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Avatar m tn Yes, you can split levofloxacin 500mg tablets in half, and you should not expect a loss of efficacy by doing so. As the tablets are film-coated, I recommend you use a pill-cutter to ensure you split both sides equally.
Avatar f tn Hi i got diagonised with gonnorhea on 19th october i was given ceftriaxone injection one for 5 days and ciprofloxacin 500mg *2 for five days the symptoms persisted the second time i was given three injections for three days. .
Avatar n tn Hey guys, Does anyone know if 500mg Levaquin (levofloxacin) tablets will cure Chlamydia T. I had sex with a girl about 5-6 months ago and found out that she MAY have contracted it. Though I've never had an STD prior to her and I'm not really to worried that I have one now...the thought is in the back of my head. I was able to get a bottle of the stuff and was thinking of taking it just incase. ....thoughts??
Avatar n tn I noticed some minor swelling as well. Visited another doctor and was given levofloxacin 500mg/day for 15 days and it also didn't help in removing the symptoms. Visited doctor again and I was given 2 weeks doxycyline 50mg twice a day but again it didn't help. After this, I was given metronidazole 500 mg twice per day for 7 days and it also didn't help to relieve the symptoms. During all this time, the itching and irritation was intermittent. I want to know what this could be?
Avatar m tn Sorry, I took 2 500mg pills of levaquin. I was told that actually one 500mg levaquin pill does the trick. So, in taking two, do you think I need further treatment (assuming a positive test result)?
Avatar n tn I have managed to get hold of and take levofloxacine 500mg twice, one each day azithromycin 1000mg tablets crushed.one time. The sharp pain has gone(2 days since taken) I cannot handle tablets so I put them in my morning smoothie crushed up like powder. My girlfirend is pregnant , can she take these as I have found on the net azithromycin is o.k for pregnant women, we both throw up with tablets.I cannot find any info for levofloxacin. Levofloxacine crushed up in our drinks.
Avatar n tn This place is very not setup medically, doctors here don't even know what an std (I TRIED TODAY BEFORE i LEFT THE MAIN TOWN) is let alone what medicines, absolutely nothing for std, as I am working here for 4 weeks now and need your help, as I reasearched the proper medicines on the way here to make sure before I left my country the doctor had prescribed the right drugs, he gave me Tavanic levofloxacin(which I left at home) and have now realised that it is from the fluroquinolones family and no
Avatar m tn A week later after obsessing over it and possibly feeling aching in my testicles and an urgency to pee more than usual, I went to a walk-in and was given two 500mg tablets of azitromiycin and a shot of something else in the behind. I was still feeling and urge to urinate more frequently with a tingling in the head of my penis so two weeks later I had a urine test done and it came back negative for gonorrhea and chylamadia. But I was still feeling the urge to urinate more than usual.
Avatar m tn The findings were negative then he asked me to take a Levofloxacin 500mg for seven days/once a day. I did it but two weeks after treatment, the green penile discharged recurred. I assumed that the seven days were not enough so I took some levoflocaxin again but for 10 DAYS. It went well but another infection recurred, my anal abcess was back!! I was operated 2 years ago for this. I also consulted a surgeon and he told me that It was an anal fistula since it recurred.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with a hepatic cyst around a month ago as well as a 2mm kidney stone and GERD. My concern is the liver. I was given 500mg of Levofloxacin, but only 5 tablets. Since I finished the course I have been in much more discomfort than when I originally started. The doctor said I could get more antibiotics at the pharmacy if I need them, which didn't seem very professional to me.
Avatar m tn He then gave me 4 tablets of azithromycin 250mg to be taken straight away and 7 days of levofloxacin 500mg. Today is day 3 of taking the levofloxacin and i feel no better. The pain is in the tip of my penis constantly now and urinating is very uncomfortable. There also seems to be small legions of white/yellow under my foreskin. I'm getting very frustrated being fobbed off from one doctor to another especially considering i'm in a foreign country.
Avatar m tn I'm worried because the doctor only prescribed two 500mg tablets of azithromycin and a lot of folks including the cdc that monotherapy of azithromycin is not recommended. The idea of monotherapy is 2g of azithromycin not 1g. So do you think I should wait until monday or I can go back tomorrow? I'm worried that the gonorrhea might get stronger if it is indeed resistant.
Avatar m tn I have taken a big shock dose, 1000mg. + 500mg. the next day, of Zithromax and 1000mg. of Cipro with 500 mg. more the next day, and on my 5th day of Doxycycline. This is all at the same time. It has not done any good. I might have had a trace of discharge, only because I had lint stuck to the end of my penis when I pulled my clothes off. Nothing visable. I had unportected vaginal and then anal sex with a girl. I can't understand why these three antibiotics have no effect on this.
Avatar n tn To anyone out there with this dreaded Strep B in the vagina problem, i need some help, i too had a swab for thrush but it come back with strep b +++, i was given amoxil 500mg antibiotics but it did nothing, now im on an antibiotic cream inserted every night for 7 nights. My symptoms are only that i have a very thick white discharge all the time, i shower twice daily and am very hygenic, i dont use soap because of dermatitis down there too, instead use aqueos lotion.
Avatar n tn what is the brand of Uva Ursi were you using and how many milligrams were the capsules? 2. what's the brand of anti-fungal cream? 3. how many tablets of advil were you taking a day? I want to do it with exactly same components THANK YOU!!!!
363682 tn?1299492962 Having read various Google-search items about this which seemed to revolve around an excess of histamine being a possible cause, I decided to try a lapsed prescription I still had in the cupboard for hay fever - Neoclarityn (deloratadine) 5mg. The result is noticeable.