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Avatar_m_tn Is acute laryngitis after 20 days from exposure releated with hiv infection? A doctor here insists that %90 of laryngitis patients are infected with hiv and it is a very common symptom.He caused much panic.
Avatar_n_tn 11 days ago I had unprotected cunnilingis with a girl I met at a club, although there was no intercourse. I now have laryngitis. Could there be a connection and, if so, what do I do?I hear that tests can sometimes take a long time to come back. My wife will get suspicious if I refuse sex. Thanks for your help.
Avatar_n_tn In December '08 I started getting pimples on my scalp and face. In Febuary I got a bought of laryngitis which went away within a week. During this time I have been having a lot of acidity in my stomach which I think is contributing to a sore throat that I have. There is a small amount of phelagm present in my throat at all times (which is clear). I cough occasionally and this has been going on for the last 3 months.
Avatar_m_tn week 4 test for HIV i don't know what kind of test but came negative it was done in Montreal week 5 some mil rare cough week 6 a person came to live in the same house, this person have cough and lost voice laryngitis i guess green and brown phlegm from her throat 2 day after i got some something bothering in my throat no pain just the need to clear my throat after that cough came back bat this time the cough in my throat next day in the morning cough and hoarse voice last for one day with cou
Avatar_n_tn Or maybe you caught a garden variety respiratory virus from her. In any case, I have never heard of HIV causing laryngitis, and absence of fever is additional evidence against a new HIV infection. To your questions: 1) Answered above. 2) There is no difference in HIV risk for men with or without ejaculation. By not ejaculating in her, you reduced her risk of HIV or other STDs from you, but not the other way around. 3) From a risk standpoint or your symptoms, you do not need HIV testing.
Avatar_n_tn I also found a bump on my thigh with white stuff that hurt and itched and my hands began peeling. From fear, I went to take an HIV test at 3.5 weeks, they drew blood and told me it was negative and so close to the 4 week mark but to test again. I went home and the bump on my thigh then moved to my butt cheek and then legs and around my body.
Avatar_m_tn I was circumcised but I did got involved it Anal and Vaginal sex without any protection. But for many years I did not face any kind of health issue but recently I got laryngitis and it lasted for about a month! Now I'm getting worried that I might have got infected HIV from her. She was a single women and I'm sure she might have been with lot of men.
Avatar_m_tn Except cold and cough I did not experience any other major symptoms. I also had almost 1 month laryngitis. I tested after 30 days and 44 days post exposure by EIA 3rd generation antibody test and results came negative. I am now at 96 days post exposure and after 4 days I am going for another EIA antibody test. From yesterday I am suffering from tingling sensation (mostly pinning). almost through out body. The sensations are quite mild. Can somebody please tell me is it HIV symptoms?
Avatar_n_tn scaly, small little bumps spreading to the neck. Isn't Sebboric Dermatitis associated with HIV? The swollen neck and blocked ears are probably due to swollen lymph nodes? Only thing left is fever and I will truly be damned.
Avatar_m_tn Except cold and cough I did not experience any other major symptoms. I also had almost 1 month laryngitis. I tested after 30 days and 44 days post exposure by EIA 3rd generation antibody test and results came negative. I am now at 96 days post exposure and after 4 days I am going for another EIA antibody test. From yesterday I am suffering from tingling sensation (mostly pinning). almost through out body. The sensations are quite mild. Can somebody please tell me is it HIV symptoms?
Avatar_m_tn Hi, About a month ago, a girl which i met at the bar gave me unprotected oral sex then she might of rubbed her groin on mine and we later had protected sex. Now i am not sure if it is stress related but about two days later i developed a sore throat and this went away about a week. At which time i started getting really stressed and getting a lot of acid reflux effects. My throat was on fire for about two weeks.
Avatar_n_tn Could your HSV or low probability of HIV be related to your walking pneumonia/laryngitis. NO. HSV is not associated with pneumonia in normal hosts and for HIV, the disease needs to be advanced and causing meaningful immune suppression to increase risk of unusual pneumonia. Even then, laryngitis related to the infection would be virtually unheard of. Hope this is helpful. Don't worry.
Avatar_m_tn about 2 weeks after that i got sore throat again but this time it lasted alot longer and i was also very physically tired during the whole period it lasted which was about 3 weeks , i had sore throat , laryngitis and i felt a slight fever at times and the bladder pain came back, and the bladder pain im talking about was REALLY painfull id rather just stay in bed than go to the bathroom.
Avatar_m_tn I told my partner to get tested since if she tests negative for HIV, then I surely do not have it. I am very anxious right now and I do not know what to do. Could you please give me some advice on my chances of catching HIV, what these symptoms mean, and if I should go ahead and get tested myself or wait until I get back home, or also if I should get the fever checked out?
Avatar_m_tn No, but symptoms or lack of will not tell you anything about your HIV status. HIV has no specific symptoms.
Avatar_m_tn The sorts of well intended statements made at some internet sites fail to place situations in the context of the fact that there are many common infections (like sore throats and laryngitis) which people who do not have HIV or other predisposing conditions get with great regularity and, for that reason, are not a major reason for concern that they might be signs of HIV infection.
