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It is up there with one of the worst pains I have experienced. After the surgery 30 years ago my knee has been great. My left knee has needed surgery for 15 years and I just have not been able to afford it but it is nothing like the right knee. Knee replacements are horrible to go through but if they talk about going in athroscopically and shaving the inside it is not a bad deal. I am sorry what you have is really painful.
Anyway, now my ortho doc (unless the knee greatly improves) is talking about a total knee replacement in about a year. My other knee is in desperate need of a total because of severe osteoarthritis that has chewed away at my joint so much that I'm bone on bone now. My knee is constantly swollen and from time to time has about 60-70 cc's of fluid drawn off of it. And of course the pain is almost constant and mostly severe. Sorry for the long bio.
Peripheral Neuropathy in GI tract, left arm, both lower legs and feet. Degenerative arthritis – one knee replacement. Severe restless leg syndrome that flares every day, asleep or sitting. Cataracts – laser surgery required on both eyes. Gastro paresis – hospitalized twice for four days plus. Past diagnoses doctors have sworn to: Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Encephalitis. Ankylosing Spondylitis – one nephew has this Sympathetic Arthritis. Rheumatoid Arthritis. Sjogren’s Syndrome. Lupus.
You hit it right on the head that many of us have this great disappointment in ourselves for having to resort to pain killers for the forseeable future - exactly how I feel! I think, My God, do I have to do this for the rest of my life (30+ years) and can I really do it? I think I have got a lot better at handling the pain these days as after 20 years and no sign or hope of relief, I just have to learn to "get over it" and move on.
I had a hysterectomy 20 years ago at the age of 30, for the last couple of months I have been bleeding sporatically (spelling ?) the blood is bright red. Today I started bleeding heavier and noticed small clots. I am making a dr appoint. asap.
Hi Friends! Welcome all Tramadol warriors. We're all very glad to see you. Please come in and share.
I have had chronic rhomboid muscle pain on the right side for 10 years, and have seen numerous MD's(MRI with no significant problem found), Chiropractors (Adjustments & pressure point message), Physical Therapists (waste of money) and a Neurologist that is currently performing acupuncture. I self medicate with Ibuprofen, and sleep on an ice pack every night.
I have had left knee problems for at least 4 years now. Dr. has given me quite a few injections into the knee. Now he is suggesting Synvisc injections. This is injected once a week for three weeks and is supposed to provide up to 6 months of knee pain relief. I was wondering if anyone has had this treatment and if there are any side effects from it? And does it really work and last as long as they claim?????
however I am now stuck with triglyerides of about 220 and I have to really work at getting them that low.. my HDL will not get above 30... its been 3 years now.. my endrocronologist says she thinks the damange has been done and that Im stuck with the bad triglyceride and HDL number for the rest of my life.. sorry to tell you this ... but any way thats my experience.. I am now on flecainide..
The back pain eventually went away. The knee pain as well. I do recall how bad it was. felt like someone had a knife in my knee. Then about 5 - 6 months ago I took a step back and realized my new symptoms Felt like I smoked weed and then drank 10 cups of coffee Horrible fatigue around 2:30- 3:00 Motion sickness Anxiety, and agitation that was very extreme Eye dryness Hunger (air hunger - eat eat eat!
I've lost too much weight. And my muscles shrank on my right knee. Mom. I thought they fixed that with your replacement. I thought that was from your fall. Me. Ok mom. Your right. Everyone has a two to three inch gap where they lost muscles in their thighs.(I'm getting agrevated). Me. I've had this for awhile mom. Just don't say anything. All lot of this comes and goes. Has. For a very long time. Mom. Like what?? Me. The eye site. The balance. The weird tingling in my feet. Hands. Arms...
I had a unicompartment knee replacement on Oct 17, 2006. I am a Home Health Nurse I fell in a patient's bathroom on June 8 '07. After several months almost a year since I was injuried the MD who did the replacement - I was pain free at 7 weeks with -5 degree to 180 degree ROM - told me at the last visit to "suck it up" regarding the severe pain.
3 You should also seek advice if you have recently had a hip or knee replacement operation as ideally you should postpone long haul travel for three months after surgery.1 Diagnosis Your GP will ask you about your medical history and examine you. Your GP may refer you to a specialist for the following tests. An ultrasound scan looks for blockages of blood flow in blood vessels - for more information, please see the separate BUPA factsheet, Ultrasound.
I think you have a great idea that if the knee replacements last 30 years they might save you a hip replacement down the road. It's kinda sad when we have to pick one replacement over another, but I imagine the hip replacement is more complicated and I think you are right about the recovery time being better. I hope you feel better soon and get to the bottom of this!
One ortho surgeon told her that it could be related to menopause. Her knee joint pains for the last 2 years were diagnosed by Drs as arthritis. Her bone density scans were marginally okay. Three weeks ago she underwent surgery to remove a soft lateral meniscal cyst on inner side of right knee (larger than a ping pong ball). A week ago Dr put her on Vit. D 50,000 IU x1 per week and daily calcium supplement. She was getting better until the last 2 days.
