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I've gone through 4 rounds of Clomid and 1 round of letrozole so far...Im getting ready to go back to my specialist for another round in january...we had to take a 2 month break from the meds because I had a couple cysts and a flare up of my bleeding disorder...I just want to know if anyone else has taken it and what the results were...
/) Day 4 Sunday 2/21 5 mg letrozole heavy but more normal flow Day 5 Monday 2/22 5 mg letrozole light bleeding Day 6 Tuesday 2/23 5 mg letrozole very light bleeding almost gone Day 7? we shall see One more day of letrozole left. What has been your experience?
Hi, I miscarried at 8 weeks pregnant and had the d&c 3weeks 4days ago. Just before i found out i was pregnant my doctor had prescribed me letrozole femara which I didnt end up needing to take. Unfortunately, because I was so overwhelmed with grief over the miscarriage and could not think rationally, I decided to take the letrozole counting the bleeding from the d&c as a period in which i used from day 2 throught to day 6.
Hi, Here i have copied the information regarding Letrozole which i found on following weblink http://doctor.ndtv.com/faq.aspx?fid=5386 Letoval is the brand name of a medicine called letrozole. It is an anti-cancer medicine and is indicated, approved and internationally used for breast cancer in post-menopausal women. Using it for any other purpose is not only unethical but illegal. The manufacturer of this brand was illegally promoting its use in young women.
My partner and I are aprox 5-6 weeks pregnant. This morning I experienced bleeding with light clotting. We went to the ER, and after examination said that my cervix was closed and removed the clots that were there.
HI, The bleeding which is light can be due to local factors like cervical erosion, polyps etc. This can also be implantation bleeding if your cycles are short. This needs to be correlated clinically. Consult your Doctor. Hope this helps.
recently 21-25 days with stress about all these levels-the doctor say's that i am late and wants me to take provera as progesterone low and wait about 15 or so days to start letrozole.(10days on provera and then wait until day 3 period)..but i feel like i am going to come on my period anytime so why take provera? the doctor said that i need it as i am late and also because of low progesterone what may seem like a period could only be anovulatory bleeding.
I am on my third treatment cycle of letrozole and the last cycle I mistook the break through bleeding as implantation bleeding, which occurred on 6 nonconsecutive days after I ovulated. This is so hard on the heart?!! I hope that this is your month to get pregnant! If any of you are wanting to use letrozole they have a free 30-day trial http://www.femara.com/thank-you6-femara-cares.jsp. This saved me about $330 of infertility treatment.
My OB/GYN put me on 250mg of Clomid. I had a period on Feb 8 and the day I was scheduled for my ultrasound (Feb 15) I start bleeding like another period. Since I've had a lap and d&c, my periods are a lot shorter and mostly spotting. I am taking clomid on cycle days 5-9. Until Feb 15 (after the surgery) my periods never really "flowed" just some clotting. My doc. suggested waiting a few more weeks and do a pregnancy test.
I am a 33 yr old bodybuilder and have supplemented hormone levels in the past and discontinued this time a little over two months ago. I did use Letrozole as an aromatase inhibitor, as I am slightly prone to gyno, this time which I had not done before. This is the first time I have messed with anything again since three to four years ago.
Hello, Femara (letrozole tablets) is approved for the adjuvant (following surgery) treatment of postmenopausal women with hormone receptor–positive early stage breast cancer. Femara is also approved for the extended adjuvant treatment of early stage breast cancer in postmenopausal women who are within three months of completion of five years of tamoxifen therapy. In the adjuvant setting, commonly reported side effects are generally mild to moderate.
This month my doctor recommended I take a higher dose of letrozole to try to induce ovulation. Because I have PCOS, I sometimes get a positive ovulation test even though I actually didn't ovulate; however, this month after taking the higher dose of letrozole for the first time, I think I really did. My last AF was on October 15th and I had a positive ov test on October 25th along with cramping and a very small amount of bleeding which I had never had before.
My doctor put me on a diet, exercise plan, and Letrozole. I finally conceived. Has anyone gotten pregnant soon after a miscarriage? I'm scared of losing another baby. Please help?
). Six week u/s looked good. I started bleeding at ten weeks. U/s confirmed fetus stopped growing at six weeks three days. We had gotten attached to the idea of another baby and decided to try again. We got pregnant on our first try. Six week u/s looked good. Nine week ultrasound showed fetus stopped growing at eight weeks. I went to RE who ran every test imaginable. Anticardiolipin antibodies showed up positive by a point or two.
Thank you for your response, in between since my hpt came negative I started Letrozole from June 3rd to June 7th ....I thought to start the fertility treatment... but unfortunately I stated spotting( very lite bleeding) how can I proceed tis cycle... is it my period or ovulation/implantation bleeding ...... please help I m confused,,,, I doctor is out of station....
nunu - I sent you the message before I read this and knew you were thinking about trying Clomid. Would you try to see if you could start at this cycle? But I'll for sure give you full details of all my experience with it including the effects on OPK's. I had also mentioned Femara in the other post. This is the generic form of Letrozole. Here are the details on I have on that: "Letrozole is a newer oral fertility medication.