Avatar_f_tn So trying to wrap up- did not mention to you ars like malaise, low fever w night sweat, sinus infection and laryngitis three weeks post my exposure. Together with burning urination at same timing 3 weeks, thin brand trojan, dry condom slippage with abrasion near head (no breakage and stayed on head), adjusted and re-inserted. Vigerous masturbation after condom removal, may have caused or worsened abrasion, vaginal fluids present (had wiped with towel).
Avatar_m_tn Hello Doctor, I am 37 years old person had unprotected sex with a prostitute on 19th January 2014. I went for my first HIV antibody test after 9 days and result came negative. I went for another antibody test after 35 days and result was unchanged. After 43 days I went for EIA antibody test and result was Non reactive. Through out winter I was suffering from severe dry cough. I recovered from it just 1 month before. Till then I am suffering from minor laryngitis.
Avatar_m_tn I have Ulcerative Colitis and that day and the previous 2 days I was a bit feverish (37.5C) and frail. Question: what are the odds that I contracted HIV from the third BJ which lasted for 60-90 seconds since I already have an autoimmune disease and was sick that day? REason behind this question: after exactly 15 days I got acne on my back and insect-like pimples: 3 on my abdomen, 2 on my wrist, 1 on my foot, and 7 on my tricep (quite itchy) ...
Avatar_n_tn Another home remedy I have used for sore throats and laryngitis is mixing honey and lemon. It works well. Pineapple is also good for the throat. strator and snook- That is great work you are doing, truly noble. If you reach just 1 person, you have done more than most.
Avatar_n_tn I am an hiv negative male and was having anal sex with a known hiv positive male partner on Oct 28, 2009 and had an exposure. I was the top and my condom tore. When I noticed this, we stopped and I went and voided my bladder and took a shower. I went to the city clinic 21 days ( Nov 18th) post exposure and had a rapid elisa test, which came back negative, and they drew blood for a hiv RNA PCR test. Two weeks later (Nov 30th) I found out my HIV RNA PCR test came back negative.
Avatar_m_tn Ive looked up laryngitis because that friday and saturday night i did drink alot of alcohol.
Avatar_m_tn For a while I was really concerned that her vaginal fluids may have ended up on my foreskin and I could have become infected this way, though I later calmed down and realized that the odds are overwhelming in my favor. Factors like HIV not living well outside of the body, chemical wipes killing the virus, the HIV infected population in Tokyo is extremely low (27.3 people per 100,000 I believe) and any symptoms were infrequent, not serious and could be attributed to other more logical things.
Avatar_f_tn it was bacterial (such as a strep throat) -- but it isn't at all surprising it didn't help, and that fact also does not suggest HIV. And as noted above, your negative HIV test proves HIV isn't the cause. The lymph nodes don't mean anything one way or the other: any throat infection can cause enlarged nodes in the neck. I wish you well, and encourage you to consider professional counseling to deal with the aftermath of the sexual assault.
Avatar_m_tn rash associated with ARS. By the evening I had developed laryngitis and basically lost my voice, or most of it anyway and coughing up wads of phlegm, really bad int he morning. It was like this for about a week. My lymph nodes weren't swollen, or at least not that I could feel. I did notice that the sore throat started to rotate. First it would be on the right side then the left side, Sometimes it would be upper left, then lower left and vice versa. Like I said weird.
Avatar_m_tn I am a married male and last year, I had an encounter with another man, I gave him oral sex using a condom. I know that this make for a virtually nil risk, but I had a couple of complicating factors. One, is that the condom kept riding up and I kept having to push it back down. As a result, I am not sure if I was exposed to his semen when he ejaculated (from the bottom of the condom).
Avatar_m_tn The HIV scare came about because of a mix of symptoms I had never experienced before or at least not all at once, laryngitis, rashes all over body, super dry mouth and eyes and skin (esp. hands), fatigue, arm numbness, fast heart rate. And recently, I had a bit of abdominal pain, still dry mouth, eyes, and skin, some minor changes in stool color. I'm very upset I did this and am afraid to go get tested, but I think for peace of mind I will go.
Avatar_m_tn Deep French kissing Her vaginal area was clean (no noticeable warts or lesions) and didn't emit any odors. Exactly 10 days after this encounter I got laryngitis and even though my throat is not hurting much, a lot of green mucous discharge does appear. 3 days later laryngitis is getting better but now I got a small fever. My usual daily temperature is between 97.9 and 98.6 (with average being 98.2-98.4) On the 13th day my temperature is somewhere between 99.2 and 99.
Avatar_m_tn I've looked through the internet (such as and apparently there are cases of oral sex which transmitted HIV. What is/are my HIV risk(s)? Are my symptoms consistent with acute retroviral syndrome (I realize the symptoms of ARS are pretty non-specific, but the time-line seems to work)? From a strictly clinical perspective, is repeat testing necessary? Can I say with confidence that I'm HIV negative despite these encounters?