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00am, I'm fine. Does this sound likely? I have Hashimoto's and possible gluten intolerance but have been gluten free for 2 years now.
Results while taking 88mcg of levoxyl: Free t4: 1.3 (range .8 - 1.8) free t3: 1.9 (range 2.3 - 4.2) Thyroid peroxidase antibodies: 664 (range < 35) Ferritin: 35 (range 10 - 232 Vitamin D: 42 (range 30 - 100) TSH: 1.05 (range .4 - 4.5) Results after switching to 90g Armour for 6 weeks: Free t4: .8 (rnge .8 - 1.8) free t3: 3.5 (range 2.3 - 4.2) Thyroid peroxidase antibodies: 822 (range < 35) TSH: .55 (range .4 - 4.
However, when it comes to the gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, FOOD free diets, I don't think they contribute as much as some people would like to believe. Unfortunately, though, soy is not thyroid-friendly. If you have a marginal thyroid condition or are in the very early stages of Hashi's, diet and lifestyle changes might be able to forestall it for a time. Once your thyroid is ravaged, however, meds management is the only way to go.
In fact it was a year after stopping gluten that I really started to question, was it something else and not just gluten intolerance. Gluten free will not stop/cure/help the Hashimoto's. Hashimoto anti-bodies attack thyroid tissue and that is all. Gluten antibodies attack the intestine and that is all.
8) Free T3 2.6(2.0-4.0) and my free T4 is borderline .54 (.50- 1.50). Thyroglobulin 6.1 (0.0-55.0) Thyrog Ab <20.0 (0.0-40.0) Tpo abs<10.0 (0.0 -35.0) So my TSH and T3 are normal and my T4 is borderline. My thyroid antibodies are normal. Is a borderline low free t4 and an autoimmune disease enough to send me to an endo? I will be asking my family doc to run the thyroid panel again to see if it rectifies itself, but if I see this confusing result again what should i do?
I am going to start a new diet tomorrow. No more pop or bread and I will start making some gluten free meals to try. I will also start taking vitamin d3. Is it best to take the vitamin d3 at night or first thing in the morning? I probably won't start treatment until after surgery to see if I lose the ovary or not. I thought of something crazy at the dr... I have Hashimoto's, Hypothyroidism, and Hydrosalpinx (fallopian tube issue) All start with "H" Weird!
I agree. Levoxyl is gluten free. I have problems with artificial colors and dyes too. Levoxyl pills are so pale in color I assume the coloring is so minimal. However dose 50 has no coloring. I haven't had problems like I do with other general medications. I am very satisfied with Levoxyl.
I personally believe they are from the Hashimoto's, but they are not going away while being in range with my TSH. I'm on Levoxyl and my doctor just put me on Cytomel as well and I still have all these symptoms. severe myalgia(eating low carb helps a bit), weight gain with servere constipation(Had colectomy which helped some), I just can't seem to find any relief. Please give me any thoughts on what could be checked or changed. What is a good range for TSH if still having symptoms?
Untreated or undertreated hypothyroidism wreaks havoc on your body, and gives you problems you didn't have before. Make sure to get Free T3 and Free T4 tested, as well as thyroid antibodies, and ANAs. Testing the adrenals doesn't hurt, either. I wish I was diagnosed at a young age......would have saved me tons of grief, money, as well as personal, physical, and professional loss. By the way, ADD symptoms are symptoms of hypothyroidism...
2 (mcg/g creat) H ACTH, Plasma 16 (6-50 pg/mL) I am working on Gluten free, and contemplating Naturethroid. But reading that adrenal issues could need to be addressed first. Perhaps this could be the problem? I am looking to have labs done shortly, as I still don't feel right, and any input would be welcome.
This pure formulation consists only of T4, glycerin, gelatin, and water. Unlike some tablet formulations, Tirosint is free of dyes, gluten, lactose, sugar, and alcohol.
But to fine tune your medication you really do need the Free T3 and Free T4 tests. Many people seem to get symptom relief when their Free T4 is about mid range and the Free T3 is in the UPPER 1/3 of the range. Be forewarned however that most Dr's do not seem to know this. They may resist you to even get the tests. And they will rely upon TSH only which will almost certainly keep you sick.
8) - said not to worry Sex hormones fine Iron panel fine Ferritin 49 (15-77) -- this was 18 before gluten free and supplementing Vit C, copper, zinc, IGF-1 fine DHEA high 1153 (40-491) said this is stress as DHEAs is normal DHEA-sulfate 227.7 (110-433.2) Thyroid - 45mg compounded suspended release Armour taken 4 hrs earlier so it is "in her system" TSH 2.01 (.45-4.5) T3 164 (71-180) Free T3 3.9 (2.3-5) Total T4 7.5 (4.5-12) Free T4 1.17 (.93-1.6) Reverse T3 14.5 (9.2-24.
and my favorite cereal does have gluten. Otherwise, I'm mostly gluten-free, with some exceptions... but I pay for it later (sometimes I just prefer to accept the end-result... I mean, who can turn down Mom's fresh-out-of-the-oven-homemade-bread?!). I appreciate your answer, Tamra, as well as the reading resource. This is all quite new, and I'm sure once I learn more I'll probably take stricter measures where my nutrition is concerned.
