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I laid ceramic tile for 3 days straight, after which I developed numbness and tingling of the left index finger and the left side of the left middle finger. It has been 10 days and the numbness/tingling of the index finger has not gone away from the finger tip and the right side of the finger. I also had some wrist pain as a result of the tiling process. Should I consult a doctor or will the numbness dissipate with time?
I have been developing numbness in the left index finger very recently,I normally take B12 pills in excess, does this have any influence or show any sign of any disease any kind, I eat a nonvergetarian diet, am slightly obese, I am worried about this numbness, I heard some sideeffects of overdose of B12 pills, can you post a reply regarding how to treat this numbness
I woke up last friday (yesterday) with a numb left index finger. The back side is partially numb and feels tingly at the touch. I can move it normally but I can't feel the backside normally. The thing is, I would usually rest my head on my hands during sleep which would occasionally make it my whole hand numb, but it would eventually get better within a few minutes. However, in this case it's only the back side of my LEFT index finger that's numb. I never had this kind before.
I am a 33yr old male who has had a tingly/numb sensation (sometimes it feels like when your armd or hand falls asleep and then wakes up) in my left thumb and index finger for the past 15 days. At first I thought it was from using a electric vibrating sander, but I only used it for a woodworking project during a 3/4 day period, and not more than 4-5 hrs a day. I have no other pain in my hand, wrist or arm. I have no idea what is causing this at all.
The underside of the middle joint of my left index finger got pressed on really hard for an extended period of time (maybe 30 minutes), cutting off blood circulation to the finger. I won't go into the details of how this happened. The tip of this finger (from the last joint on but only on the right side close to the thumb) is now numb and has been for almost 3 days now. It tingles and has that pins and needles feeling. What might this be? Did I pinch the nerve or vein or something?
She believes I have a pinched nerve that is causing the numb index finger and muscle loss in my right arm. I have no tricep muscle. I can lift things low, but nothing heavy out in front of me. Also my forearm sometimes is hard to control. The left shoulder blade pain is where it all began 3 weeks ago. I had severe pain in that area, along with the numb finger.
my left index finger feels numb along with the back of my left hand, its has been doing this for some weeks now but thought it was maybe just stress or being on the computer to long, i have asthma and have recently been giving steroids to help with it, i dont know if this is a side effect but i am getting worried that it could be something serious.
I have been experiencing constant numbness along the outside (only) of my left index finger. It is numb but still hurts if I press on it. It does not go away, I can move my finger however I feel a little strain on it from time to time if I use it alot.
When i sleep my hands and left foot always falls asleep and tingle and take awhile to wake up.
My right arm looks bigger now and feels bigger. and the my index finger is numb and has some pain. When I cough, I want to jump out of my skin because the pain is awful in my left shoulder. I took so many meds, seen a family doc and a chiropractor and still in pain. I never had this problem or any other problems like this. 42 and for the most part healthy. What could this really be and how can I fix it?
Every few months, the skin around the right side of my left index finger seems to die. It will feel kinda numb, but only the outermost layer of the skin. After a few days, the entire layer of skin peels off. It is not painful, just slightly uncomfortable. You can see what it looks like here: http://i.imgur.com/ZirhR.jpg and here: http://i.imgur.com/CbcQt.
There is little to no numbness. The ring finger is the same as well. But my middle finger, index finger and thumb are definitely numb and slightly swollen. My index finger, though, is the only finger experiencing some pain along with the numbness and swelling. Things to note: I did not bang my elbow on anything.
yesterday morning (about 20 hrs ago) I woke up with a numb left index finger- all of the top joint and partly the middle is numb. It has not improved and I'm getting worried. My history: 24 y.o. female. In 7/95 I developed repetitive strain injuries from keyboarding- mostly in right hand, arm- no numbness, just achy feelings. Then I had a car accident in 12/95 with minor whiplash. About 3 months after accident I began having neck and upper back pain.
yesterday morning (about 20 hrs ago) I woke up with a numb left index finger- all of the top joint and partly the middle is numb. It has not improved and I'm getting worried. My history: 24 y.o. female. In 7/95 I developed repetitive strain injuries from keyboarding- mostly in right hand, arm- no numbness, just achy feelings. Then I had a car accident in 12/95 with minor whiplash. About 3 months after accident I began having neck and upper back pain.