Perhaps you should revisit your orthopedist because another thing mine told me is that about a third of patients who have this surgery have to have a hip replacement within five years from fixing the labral tear. You might be in that group. I hope this helps some and good luck!!!
I am 74, had knee replacement two years ago July, and a total shoulder replacement surgery May 14. 2014. I came to this site because of the pain med issue, I have not had the problems that some have had but withdrawal is still withdrawal and I sure have learned a lot from this site. But all of the comments about tummy/bowl issues sure hit home for me. I suffered for years and was also anemic. Finally in 2009 found out I have Celiac disease.
Here is my story: I had 2 knee operations in two years---chronic knee pain--The second surgery was a complete knee replacement. Have taken Tramadol for about a year and a half. I have lost 20 pounds. Beginning to get scared about why---NOT TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT. I am so relieved to know others are having this same result. Tramadol is very effective for pain--hate to stop taking it.
I'm in decent shape. I have 3 kids so I remain quite active. I have been having chronic back pain for over 15 years, along with other symptoms. I was in a car accident when I was 12, where I exited the vehicle and hit a tree. My most serious injury was a dislocated shoulder. Shortly after, my doctor talked about putting me in a back brace for scoliosis, but didn't end up doing it. Over the years, I've had frequent migraines along with upper back pain, anxiety and depression.
Legs feel stiff, but thats expected, back a bit achey, but thats to be expected also, as for the last 30 years I have been out of bed then walking over 6 miles every day( some over 12 ) and getting by on about 5/6 hrs sleep most days, then for the past 5 months doing hardly nothing. Wednesday 07:16 well apart from the aches described above and a few sneezes, things look brighter, ( I might even open my Birthday cards and presents, birthday 24/02/08 lol ). Wednesday 10:00 Had a real hot bath.
Features of Rheumatoid Arthritis Tender, warm, swollen joints Symmetrical pattern of affected joints Joint inflammation often affecting the wrist and finger joints closest to the hand Joint inflammation sometimes affecting other joints, including the neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, ankles, and feet Fatigue, occasional fevers, a general sense of not feeling well Pain and stiffness lasting for more than 30 minutes in the morning or after a long rest Symptoms that last for many years Varia
needed to lift them with my hands, 1 day Slurred speech again lasting alillte longer couple years later. Dx'd with graves disease (had EVERY symptom regarding that which I will not go into ) LOL 2005, after RAI, slurred speech two weeks, fatigue, muscle fatigue/weakness, almost dead, literally 2006 2007 , radiation to eyes due to thyroid eye disease, and orbital decompression dx'd with ischemic optic neuropathy, depression and vit.
Now I have had 3 shoulder operations (still have a torn left shoulder labrum), 2 back rhizotomies, and I just found out today that I have a torn left hip larum and cysts and told I will need a hip replacement sometime in the future. All of this from years of sports and I just turned 40 last month. Pain management is a salvation. I really did not realize how much pain I was in until I started the meds and it was like a breath of fresh air.
He sent me to another Ortho doc, and he confirmed that short of a total knee replacement, there was nothing he could do. I was then referred to my current pain Doc. Once on the Oxycontin, I went through all of the same feelings I see posted here...fear of dependance, stigma of using opioids for pain relief, and I stopped using them the first time. My knee was so painful that I decided improving the quality of my life is the most important thing. Screw what other people think.
I read all the info before taking Accutane, and it never described these symptoms in 2001. When I was 30 years old, I had back surgery and it destroyed my back. A doctor at Emory University saw my pre-op MRI and determined I should never have had surgery in the first place. I believe with all my heart that the Accutane is the cause of my problems. I have debilitating pain every day. I have been checked for rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. Both were negative.
I m 72 years old and have had a complete hip replacement 3 years ago. After walking round for a few minutes, after the desperate time when trying to straighten my leg and get out of the pain, it has gone completely. I took 2 long flights in the last 3 weeks and was thinking I may have a blood clot and am so relieved to read other stories just like mine but sorry that you also suffer. I will try the Evening Primrose Oil and maybe some acapuncture, anything to stop this horrible pain.
Hi, everyone-- I'm a 26-year-old woman living in New York City and have been suffering with chronic knee pain due to an injury nearly six years ago. I've had two surgeries thus far, numerous cortisone injections, epidural steroid injections, spinal nerve blocks, etc. etc. and nothing has helped.
I started using around 12 or 13 and I found my love at 15...Heroin. I used on and off for many years and it really got bad in my 30's. I couldn't stop using and my life became unmanageable. I was unemployable and a thief and a liar. I went to jail 4 times and rehab 2 times at this point Finally I was court ordered to a treatment facility in exchange for my sentance of 7 years in a woman's prison in New Jersey. I went to treatment kicking and screaming.
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