With Hashi's your autoimmune system produces antibodies that attack the thyroid and continue until, over some time, the thyroid glands are destroyed. There is some controversy about whether the attack can be minimized by going gluten free, as your other doctor suggested. There is anecdotal evidence that this can help, but the mainstream medical community has not recognized or accepted this possibility.
Before she went on synthroid she was tested positive for both hypo and hyper antibodies. Her doc says there is no connection or improvement with celiacs once they go on a gluten free diet. We have read contrary information on that but he insists there is no connection.
I'd say that your continuing hypo symptoms are due to your relatively low Free T4 and Free T3. Rule of thumb here is for Free T4 to be at the middle of the range, at minimum., and Free T3 in the upper part of its range, as necessary to relieve symptoms. So you have lots of room to raise both levels. By the way, I know of no compelling reason to switch to Naturethroid. You can get the same effect from your Levoxyl and Cytomel, plus you can adjust separately if needed.
I agree that what he puts out there in the book basically suggests a person rethink their eating habits. After reading through the suggestions I knew I would probably never be able to follow his protocol. I do believe the thryoid meds are necessary for me, even though he believes that Hashi/Graves can be treated through dietary measures w/o hormones. I have read many places that a gluten-free diet helps people with "auto-immune" thyroiditis.
go gluten free, best go grain/sugar free for a few weeks (if not already doing this), but please be vigilant. Many cosmetics, shampoos, play-doe and many food products contain gluten, when we least suspect it! And gluten effects linger around the body for a very long time after ingesting, so exercise patience.
Additionally I am on a wheat-free diet (not 100% gluten-free as I can still eat oatmeal) and take multiple supplements to support my thyroid and other parts. I have come a long way in the last 6 months. I've had quite a few issues in the past and for the most part, I am just dealing with the hypo-t now. Folks on this site have been a HUGE help. The key thing that got me turned around was seeing a Naturopath (who discovered what 1 Drs and 3 specialist did not!
Given when I've posted here do you think she'll prescribe Levoxyl and Cytomel or just Levoxyl with a higher dose? My last doctor (who retired) was not supportive at all of Cytomel saying it was a quack med. Haha!
I guess it is causing me to have anxiety all over again with this latest diagnosis of celiac (gluten free diet). The gluten free is not as hard as the fact that they said I also am allergice to oat, rice, green beans, bananas, tomatoes, all dairy, and many more. That doesn't leave me much to eat but vegetable, obviouisly not all of them and meat. The only thing I didn't test positive to is tuna. ugh I feel like I am in a fog about this. My tsh was 3.5 and is now up to 5.6.
due to Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, you need to see a good thyroid doctor and get tested for Free T3, Free T4, Vitamin D, B12, ferritin, and a full iron test panel. If your thyroid gland has already been partially destroyed, and your Free T3 and Free T4 are in the low end of the so-called "normal" range, you need to take thyroid meds to offset the loss of natural thyroid hormone production, and raise your thyroid hormone levels as necessary to relieve symptoms.
The past 7 years I have had every gastro complaint known to man or woman - went off both wheat and the Levoxyl 3 weeks ago and feel and look better. No more huge puffy skin over my eyes - lost 4 lbs. water weight 1st 3 days and my inflamed thyroid gland went down & I can now swallow and not choke and lay down without feeling like I will suffocate. Has anyone else found wheat allergy to coincide with Hashi?
The synthroid itself is not known to cause forgetfulness. To be more certain - could change to another brand such as Levoxyl. Also even though the TSH is "normal" according to the reference range, it may not be ideal for her -- goal is 0.5-2.0 for a pt on treatment. If none of this helps, then you should consider having her evaluated for other causes of her symptoms.
I recently switched from levothyroxine to levoxyl. Given my last labs i thought my doctor would possibly lower my T4 med to 75mcg then add cytomel but he said would leave me on the 88mcg and add 5 mcg of cytomel since my ft4 was fine, all we needed was my ft3 to go up a little. Ive been feeling great...symptom free. The last couple days my hair has been falling out so not sure if its due to switching from levothyroxine to levoxyl.
I started on the gluten free and wheat, oat, rice etc. free diet before the thyroid crushed me and I started into hypo hell and I haven't started back since. I have been symptom free for 6 days PTL and my eyes are better also without the restasis just dry eye drops 4 times a day. How did you learn to eat properly. I cook for 6 everyday(assisted living in my home) and to go to a nutritionalist is very expensive.
Anyway, the outlook seems pretty good for you guys - keep thinking positive. I have just started a gluten free diet - supposed to help with autoimmune issues (the dr. said I can still have a bit of chocolate and glass of wine so I'll manage!) I am also going to try to meditate everyday and practice gratitude etc. - it's all supposed to help.
There is now an alternative med. It is called Tirosint. I got this from the Tirosint site. "Tirosint is the first and only T4 in liquid gel cap form. This pure formulation consists only of T4, glycerin, gelatin, and water. Unlike some tablet formulations, Tirosint is free of dyes, gluten, lactose, sugar, and alcohol." Of course if you also need T3 in your meds, there are the NDT types, like Armour, and Nature-Throid.
For your appointment I think you need to ask if the Endo is willing to test and adjust the actual, biologically active thyroid hormones, free T3 and free T4, with whatever type of medication is necessary to relieve symptoms, without being constrained by resultant TSH levels. Symptoms relief should be all important, not TSH level. You should also ask if he is willing to prescribe meds other than T4 types.
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