein and numbing my girls' brain and not her tooth; BUT, 1)This is apparently a 'rare' event, How often does it occur and does she have an increased (any?)chance of this event happening again? Or the same chance as everybody else? 2) Is she prone to seizures and this event "set her off"? 3) She still needs this lower molar filled, now what? Other drugs?
Does anyone know if it is dangerous to get lidocaine IV infusion (for pain) when I have multiple daily heart arrhythmias, tachycardia, bradycardia, PVCs, PSVTs, PACs, SVEs, and also fluctuating blood pressure problems. (I am also on toprol xl daily). I had severe heart reaction to lidocaine from a dental injection in the past, so they wont use it on me any more. But now my pain dr. wants to do a lidocaine IV infusion, he says IV infusion of lidocaine is different than the dental injection.
But this spasm is 5days old now, very uncomfortable and distracting and exhausting,mostly pressure with some aching, and I had minimal discomfort for 6 months up until this started 5 days ago. Please, has anyone else experienced pressure and tightness like this? after cranial surgery? Any thoughts on what this might be? If it settles eventually? and how to manage it? I never had headaches before my surgery either so if this is a migraine or a type of migraine I have nothing to compare it to.
Tried Prednisone, Z-pack, Augmentin 875, Midrin, Ibuprofen, Butalbital, Nortriptolyne, steroid and Lidocaine-Steroid shot, and nothing helps. I have been checked for temporal arteritis, sinusitis, and TMJ. I am now being told it's just chronic daily headaches and to keep trying different meds. Would chronic daily headaches actually cause a tender spot in the back of head that radiates pressure build-up?
The room wasn't spinning but it felt like head sensations and dizzy. I had a bit of eye pressure and my ears felt like they do on a airplane. I was popping them like crazy trying to relieve this. Since than my eyes feel normal and some days are much better than others but I still have these symptoms. It feels like a heavy head tingling , a little dizzy, and my ears still pop. Also my front forehead is tight a bit. Its definately not a headache.
i have the bright red blood on the toilet paper and off and on that blood is attached to the stool....
Body covered in broken blood vessels. Whites of my eyes blood red and purple/red spots all over, especially my face. Orders at the time were to be tested for HIV every 6 months for 10 years, due to blood transfusions (HIV awareness but blood screening for HIV had not yet been fully implemented.) Never tested positive. 1995 Inline skating accident, injury at lower back, disc bulge at S-1 L-5 and believed to have developed my large Tarlov Cyst at base of spinal cord during this time.
Sent by ipurr2 Oct 16, 2014 Finally one day I googled “severe period pain with large blood clots” and endometriosis came up and I immediately knew this was what I had and I immediately called my gynecologist and set an appt. I went in and told her “I am pretty sure I have endometriosis (this had never even been mentioned in all these years) I would like to have a laparoscopic surgery to confirm or deny it. So she referred me to another oby/gyn because she no longer did surgery.
Ankle pain is also present in high levels of entrapment. With increased pressure on the nerves, blood flow decreases, fluid collects on standing and walking causing swelling feet. Diagnosis would include evaluation by neurologist and an orthopedician, later by a podiatrist. MRI foot, ultrasound to check for synovitis, Nerve conduction studies all aid in the confirming the diagnosis.
he was nice to listening my symptoms and ordered me to get blood work done to check my hormones and get an ultrasound done. my thyroid hormone was normal and my prolactin level was a little bit high. and my ultrasound showed that i had an 8 mm cyst on my left ovary. so he wrote me a referral to see an obgyn and to get an MRI done to check my pituitary gland. in the mean time he prescribed me meloxicam for pain. i met my new obgyn.
I am more sore today just from being tense than the actual procedure hurt. The lidocaine was the worst part and that was not that bad,. I did not feel the procedure it self at all. The best part is she will have the resulets in one week. Did not take valium for the procedure.
Had brain and cervical MRIs. Had EMG and another test they do during the same session and carpal tunnel was ruled out. There was an abnormal needle result that suggested something neurological is going on. Two lesions in brain, none in cervical spine. Vision went bad suddenly, so I told neurologist. He said for me to go see an Ophthalmologist. Was at Ophthalmologist office for four and a half hours and she found I have refractive diplopia and convergence insufficiency X (T).
My own GP has noted that when I'm in pain (even with a migraine), my blood pressure goes up pretty significantly, and for those whose ectopics respond to blood pressure changes, this could be a real factor. Your tachycardia in the period just after your injection was probably a reaction to the epinephrine that is used often used in these injections to help keep the anesthetic (Carbocaine or Lidocaine) in the area during and after the procedure. Epi can really cause the heart to race.
I took a lot of ibuprofen (NSAIDS) which is bad for your heart and can no longer use it after getting a blood clot and pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lungs) after being diagnosed with the cause: cancer in April 2015. I'm 61 now and after doing a lot of research, I can tell you that most medicines only treat the symptoms and is never a cure.
i have had bleeding for 3 months and have bad cramps and blood clots and stopped bleeding for 10 days in that 3 months finly stopped 1 day well should i say more im waiting 1 more mounth then ???????????
It has been almost two weeks and I still have severe pain after a bowel movement. I do have some lidocaine inserts that help some. I go back to my doctor in a few weeks and hope to have some answers.
i took my blood pressure and it was elevated at 141/101. i never has blood pressure issues before. i went to the doc the next day and reported that my headache feels like my whole head is filled with fluid and i have shoulder and neck pain. she treated me for an atypical migraine and then gave me water pills for the blood pressure and gave me an order for an MRI which i will have tomorrow. i have a family history of aneurysms and my brother has a borderline chiari.
But, I am seriously contemplating asking my MD to prescribe Topamax for me for weight loss. I think maybe my blood pressure will also decrease, and I am sure my feet and joints won't hurt anymore if I can get this extra 60 lbs off me. As I said, I am 66 years young, and am interested if any other young seniors are in my shoes. Any comments for the older group will be greatly appreciated.
I will be posting again after this Thursdays blood results and I hope the count is 0 but for now I had to tell you and maybe it could help someone else about this rash I had on my legs and belly. I stopped the pill for the itch, because it was putting me to sleep but found this and my rash is almost 98 % better. I took a cool bath every 2 nights and used Aveeno Bath (pretty sure its oatmeal) and this thing works. Just to let you know.
But I ask you, could forcing a lot our eyes in front of a screen for a long periode of time finish by injurying nerves and muscles in the front of my head? Or/and could my bad posture kind of jammed my neck and therefore alter my blood flow or something like that?
) then what that does is decrease blood flow to that area and can cause ulcerations after consistent pressure. It is even worse if his protein levels (albumin) are low.
when i got home my bp was 143 over 100 and my heart rate was 104...then i went to the kitchen and check my blood pressure standing up it was 139 over 93 was a heart rate of 129 just standing does anybody know wht this is it the extraction and how much blood i swollowed or is it the antibotics ...what my friends please help!..
I was poked 4 times, 1st needle burned a little and I felt pressure, the other 3 just a little pressure. Then waited to see if the pathologist had enough to do the test. The worst part of the whole thing was waiting to get it done, then waiting some more for the results.
I dont know why we hurt, and it seems, neither does anyone else. I bought burn gel tonight, its has 2.5% lidocaine in it and it numbs the area of a burn, I may use it and see what happens, it was a suggestion to help the pain of vulvondia on a site, its OTC and I got it at Walmart for $5.