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Avatar m tn I asked if a female tech could do the proceedure for the video, and he said that unfortunately, he needs to do the video since he is the most experienced technician and it is for his school. It would happen after hours when the clinical office is usually closed, at 8 PM. I'm not sure I could go through that ordeal again. But my wife and I REALLY need the money because we are both unemployed. I hate that I even have to consider this as an option, but I'm desperate for money.
Avatar m tn I also started eating brown rice three times a day with vegetables aka a partial macrobiotic diet. I also found a YouTube video of stretches for knee injuries that I have done twice a day for five days in a row. My shocking pain has stopped. no more standing or sitting or walking or laying down and having this uncontrollable shocking pain no more!!
Avatar n tn Hello Dear, Was there any knee injury?You can try the following - Protect the knee from trauma.Use a pad over the kneecap it helps to control the symptoms of some knee injuries (an example is a form of bursitis sometimes called housemaid's knee) by preventing further repetitive injury to the prepatellar bursae. Rest reduces the repetitive strain placed on the knee by activity.
Avatar n tn Other option that can be foreseen with such a bad knee would be an knee replacement. To comment on such a surgery requires in depth analysis of your condition.
Avatar m tn Only didn’t get any pain in knee. This did continue up to week. No injury and even not gain pain if I press any parts of legs. Pain only arises when I wake up in morning and after seating 2-3 hours on chair. I am software engineer. I concern big hospital doctor (M.D) he had given some report. I have taken all report. Reports are CBC C Bilurubin,CPK assay and B\L LL venous doppler study. From venous drppler study doctor told me that you have nothing and just give some medicine.
Avatar m tn You are describing the exact same kind of pain I have had for many many years.The pain starts in my right hip & radiates down my leg into my knee & down my calf to my ankle. I've been to Dr after Dr but no one can figure out the cause. There is nothing that is seen on xrays or MRI. It just hurts severely at most times. I've not had an injury or accident so that is not a cause. If you ever get an answer be sure to post it so maybe I'll be closer to an answer.
700223 tn?1318169294 ACL tear • Knee injury: Patellofemoral Syndrome • Knee injury: meniscus (cartilage) tear • Tennis elbow: lateral epicondylitis • Shoulder injury: Rotator cuff tear • Shoulder injury: AC separation • Shoulder injury: Dislocation 5. Does a Sports Medicine Orthopedist only treat injuries? While a great deal of a sports medicine specialist’s time is spent treating injuries in athletes and non-athletes alike, much of the time is also spent on other responsibilities.
Avatar f tn And it's easy to see examples of how dogs walk with a torn ACL. It's possible this injury may not have shown up on an X ray, if it wasn't being looked for. There is a test, known as the "drawer test" which the vet can do quite quickly, and involves manipulation of the knee joint. This usually clinches the diagnosis. Unfortunately I couldn't get the links to work to view the X rays.
547368 tn?1440545385 Lying on back with knees bent, cross one ankle across the other knee. Pull the bent knee with the opposite arm over the body toward the opposite shoulder and gently pull and hold for at least 20-30 seconds. Some folks are so unstable that they benefit from use of an SI belt to hold sacrum and hips in alignment while they are inflamed. This is gradually weaned away as the abs get stronger with exercise. Traumatic SI joint injuries....
Avatar m tn I left group and was heading to my last class of the day. My knee injury from two weeks ago returned, as I fell off my skateboard trying to ride it 'cool'. I felt this pop in my knee and immediately knew the pain. This time, it hurt much much more. Thank goodness I had kept an emergency hydrocodone in my bookbag, leftover from last time. I took that and the three ibuprofen I had. Had to text around 4-5 people and sit in the cold as it started to sprinkle a little a bit.
Avatar f tn Within the knee are four basic ligaments that maintain the relationship between the femur bone (at the top of the knee) and the tibia/fibula bones (at the bottom of the knee). Within the knee are the ACL and PCL -- the anterior (front) collateral ligament, and the posterior (rear) later ligament. These ligaments prevent excessive movement forwards and backwards of the upper bone (femur) across the lower bones (tibia and fibula).
Avatar f tn Hello I'm interested in starting to take some yoga classes but I'm nto sure which type of yoga is right for me. I injured my knee running about three weeks ago; it's simply an overuse injury and a patellar inflammation. I can do most things except for run (taking a break to make sure I don't injure it more), and cycling also causes pain after awhile but it's nothing unbearable. I'm also an avid rock climber and have been climbing more since my overuse injury.
684067 tn?1314296386 the madden curse is whoever the player on the cover of the video game is seems to get injured seriously that year. Madden 10 has troy palamalu and larry fitzgerald... As the curse continues Troy P. sprained his mcl in last nights game and Larry has yet to play. Do you believe this supersticion or do you think it's just coincidence? If i were Larry i'd be freakin. gimme your thoughts on this curse.
Avatar f tn I'm a 19 year old female I have a work related injury and my left knee cap had subluxed and went off to the left side after having to go through 3 to almost 4 months of pt the Dr's and the therapist told me there was nothing they could do but go in and do a elms lie-trillant which in the end they decided not to and that they were just going to let me rest up and no movement well this went on for months and I had more x-rays then anything I could imagine and they told me to seek a better Doct
579258 tn?1250652943 Only did 30 minutes on the stepper. Have to be careful of a knee injury from a fall I took. I only cut it short when I plan on a nice walk with my dog. Getting a dog makes you do some walking.
