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Avatar_f_tn I've now stopped it again. I clearly have a lactose intolerance, I always use soya/rice milk. I will probably either go back to taking my Nutri Thyroid at an increased dose or try Levoxyl. Has anybody got any experience with this drug or Evotrox Liquid ?? Thanks for any help and advice you can give me. AquarianGlory This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/338035'>Levothyroid and mood swings</a>.
Avatar_f_tn hi AR, my mum and i are both lactose intolerant and recently switched from oroxine (like synthroid - contains lactose) to levoxyl. we both feel heaps better now. my tsh is not right yet, my tsh keeps going up and i may have a parathyroid adenoma (so basically feel very bad) but my stomach feels a lot better on levoxyl (at least its one thing that isnt as bad as before). i had constipation, wind and diarrhea from the lactose and it is much better now.
Avatar_m_tn The only real difference between the two brands are the fillers they use and the shape of the pill. Synthroid has lactose, Levoxyl does not. The other fillers vary as well. If the fillers in one brand do not agree with you, the other brand may be better. The strengths are identical.
Avatar_f_tn Levoxyl does not contain lactose. Ask the doctor to switch you and see if you do better. Make sure to have blood work done after 6-8 weeks. I can't comment on the other things, unfortunately.
Avatar_m_tn Can somebody who has been on levoxyl for a long time and had to switch to something else because of the recall and stop of production share their experience.? I tried Synthroid but it is not working for me at all: anxiety, palpitations, sleeplessness! I was fine on levoxyll! What other drug would be the closest to Levoxyl? Any experiences with Tirosint? What is the difference between Tirosint and all the other levothyroxine meds?
263988_tn?1281957896 Levoxyl is a brand name and does not contain lactose.
Avatar_m_tn So, I was having to take three 50 mcg pills a day because the 50 mcg of levoxyl is the only pill that doesn't have lactose or dyes in it. So, with all that being said, I wanted to switch to a hypoallergenic pill, Tirosint. These are my most recent test results and they reflect 150mcg levoxyl and 5 mcg of citomel twice a day: TSH: .01 (.40-4.50) [I did this on purpose by adding the T3 because being subclinical my TSH was jumping all over the place...I have it in control now ha] Free t4: 1.8 (.
314892_tn?1264627503 I have to also add that my endo only writes perscriptions for synthroid and it was my internist that I had change me to Levoxyl. Are you lactose intolerant? Synthroid does have lactose in it.
Avatar_n_tn I decided to make the switch back to Levoxyl when it came back on the market in early February. Synthroid made me feel so anxious and gave me other sides affects. So when it was available and I thought switching back I'd feel better than I do. I did just add the Cytomel in December and I think I can see that my headaches have been worse too. Previously taking Synthroid 75 - 5 days a week and 88 2 days a week. Also split a 5 mcg Cytomel in two doses taking 1/2 in AM and 1/2 at lunch. TSH 2.
Avatar_f_tn They are both the same except in ingredients. Synthroid has lactose where Levoxyl doesn't. Two of the symptoms of Lactose intolerance/malabsorption are bloating and diarrhea. Secondary Lactose intolerance/malabsorption occurs when the small intestine decreases lactose production after an illness, surgery or injury to the small intestine, as well as from other intestinal diseases. And I would certainly conserder thyroid disease as an illness, permanent illness.
Avatar_n_tn I recently switched back to synthoid 25mcg and am trying to increase to 50 mcgs. I am having severe stomach issues and the headaches are back. I decided to try levoxyl due to it doesn't have lactose as a filler. What can I take to reduce headaches, decrease hair loss and not have tighness in my chest. Help.
937837_tn?1285353985 I am currenty on Synthroid, but I have discovered it contains Lactose, and I have been mildly lactose intolerante for years now. Most of the synthetic brands have lactose, so I think I might go to natural.
Avatar_n_tn I reacted to synthroid and the generic form as well because they both contain lactose (I am lactose intolerant) and acacia. Acacia fillers in meds for people with severe allergies like myself is not a good idea. I researched all the meds and found that Levoxyl does not contain these fillers and have been switched. My advice to you is research, research and more research. Good luck!
197575_tn?1215536224 .. Politics of doctors and pharmaceutical companies are not important right now, Your optimum health is most important and a branded generic generally costs only a little more than the "generic" generic gotten from just anywhere. I filled my Levoxyl rx in a new pharmacy on my way to work, forgot my Rx card, just paid the regular price and it was less than 20 dollars.