I had also already had a laproscopy and tubes flushed so after the panel we were ready to start the letrozole. So i took letrozole days 3 thru 7 of cycle and on day 12 of cycle I went to RE for vaginal u/s to check # of follicles and size. I was told to use OPKs starting cd10 and when I got the LH surge to call RE and set iui for the next morning. So me and my DH went into office that morning and before we done anything they done another vag u/s to check uterine lining and ovulation.
I am a Breast Cancer survivor of almost 5 years and currently take 2.5 mg Letrozole daily in place of Tamoxifin. I have had Chemo induced menopause since 4-2004 with mild hot flashes. I was continually getting ovarian cysts and having bleeding despite the menopause. So in Aug 08 I had a complete hyterectomy including the ovaries. I now am having awful hot flashes and terrible headaches daily. Being unable to take hormone replacement because of the cancer, my question is...
I am a Breast Cancer survivor of almost 5 years and currently take 2.5 mg Letrozole daily in place of Tamoxifin. I have had Chemo induced menopause since 4-04 with hot flashes that had begun to taper off until now. I was continually getting ovarian cysts and having bleeding despite the menopause. So in Aug 08 I had a complete hyterectomy including the ovaries. I now am having awful hot flashes again and terrible headaches daily.
htm) FEMARA (letrozole tablets) is approved for the adjuvant treatment of postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive early breast cancer. It is also approved for the extended adjuvant treatment of early stage breast cancer in postmenopausal women who are within three months of completion of five years of tamoxifen therapy. Side effects that are comparable between Femara and tamoxifen include night sweats, weight gain, nausea and tiredness.
I'm 30 and have always had heavy bleeding and cramping during periods - I once passed out in a shopping mall because my period was so heavy. For the past year I've been having pelvic pain and abnormal bleedings and have now been diagnosed with PCOS, endometriosis and fibroid. My gyno recommended that I have surgery to remove the fibroid/endo (and possibly my appendix too) and told me that I'll be going through menopause.
if that and it will last anywhere from a day or two up to 7 months of nonstop bleeding. I was on seasonique birth control and had one every month but still wasn't ovulating. Didn't really see a point in being on birth control if I want to get pregnant so Dr and I decided to try without birth control but only way I have my period now is 10 days of progesterone.
I'm doing good! This was my first cycle on Letrozole instead of Clomid, I did clomid for 6 months, that stuff was aweful to me! I have aweful night sweets, the week after I stopped taking the pills, I have had nothing like that with the letrozole. I feel like i'm over analyzing everything that is happening to me tho hahah, is that back pain...could it be implantation? lol I need to just relax :) How many IuI's have you had? Are you on medicated cycles?
I have been put on Letrozole 5 mg days 5-9 and would be going for my 1st IUI on Sep 2nd...I start the letrozole tomorrow.. can anyone share their letrozole experiences ? any side effects I should look out for? I was on Clomid 100 mg for two cycles and that did not suit me at all.. baby dust to all!
The drugs that have been used include tamoxifen, arimidex, letrozole. The response rate has varied from 0 to 50 %.. there may be correlation with the hormone receptor status of your tumor but this has not been well studied. the side effects of these drugs are few - hot flashes, vaginal dryness, risk of blood clots, and more rarely prescription eye changes. It may reasonable to consider a trial of this type of therapy if your gyn oncologist agrees.
Hope it works for you though. Clomid didn't work for me. But Femara (letrozole) did and didn't have the side effects of clomid. Ask your doctor about using this if clomid doesn't work.
Patients with this syndrome may complain of abnormal bleeding, infertility, obesity, excess hair growth, hair loss and acne. In addition to the clinical and hormonal changes associated with this condition, vaginal ultrasound shows enlarged ovaries with an increased number of small (6-10mm) follicles around the periphery (Polycystic Appearing Ovaries or PAO).
Don't want to scare u all but I got my bleeding quite to my period bleeding though not heavy so I doubt the result wud be good... But at the same, m still relying on God's hand for a miracle to happen.... So don't lose hope... Hope will make ur spirit up.... Everything will be fine... God has already has something in store ....
I am 7 weeks pregnant for the first time.I conceived with Letrozole and Meprate. My LMP was on June 30.I did a urine test on 2rd,4th.Both the tests showed a very faint positive line.My doctor indicated that this could be a chemical pregnany and would drop off.She asked me to do a Beta HCG test.The results were 222 and 425 on 5th and 7th respectively. I had a scan on 9th which showed a single intrauterine gestational sac of 3mm with an average gestational age of 4w 5d when I was actually 5w 5d.
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