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My mom is six weeks out from having a TKR where they used titanium but was I was informed today that her knee replacement WAS NOT total titanium. within 2 wks post surgery my mom developed a bad smell in sinuses, a very bad bitter metallic taste in her mouth, she's has had constant nausea for six weeks now along with loss of appetite to which she has lost considerable amount of weight, severely depressed with anxiety now..
Hello, Allergic reaction to total hip replacement are very uncommon.If it occurs,it can be to the material used in total hip replacement like titanium, cobalt chrome, and polyethylene which are used in the ball of the prosthetic joint or to the anesthesia or medicines used during or after surgery or even rejection of the body to the prosthetic joint and formation of antibodies to the joint.Also remember that some cases of hives may be idiopathic i.e no cause is known.
Hello Dear, Although you have not specified the exact type of knee surgery you underwent. It seems that most likely it has been Knee replacement surgery [also known as total knee arthroplasty]. It might be due to loosening of the cement where the implants meet the bone or due to the wear of the polyethylene-bearing surface of a metal-backed tibial platform or a metal-backed patellar componentis a well recognized complication.
I had a total knee replacement on my left knee two months ago. Just within the last three weeks, I have been having terrible muscle spasms during the night. I wake up screaming in pain. My knee is very sore after these spasms. What can I do to make these spasms go away. I am starting to be afraid to go to sleep! Thank you very much.
My friend has been experiencing severe nausea on a daily basis shortly after having a knee replacement. Could this nausea be caused by allergic reaction to one of the metals used in the replacement? She tends to be sensitive to many things, such as medications. This has been going on since beginning of March. Her surgery was in mid-February. Please help.
It is now 5 weeks since i had a total knee replacement in my right leg, although i am getting reasonable flexibility about 110 degrees, and have just started walking tentatively without crutches i am still experiencing considerable pain but am grinding my teeth and sticking to my physio, my main concern is about a week ago i developed a click or clunk in the replaced joint at first it was intermittent but it is now every step, it is not a audible click/clunk more of the same feeling you get when
She is a 68 y/o African American female. January 21st, she had total knee replacement surgery to her right knee. She stayed in the phys rehab center for 8 days post-op, and was fine. The surgeon sent her home with oxycodone for pain management. She only took it 3 days because she developed hives and swollen lips. We attributed this to an oxycodone reaction. However, it is now 3 months later, and the hives have not subsided. They are manageable with prednisone and other antihistamines.
I have arthritis through out my body. 15 months ago I had total knee replacement, now I have pain there. There is a sore spot on either side of the knee, sometimes the pain wakes me. My ortho did x-rays last wk and cannot find any reason for the pain. Have any of you had this same experience?
He told me that due to my age (I'm only 46) and having some other health issues (lupus, fibromyalgia, asthma), he would strongly suggest going with a total knee FUSION as opposed to a total knee REPLACEMENT. He said that because I am relatively young (although I don't feel young most days) and have the autimmune problems, there is an increased chance that a knee replacement would not last very long for me and would have to be done at least one more time, if not several times.
I am having the surgery on my knee where there is a padding put betweent the joint as I have no tissue left it is bone on bone and also my kneecap is being replace it is metal and looks like stainless steel I am not having replacement per sec more like repair I am concerned about the metal being put in my knee and I also have severe osteoporosis and wondered about the conerns there
My mom is six weeks out from having a TKR where they used titanium but was I was informed today that her knee replacement WAS NOT total titanium. within 2 wks post surgery my mom developed a bad smell in sinuses, a very bad bitter metallic taste in her mouth, she's has had constant nausea for six weeks now along with loss of appetite to which she has lost considerable amount of weight, severely depressed with anxiety now..
I know that I can use the tens on my left knee, but I am not sure about the knee replacement knee because of the electrical stimulation vs metal. Please respond to me as soon as possible.
I'm waiting for bones to be healed so that I can start to work on rehabilitating the knee's range of motion and so that a total knee replacement can be installed. Most all the knee replacement info I can find deals with replacement due to arthritis, etc. Is there anyone else who has had knee replacement due to traumatic injury esp.after having their leg in a fixed straight position?
Wow, Rubina you are the motivation to all the people going for knee replacement surgery or having lot of fears about knee replacement. Please give a detailed experience for other patients who would be benefitted, whenever you have time by a neat post. Take care and best of luck for the Golf thing!
I have been to several doctors and noon seems to know what the problem is. One doctor said that the x-rays show a slightly tilted knee cap and some bone on metal at knee cap. Does anyone know if there is still a chance to get better as now doctors just seem to shove me off. The doctor who did the surgery retired a year ago?
I underwent Total Knee replacement for degenertive joint disease October of 06. I had several complications from the begining after my surgery. Even though I took physical therapy through out my recovery and in a great deal of pain, I still developed capsilitis in the Joint which after 8 weeks I had Manipulation under Anesthsia. After 12 weeeks I tried to go back to work, but because I was still limping so bad ,I herniated L4-5 , and underwent emergent disectomy.
1 week later whilst crossing the road my knee popped like and elastic band twanging and i experienced a hot pain in the BACK of the knee area i was rendered lame as i couldnt put any pressure on my leg at all I was refered to an surgeon whom operated on my left knee (cleaning it out of debris) he said i had severe arthritis which would only get worse and that i needed a knee replacement now the problem has again reared its ugly head and affected my right knee this pain is the same but i am now
This was done exactly 12 months from the initial replacement. I have had pain in the knee since surgery yet once again. Very frustrating. It has been injected, numbed up, scoped, x-rayed, all with negative results. My OS now is trying to decide what to do. He scheduled me for an MRI today and once I got there they were unable to perform this due to too much metal in the knee.
Other option that can be foreseen with such a bad knee would be an knee replacement. To comment on such a surgery requires in depth analysis of your condition.
Hello Hope you well I Have had 3 years of Pain resulting in the following surgery - First of all had a ADR - Anteria disc replacement - To neck region. Then followed by T2 - T12 with rods and X Bar at T4 -T5. Also had Plate grafted to Lower T Area with Screws.
I'm now 43 years old. I've been waiting 3 years for disc replacement surgery to be a little more mainstream treatment. I'm interested in hearing anything about this procedure for the C-spine. I'm considered a surgery candidtate for c-5/6 and c-6/7 levels.
HI I had also a total hip replacement for both hips last Dec 5, 2009, can I asked you what is the name of the company you bought the metal? cuz my metal is made by Smiths and Nephews made in USA and I can Walk as normal person without undergo a total hip replacement.
I will have a partial knee replacement due to severe osteonecrosis of the right knee. I will also have metal plugs put in my tibia and femur, due to infarcted lesions. I am scared but I have confidence in my Dr. Im just too young to have something like this so I will be seeing my PC Dr. next week to see if there is an underlying disease process, such as diabetes, lupus, vascular abnormalities ect. Thank you for your support it is greatly appreciated!!!
I have full metal on metal (not titanium). Did CT, x-rays, blood work (thought I was allergic to hip) and nothing is showing. I'm only 52.
Finally i was referred to an Orthopedic Surgeon who said I was a good canidate for total knee replacement but I was much too young for such an operation. This is usually done on older patients. He did suggest I have an operation called "High Tibial Osteotomy" He cuts the top (Femer) bone and the bottom(tibia)bone and moves them over slightly so they are not rubbing in the same spot. Then he pins it to its stabalized. This should last for about 5 years or so.
I have stent in my propertial artery behind my knee. I need knee replacement on the same leg. Is this possible or because of the stent risky?
Because of the metal in my body I was told a MRI is not possible. Can I have a MRI in the knee that has not had a knee replacement?
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