Avatar_n_tn Is there a reason for that? I know Unithroid, Levothroid, Levoxyl and Synthoid are some common T4s... is there a reason they seem to start with synthroid? In reviewing various forums I have seen different people report different reactions to the meds; many have trouble with synthroid especially with headache and they think, more hair loss (although you did explain the hair loss to me and that makes sense) - so they have switched around.
Avatar_n_tn This is mjred again and want to add something to the above statement. I just discovered that levothyroxine has lactose monohydrate in it as an inactive ingred. I'm very food sensitive to cow's mild and all related products. Now what do I do?
Avatar_n_tn I have autoimmune thyroiditis (hypo) and take levoxyl. I had a full battery of testing done because I have had recurrent (over a year) oral blisters that started out fairly painless and small but have now become more painful. They range from 1-5mm in size and last up to 24 hours. They then burst and become a shallow ulcer that heals relatively quickly (especially the smaller ones).
Avatar_f_tn i had to change to levoxyl 50mcg tablets because they have no colour or lactose. i feel like im getting a UTI if i eat lactose (or any dairy at all, plus some other foods - so if it is allergy it could be from anything, to find out i cut things out of my diet and see if the symptoms go away then try them again). i didnt get any of your other side effects though. but i did get really constipated from yellow colouring, and i got a rash.
Avatar_n_tn It is made with different fillers than what you have been used to with the Levo. Some people do not get along with it. Lactose or something is in it. It's possible you're allergic to the inert ingredients of the Synthroid.
Avatar_n_tn This pure formulation consists only of T4, glycerin, gelatin, and water. Unlike some tablet formulations, Tirosint is free of dyes, gluten, lactose, sugar, and alcohol.
Avatar_f_tn Levoxyl has the less ingredients (additives) than the rest of the T4 thyroid medications, and no animal ingredients. That is why I take levoxyl. Other thyroid medications might have lactose and some even have sugar. So if you have any problems with these issues, then levoxyl would be the best to take.
Avatar_n_tn I was diagnosed with Graves Disease over 10 years ago; had the radiation pill treatment and was rediagnosed as Hypothyroid. I have been on Synthroid since that time and have been followed by an Endo. She told me to not take any generic form of Synthroid as it is not the same effect. She said she had had some patients who had a bad reaction to generic form of synthroid. My pharmacy filled my Synthroid Rx with Levothyroxin but I had them change it back.
Avatar_f_tn Does drinking soy milk within one hour of taking levoxyl .25 & .50 interfere with the meds effectiveness?
Avatar_f_tn Synthroid uses acacia, other manufacturers may not. Have you tried Levoxyl? That doesn't use acacia or lactose. I'll be seeing my endo in July and because of the increasing cost of Tirosint, I'll be asking for Levoxyl.
Avatar_f_tn Searching for a new doctor. My appt did not go as planned. She suggested that decreasing my dose to 75 mcg was best with no Cytomel, saying I was hyperthyroid even though I told her what I was going through. When I told her I had taken Cytomel which helped me she told me I should take a walk next time to get the same effect.
Avatar_n_tn My stomach reacted badly to the lactose and I was switched to Levoxyl. Being subclinical I'm not even sure I should be on this drug. So far my hair is falling out (which it never was) and in the evening and morning before I take my meds my heart is pounding and I get a horrible headache-when I take them, it goes away. Also if I don't take the meds recently my feet get ICE cold. I have not noticed any weight loss with hard core dieting and excercises.
Avatar_f_tn Some people react badly to the fillers of one brand name or another or the generic. I've been on generic, Synthroid and Levoxyl at one time or another, For me, I see absolutely no difference,.
446193_tn?1208837340 Each thyroid medicines have different fillers. Your body can react different each filler. Synthroid contains gluten and lactose. Levoxyl does not contain gluten of lactose. Synthroid is also known to cause mental issues, but again it could be the fillers in the meds. Find the meds and dosage you are comfortable with and stick with it. The doctors do not know what works for you until you tell them and then they will still guess at what to prescribe next.
Avatar_f_tn I recently switched from levothyroxine to levoxyl. Given my last labs i thought my doctor would possibly lower my T4 med to 75mcg then add cytomel but he said would leave me on the 88mcg and add 5 mcg of cytomel since my ft4 was fine, all we needed was my ft3 to go up a little. Ive been feeling great...symptom free. The last couple days my hair has been falling out so not sure if its due to switching from levothyroxine to levoxyl.
Avatar_n_tn cornstarch, sugar, lactose, magnesium stearate, povidone, and talc. Levoxyl contains: Microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium and magnesium stearate.