Kidney stones and low grade fever

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i have a low grade fever after just having kidney stone surgery what should i take
I'm a 20 year old female & I've been dealing with a chronic low grade fever for over a year now. It comes and goes, usually around 99.3-100, though in a great while it gets higher and I'm tired all the time. Last year I was dealing with (what I though to be) sinusitis. I was having burning headaches, low grade fever, fatigue, congestion, weird smells, & pain behind my left eye. Blood tests showed my white blood cell count was elevated.
My doctor had me come in for another CT scan which showed that the stones were still to big to pass through an area in the ureter. I was also running a low grade fever and signs of an infection. I am on antibiotics and pain meds. The doctor inserted a stent on Friday. I was told to expect light bleeding and a little discomfort and stinging. Which i do. But, I am not able to distinguish the difference in the discomfort of urinating and hard to urinate.
I was able to pull the stents myself without any trouble 4 days post op. Off narcotics for the first time today. Still running a very low grade fever but pain is greatly reduced. Hope everyone else is feeling well.
the corresponding figure in children is unknown. Among patients with kidney stones, hypercalciuria may occur in 40-50%, and recurrent gross hematuria may occur in 10-20%. Although no evidence indicates that risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) is higher in patients with medullary sponge kidney, up to 5% of males and 35% of females have a UTI.
, the stones in my stones are not in the position to be causing any pain, but I can't deny the fact that I have this pain that comes and goes. I've been told that dull pain is not associated with kidney stones, but I DO have stones and 2 of these "dull sickening" pain episodes resulted in stones, so I'm not making this up. I'm just frustrated with this whole thing and not knowing why I have stones, how to prevent them, or what I can do to keep this pain totally away.
We were shuttled around several doctors and treated for different disorders such as kidney stones, hernias, bladder and kidney bacterial infections and peptic ulcers to no avail. Some thought we were crazy. Ultimately, a worm ova (for Schistosoma) was found in both our urine sediments and we were treated with praziquantel. There are other medications specific for different parasites.
I also run a low grade fever the day after drinking alcohol and I have severe pain in my sides and back. Any ideas on what I may be going through? I am emotionally exhausted trying to figure out what is wrong with me. Sometimes I feel like the doctors think I am crazy because none of them can figure out what is wrong. I feel like I am not being heard or taken seriously and I am becoming depressed with all of this. Any advice would mean a great deal to me. Thank you.
When i am on my left side the pain will extent to my left lower and upper back as well and i will get random pain or a burning sensation that lasts quite awhile right under my left lower rib in the front. Along with that ive had an off and on low grade fever (98.9 to 99.2) if anyone has any suggestions that would be great! Some Background Info that may or may not be relevant to my symptoms above: In the past, i have had three kidney stones, this does not feel like one though?
End of story, I wish, I had such pain and projectial vomiting , low grade fever that would come and go,flank pain ,and consitipation, just like before,I once again ended up back in the hospital , after a day and a half of anti- nausea I V's and a mophine pump for pain they reinserted a new stent,to my horror I was awake for this procedure, but I was surprized to find that it wasn't as painful as the removal process.
Because of this, I saw the doc for a possible UTI and he put me on Bactrim just in case while my urine was sent off to the lab and then they did a bladder and renal ultrasound to check for kidney stones or signs of infection. No UTI, and no stones. During the treatment with Bactrim, I started having paresthesias that came in patches all over my body, but mostly in the feet and legs, then arm, hands and shoulders. The fever never went away, nor did the urinary frequency.
I also run a low grade fever the day after drinking alcohol and I have severe pain in my sides and back. Any ideas on what I may be going through? I am emotionally exhausted trying to figure out what is wrong with me. Sometimes I feel like the doctors think I am crazy because none of them can figure out what is wrong. I feel like I am not being heard or taken seriously and I am becoming depressed with all of this. Any advice would mean a great deal to me. Thank you.
Have you had an IVP test? This is an x-ray with contrast, and is the best test for kidney stones.
However, after a week of constant dull (sometimes sharper) pain in my left side that made me feel constantly nauseous, I went to the clinic where I found out I had another infection (with a low-grade fever) and likely another stone. I passed 2 stones a day later (last Saturday); they were a lot smaller than my other one (only 1.5 and 2mm). However, unlike when I passed my first stone in Feb, the pain I felt in my kidney did not immediately go away.
Hello, There can be many reasons for this back pain. It can e due to kidney infections or kidney stones, ureteric stones, pelvic inflammatory disease or gynecological causes like endometriosis or ovarian cysts. Very rarely nerve compression of the spinal nerves due to spinal problems like stenosis or herniattion may cause such problems.