I also have a tingling down my left arm to my wrist and and a light pins and needles in my hand, and a numbness in my index finger. Also i get pains and numbness down my left leg but not as often as my upper body. I also seem to get my left eye go out of focus and i get an overall feeling that i'm not totally in control of the left side of my body. All these pains are what i would call surface pains, i've had my heart checked out and that's ok.
After the second week the pain seemed to go away but now my thumb and index finger is numb. This does not leave and when I move my arm a certain way it feels like the whole hand will go numb in a throbbing sort of way. Now after 2 weeks of this I seem to notice some weakness in this arm. I went to a chiropractor for 2 visits with no relief and $120 plus. Do you think I have a condition that will require surgery? I just want this numbness to go away. Thanks so much for listening.
Hi my name is John, I am 23 years old. My index finger on my left hand has be "asleep" for two days now. It is not numb or hurting but it is tingling like its asleep. It is starting to make me a bit nervous because i dont know if it something serious or not. I dont remember bumping or hitting it on anything so I dont really know why or what may have caused it. ANY information would be GREATLY appreciated...
didn't know how to describe these episodes. So what brought me here, is I woke up from GA also with a numb index finger and thumb on my left hand. I was told this should go away, within a week. It is still here....so sad and worried. I would like to know why this happened, when he said he was not near C5 which is the nerve responsible for these two digits. They feel swollen, they appear like the circulation has been affected. I thought originally it may have been from the intervenous...
3/20/10 Following up, my EMG studies are now complete. "The findings are consistent with chronic changes persisting following a left C5 cervical radiculopathy." (hence, my numb left index finger) "Abnormal study." At least someone has told me something definite. Now what? Any suggestions?! My neurosurgeon is on vacation until 4/1/10. Thanks.
I am a 51yr old male w/hx of L4/5 & L5/S1 radiculopathy. I have had several nerve root injections and one just a few weeks ago for pain. The pain is now @ 0 but I am having daily increasing numbness. At first it was just my right medial calf and foot but now it is also in my left calf. It feels like something pressing against the back of my calf. MRI & CT are negative for disc and stenosis. I am having trouble walking (rt.
I had CTS surgery 4 weeks ago which relieved the tingling and numbness in my thumb, index and middle finger. Prior to surgery I had numbness in all of my fingers on my right hand. They did an EMG and found loss to all my fingers. After surgery now both my ringfinger, little finger and that outer side of my hand are totally numb. I am also experiencing pain in the palm of my hand so bad that I have to take Ultram or Hydracodone.
recently cut my left index finger, just below first crease from top of index finger. Cut was small but deep, but with help of antibiotic ointment and bandaid bleeding stopped. Healing OK except the top right side of finger to cut site it is numb. There is also pain at the site like an electrical burst of pain when the finger is banged or rubbed. Wondering if maybe I cut a nerve? If so, what must I do now?
Starting 2 days ago (and I know this sounds strange) my left thumb and index finger have been getting numb around 6PM at night (really...). I checked by BP last night when that started and it was 158/113. Tonight, same thing, and it was 144/106. That scares me. I don't know where to turn next. Clearly the cardio isn't concerned because the heart tests looked good however that doesn't discount that my diastolic is high as the day wears on - sometimes dangerously.
At a family get together on the 18th. I was burned by a bottle rocket on my left hand. The index finger is the worst, being numb during most of the day. The middle finger, ring finger and thumb also have burns. All fingers are dexterous, I can feel pressure when applied and nerves seem ok. The index finger is burned on the area near the nail bed including the nail itself, the burn is isolated to the right side of the nail and finger.
I got very sick in early June 2007 and then got a numb pinky finger and L'Hermittes sign within a few weeks. I had an MRI in late July, which found 4 spinal lesions (mild enhancement). I had a brain MRI in October, which found "several periventricular white matter T-2 weighted hyperintensities with a callosal lesion seen." None of the lesions were enhancing. I also had a lumbar puncture, which found oligoclonal bands (number not noted), an IGG Index of 1.
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