4687045 tn?1357983094 A year later my A1C levels tested normal and then I hurt my knee at the gym and could not exercise for 6 months, gained back some of the weight. But I tried again, this time with walking; I had lost my 80 hour a week job with the crash of the economy, so I had loads of time on my hands for exercise. I was walking 20,000 steps a day when I had another injury. I spent another six months recovering and gained back a little more weight.
1415174 tn?1453246703 Then later in the day I do Isometric exercises, leg lifts to side and front, kick backs where the knee is bent and you kick the knee backwards, leg lifts while sitting, sitting and briging the knee up and kicking straight forward, circumduction exercise , hold onto a chair or countertop, and lift one leg to the side and make a circle with your leg, squats using an exercise ball agaisnt the wall and squats holding a chair or counter and keeping back staight squat. Each of these about 10 reps.
Avatar f tn Doing crunches and planks won't get rid of that pesky belly fat, you will have to take up a form of aerobic exercise to burn fat. For a recovering knee injury I'd suggest either taking up swimming or even cycling.
Avatar m tn My ankle finally started to feel improvement after 8 weeks, except for the medial side, it's tingly and feels like a thin band getting overstretched when I stand on it, or do the ankle exercises. I believe I had a femoral nerve stretch injury because nerve was tethered at knee when I straightened up. Definitely feels psoas related as fetal position alleviates pain. I can flex, externally rotate, basically do all ROM at hip, except extension. Any insights?
Avatar m tn About 30-45 seconds later, regained full use and acted normal. 5/16. Running down the steps her right leg hitched like her knee was out and as she usually does she compensated by running 3-legged. But, she tumbled down stairs and continued running with hitched right leg then what looked like a left hip hitch. Still kept running to her crate but kept falling with her back legs/knees(doubtful)/looked like hips... all messed up.
1929236 tn?1323124128 // The problem that I am having is whenever I run I get really dizzy and can't see. It doesn't happen every time and isn't the same every time, sometimes everything goes grey and gets really quiet and others I just get really dizzy and can't see strait, it isn't blurred vision it's more of seeing an outline around everything. I also have problems when I do situps and pushups but it just makes me feel weird like I'm not really there and I just feel strange.
1260255 tn?1288658164 Neuros attempt to purposely trigger this sign of neurologic damage by holding your foot and then quickly pushing your toes toward your shin, by quickly flexing your wrist or with quick, forceful downward pressure applied to your knee. Here's a video showing ankle clonus during a neuro exam. Fasciculations are muscle twitches or contractions in small groups of muscle fibers.
Avatar n tn Oh my goodness, I have a back injury and am on WCB, for the past 6 months my right knee has been swollen and very pain full. I am as well taking morphine 3-5 times per day. I have now swollen feet and ankles. I sleep and am in constant pain, I wake up and am still tired. It is very hard for me in the mornings barely make it to the washroom,the pain is so bad and to top it off, I as well have fallen asleep on the toilet and fallen and just missed my temple had a black eye.
645800 tn?1466864555 It would be suppling the signals for the knee flex so it could be programed to reduce my knee flex. They had considered having me wear 4 braces at the VA 2 for my knees and 2 for my foot drop, but decided that amount of weight would be too much for me to function. But thank you very much for the info. Maybe someone else here will be able to use it.
Avatar f tn I had the Westphal's sign myself when I had untreated hypothyroidism. Probably also had this sign from untreated autoimmune pernicious anaemia as well but had both conditions concurrently and treated my B12 levels a few years prior to starting thyroid medication. Check out the Wikipedia article: peripheral neuropathy. The list of reasons for PN are long!
903476 tn?1242240637 There was also no injury recent or even in the past 20 years to that thumb. My other issues would have not caused joint pain no one ever got arthritis from asthma. But the pain has got from 0 to 60 literally over night and now my whole arm is hurting but I think it's just cuz I'm trying not to move it around to much to not aggravate my thumb.
1929236 tn?1323124128 // The problem that I am having is whenever I run I get really dizzy and can't see. It doesn't happen every time and isn't the same every time, sometimes everything goes grey and gets really quiet and others I just get really dizzy and can't see strait, it isn't blurred vision it's more of seeing an outline around everything. I also have problems when I do situps and pushups but it just makes me feel weird like I'm not really there and I just feel strange.
Avatar n tn Additionally I had bi-lateral jumped facets (dislocated/broken neck) at c6-c7 that led to a spinal cord injury and nerve root lesions. My brachial plexus was also damaged. This has caused constant muscle spasms in the left side of the neck, shoulder, back. Although I have an intrathecal baclofen/morphine pump I still have upper back spasms and isolated spasms in the neck that the pump doesn't offer total relief for.
Avatar f tn ( I bet you are quite annoyed with the docs that they didnt investigate your injury more :( I have read that the more time passes before surgery that can reduce the outcome and a graft more so, but did you notice any improvement atall, even any more skin sensations developing? How about your nerve pain? The tingling pins and needles all all all the time :( Does it fade over the months?
3177763 tn?1344540646 They've learned that no matter what, I'm always there...and that no matter how bad the injury I am always going to try to take care of them and the injury, from compound fractures to cuts and bruises they know I am going to be there and take care of them. Just like they depend on each other and take care of each other on the field. I explained to him that they know I'm not their mom, and they aren't trying to upset him in anyway but they feel comfortable with me.