Having problems with urination can be from urinary tract infections and kidney stones. When there is a kidney stone you will not know that you have one at all. But when it starts to move, it causes a lot of problems, not only severe pain, but water work infections. Fluid retention can be from kidney or heart problems as well as from premenstrual tension. As you had been catheterized, I presume that you did have a urinary problem of some sort because of you not being able to urinate.
Infection leading to a fever can cause the feeling of chills. If there is a persistant low grade fever, you can consider further testing to look for a source of infection. This can include blood cultures in addition to the tests you have received. If infection has been ruled out, you can look for some metabolic diseases that may lead to the symptoms. Specifically problems with the thyroid can cause the feeling of chills (i.e. cold intolerance).
T scan,where after years of the Chills,cold hands and feet,night time hiccups,low grade fever, to low base fever, hair loss, itchyness all over,contant bladder infections kidney infections, swelling of my face and feet, headaches, ect..and it turns out that my left kidney was filled with stones.THANK GOD !!! Finally I found out what has been going on BUT!!!
I did throw up now and than and have a low grade fever very low and I guess now that you say it I was very tired... extremely. You really don't want to have a kidney removed this is not the answer.
I was nervous because my father has a history of kidney stones, I'm 24, and I'm on a medication (Topomax) that makes me likely to get them. However I did not have any blood in my urine, my back was not tender to touch, there was no pain urinating, and the pain was not getting any worse. The day after the pain started, it began spreading into my buttox and down my whole right leg. I was walking through the grocery store and there were times it felt like I had to drag my leg.
Smoking certainly increases the risk of pancretic cancer, but there are more likely possibilities. Yes, gallstones and kidney stones are also possible. Given your description, I would suggest a right upper quadrant ultrasound to start, along with liver function tests. This is a pretty good workup for most gallbladder and liver diseases. If negative, a spiral CT scan without contrast can be considered to evaluate for kidney disease.
My daughter seems to get her fevers on a friday when no one is in the office then by monday shes always better except for the swollen glands in her neck and white spots on her throat, and low grade fever. Then I dont take her in because i know they will check her for strep throat, which she never has.She also has been on alot of antibiotics which never help. Except when she had the Staph in her sinuses a few months back.
This sounds quite familiar, on and off my joints are very painful and about the same time I retain water, have to urinate frequently, it becomes cloudy, I have flank pain (along my sides where the kidneys are located--a clenching feeling), my low low back hurts and I have that rotten metallic oily taste in my mouth. I feel generally ill with a low grade fever and chills and my muscles ache.
Then 3 weeks later high fever comes back and then the Kidney infection will show. Right now we are on day 8 of antibotics and still running a low grade fever. I carried her back to the Dr urine test was negative white blood count was 15,000 . Is there some other test that cam be done to find out what is wrong. We oallow the same pattern every time. The highest her fever has gotten was 106. No other symptons just fever and lower pain. But a kidney scan showed no stones or blockages.
Doctor put me on Levaquin 10 days ago for a possible kidney infection after I presented with a low grade fever that I had for over a week, plus frequent urination, pressure when urinating, and flank pain. Urine test showed positive for protein and blood in urine. I was told Levaquin is a very strong antibiotic. The flank pain has mostly subsided and the urination feels normal again, but I am still running a low grade fever every day (almost a month now). It's generally about 99.5-99.
Last week, my mother was diagnosed with a urinary tract/kidney infection (blood in urine, low-grade fever (not over 100), positive urinalysis, sent for culture and we were told it returned positive for E. Coli). Macrobid prescribed. Today, her temperature (which had been normal since the day of diagnosis) has suddenly increased to a high of 103, but it has varied throughout the day from 99.6 to 103 and now down to 100.
I'm a 53 yo female with a recent history of recurring flulike illness with vague abdominal pain, nausea, malaise, one time a slight low-grade fever. This has happened three times this summer, each time lasting a week. I had an abdominal ultrasound last week that showed mild hydronephrosis of the right kidney and a small, nonobstructing stone. My doctor doesn't think these findings mean anything or even need to be investigated.
Blood and thyroid checked ok, still have cold feeling. No fever, but something is wrong. Nerves maybe?? Sending wrong signals to my body. Sooner or later someone will figure it out, hopefuly my doc will.
It could be as simple as a pulled muscle which can be very painful especially in the intercostal regions of the ribs, but it could be anything from pulled muscle, spleen, Kidney issues (kidney stones, kidney infection, kidney calcification or even kidney failure being absolute worst case scenario) so dont be alarmed at thes but you should look for signs and symptoms like, low grade to high fever 99-101+, how many days has this been going on, does it hurt more if you press down or let go, Does it
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