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Started on Friday on levothyroxine, 50mg. the first day and all four days have had severe headache; the pain goes into the back of my neck. In addition, I am dizzy; not 100% of the time, but most often when getting up suddenly, or moving around. The doctor told me to stop taking the Rx for four days and see if the symptoms stop. They seem to be dissipating after a day. What is different in the generic to the brand name that causes more reactions in people, and are mine common.
The new Aetna plan I am on is charging me $50 per month and I am told that I can take Levothyroxine Sodium for only $10 a month. Is there any downside to switching to this generic alternative?
These new, FAR worse symptoms started with a high fever, flu-like symptoms, swollen glands, and an large hot red lump (told lump itself was deep, ultrasound revealed nothing) in my breast which went away with antibiotics - but the illness never did, and I'm going on three years.
Last August I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and after 3 adjustments in meds I am taking levothyroxine 50 .mcg a day and seem to be doing fine. My normal weight was just under 124 and now I am up to 130 with no changes in my diet. I seemed to have leveled off and not gaining by can't lose it either...is this caused by the medication? Another concern is that in the last 3 months or so I have developed a thick yellowish green vaginal discharge.
I can confirm that and in my case - it's been 5 months and just a tiny bit of recovery.
wow 400 MCG is alot of levothyroxine. i have started taking medications for my thyroid and am on 176 MCG and i have been on it for a year now. They started me out at 50 MCG and have slowly increased my dose based on my TSH level. If you increase your medication to fast you can cause more problems than not being on medication. The doctor should check her TSH level every 6 weeks until lab values are within normal limits. I see an Endocrinology to manage my thyroid disease.
TSH 7.12; T4 11.8; Thy peroxidase anti+ve 253. Doc has told me to have a re-test in 6 months and to continue course of antibiotics to get rid of hives. Wasn’t happy about this, so I went back today (Friday). I asked to come off the antibiotics because the skin problem will presumably return unless the thyroid is treated. He prescribed 25mcg levothyroxine until re-check in 3 months; Doc’s not happy and insists my ‘levels’ are within normal ranges.
I've been to the ent for the ringing in my ear and sinusitis. I use a neti pot and just finished antibiotics but I'm still no better. Now it seems my sinuses are better but my thyroid is burning. I am hypothyroid and I'm on levothyroxine .050. My endocrinologis was mad when I went off synthroid and now take the generic because of the cost. Now I'm wondering if the levothyroxine isn't potent and that's what's causing the problem. Help!
Every time I took it within 30 min, I get a headache even across my scalp, mild nause, warm, flushing skin mostly across my face, diarrhea, and an over all strange/bad feeling. My primary care MD sent me to and endocrinologist who told me he never prescribes generic drug for thyroid. He put me on the brand synthroid and i never had any of those side effects again!! He said it could have been the fillers or the delivery system of the generic that cause my reaction/side effects.
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I take 50 MCG in the morning with the 8oz or water and go to the gym for two hours and STILL gaining and not losing. I have sleep apnea and have started sleeping with a machine for almost a month now, trying to get used to it. Now I'm not as tired or fatigued but I don't want to be fat. I am only 5 foot and I should be between 97-123 pounds. I eat healthy and not after 6pm, exercise blah blah blah. I am in tearing because I am about killing myself at the gym. Why is this happening?
besides synthroid i take celexa, prevacid, and bystolic. i take them over the course of the day. and sometimes i take allergy meds and antibiotics. anyway that is why i take the iron at night. and its starting to work just a bit, i have a little more energy.
The average morning TSH level in the hypothyroid group taking levothyroxine was 3.27 mU/L and in the afternoon was 2.18 mU/L; 64.7% TSH circadian variability. Based on the current TSH reference range, hypothyroidism was not diagnosed in about 50% of the cases in the afternoon. Morning: 8 - 9 am. Afternoon: 2 - 4pm. Estrogen induced TBG (thyroxine binding globulin) elevations raises total T4 but does not affect free T4.
I have been on 88 mcg Levothyroxine and 25 mcg Liothyronine for a while now My blood results from a few weeks ago included TSH .07 (.34-4.82), T4 (Thyroxine) Free .59 (.52-1.4), T3 (Triiodothyronine) Total 118 (60-181), and T3 Reverse 11 (8-25). My doctor tried to explain to me twice how my TSH at .07 was normal, but I still don't understand. She didn't change any dosages on my thyroid meds.
I just had a total thyroidectomy on 06/23/2015 and 2 lymph nodes removed at the same time, i'm feeling weak every day more than the day before, i have no strength and on top i have lot's of pain in my shoulders and my back and inside of my neck and chest. I'm eating more than before i notice,I'm afraid to gain weight .I don't want to gain weight I'm taking 112mg of IC Levothyroxine, no antibiotics was prescribed after surgery.
