L arginine and proanthocyanidin granules

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Avatar n tn can a pregnant woman of 33 weeks take light>llight>- light>argininelight> light>andlight> light>proanthocyanidinlight> light>granuleslight> 5 gm sachet?
Avatar f tn Hello Doctor, I am 35 week 1 day pregnant. last week my doctor said to me that i have a very low AFI of 6.2, for that she gave me l-arginine & proanthocyanidin granules and MA-DHA to have daily once. I have continued with the above medicine and on my 35 week visit my AFI was found to be 6.5. She told me that i will be having a 90 % chance of C-Section delivery. My delivery date is on Jan 25 2011. Please suggest me what should i do to increase the fluid level.