Having seen the amount of unnatural feed, vaccines , hormones, and antibiotics, etc fed to pigs and beef cows and milk cows....it is a real eye opener. Even though I raised my kids on a real tight budget, I still made sure the milk was organic and as much of the meat they ate as well. So for me I decided to stick with the non-natural thyroid treatment. I also do better with added T3....synthetic... So add another thing to think about...
Previous Cholesterol test in 2005 had me down at Total 225 approx,, with tryglycerides in 200 range, ldl131 hdl 32 Right before i stopped smoking 5 months ago, i had a horrible throat infection,, very sore adams apple, went in thinking i had throat cancer or something, they checked me for strep-negative,, did the hands check on lymp nodes in throat, peeked in the back of the throat --said it looked red,, and simply gave me antibiotics which i didnt take. It took quite awhile to clear up.
Went to another Dr for a second opinion and was sent for a thyroid U/S and blood work. My T3,T4, and TSH levels were normal while on levothyroxine. The ultrasound showed a "grossly" enlarged left thyroid lobe. Then i'm sent to have a neck CT which showed enlargement of left thyroid lobe with possible substernal extension.
my daughter has been diagnosed with hashimotos and put on levothyroxine and has broken out in hives all over...I saw your post and wondered if the atarax and pepcid are still what you would recommend for help?? Thank you so very much!
i was over the moon when they told me i was actually ill and didn't just have man flu.. my levothyroxine hasn't been with out teething prob's but it is generally massively helping. i have subsequently managed to drag my dad to the dr's (he hasn't seen a dr in years) low a behold = hypo... i strongly suspect my brother is, he totally fits the autoimmune hypo picture, he is going for bloods this week..... men you are not alone!!
In Dec of 2013 I first became ill, and the diarrhea has been constant since Jan 2014. I only felt my neck to be tender and swollen last month, and was tested hyper then. The diarrhea pattern has waxed and waned over the last year+. Right now, it's pretty severe, to the point of waking me from sleep again, which had stopped for several months. I see an Endo next week, and I just had a colonoscopy last week (my 2nd). Everything looks good in the colon. I follow up with GI in May.
I've been taking 500mg metformin myself and I have not experienced any weight loss. I am actually taking it for diabetes treatment. But it has not helped with my weight loss.
Have been on treatment of 25 mcg of levothyroxine and 5000iu vit. D almost 3 weeks and not feeling much better. TSH 1.71 TSH 0.34-4.82 FT4 0.77-1.61 FREE T4 0.69 FT3 1.8-4.2 FREE T3 4.2 VIT. d 16 VIT.
From what I have read about Eltroxin, it is a new form of levothyroxine sodium. You can google the drug name and there is alot of info on it. I am not a doctor, so I don't know why you are still having hypo symptoms, but I would ask my doctor about it..plus, I don't know how long you have been on your meds...it takes time to begin leveling things out. Look, I have thyroid cancer and I am about to have my ENTIRE THYROID removed.....
Have worked up gradually to 125mcg of Levothyroxine and have TSH of .93. It just takes time and a whole lot of patience. Also, some people react to differnet types of thyroid replacement hormone differently. You made need another kind. Make sure your endo always knows any side affects the meds are giving you. Am sorry that you are having so much trouble with it but just remember you are not alone in this.
She took one antibiotic and it worked but she stopped taking it too early and got the sinusitis back. She took a full course of another antibiotic and then a full course of a third antibiotic before she finally put this at bay, although I am not completely sure it is all gone even now. 4) During this time of sickness, the doctor said her thyroid levels were wrong and started her on a natural thyroid suplement. There is also talk of antibodies being too high and the term hypothyroidism used.
I though I had yeast and went to doctors and was treated with antibiotics. That didn't take it away. My tsh level is coming down but the last blood test was 7. I am to have another one next week and I will see what it is then. My tongue is better and the spasms in my back come and go. I had a bad attack on my legs where I was unable to move them. I finally got better and could stand up. I have had the leg cramps my entire life and didn't know what casued them.
Within 4 months I was back to my normal self (body metabolism, sleep habits, and energy levels) and my weight reduced 30#'s. Levothyroxine quit working for me. I have also altered some eating habits due to some of my research. Avoid Soy, soy Lecithin; in chocolate :-( ; peanuts, garbanzo beans/hummus, and pinto beans. All these food products cause your body to not create the T3 properly and basically nullify any thyroid hormone replacement therapy you are on.
It all started when my right foot was bitten by fireants and became infected. I went to the ER and was given steroids and antibiotics. However, since then BOTH of my feet and ankles have been swollen most all of the time (sometimes severely). The weird part is that I've noticed that whenever I'm on antibiotics for any unrelated illness, my feet and ankles do not swell. I've mentioned this to several doctors who all say that it can't have anything to do with it.