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Have you been to see a dentist lately by any chance? You also said you have sinus pain and extreme pain in your inner right ear. Don't wait. This does sound concerning. I am of the opinion that you need to have urgent medical attention and the sooner the better. You said you have no idea what to do. So let me advise you to seek medical attention and the sooner the better, no to mention the fact that this combined pain must be horrible. I wish you well.
I have had jaw pain for many days, only on one side, now i have ear and throat pain on the same side, and my jaw hurts so bad, like I had been punched (or so I assume) really har din the jaw. It hurts to eat, and I have pain in my ear and a sore throat.....can anyone give me advise? Bad sinuses? Time to go the Dr?
Two days ago, felt this pain in my jaw I thought it was my wisdom tooth, but as time went by I realized that it was my jaw. When I press on the outter part of my right ear I feel a pain going down my jaw. I can not open my mouth to eat properly or even brush my tongue. When I chew on my the right side of my mouth i get a sharp pain in my jaw. Could this be Neuralgia?
My right side of my face ,right eye,jaw cheek ear and neck are driving me crazy........ENT says i need surgery.Im so scared.Im also going off some anxniety meds and wondering if thats casuing it.........
I was having head aches, neck/head aches, jaw pain, ear pain, and stabbing pains behind the eyes. Been on antibiotic, seemed to help alot, my eyes seemend like they were hazy even. Going to ENT doctor in early June. Oh by the way, I also had facial tingling for 6 years, this is why I had MRI done, everything was normal except for sinuses. Hope this helps. Take care.
i have had some terrible headachs in the past but now i am dealing with lower jaw pain that goes into my ear and my head. i thought the pain in my jaw was a toothach but i am not thinking thats what it is, so could you tell me if this is a ear infection or if it is just a sinus infection??
It is however more than possible that you could have an infection in your jaw, say, from an impacted or infected wisdom tooth. Tooth pain can often make the ear and neck hurt as well (just as an ear infection can make the teeth hurt...). There is also the possibility that there is nothing wrong with you dentally either and you are suffering from neuralgic pain.
I get sharp shock like pain in my left ear and into my left sinus. Sometims my jaw tingles. I have been clearded by an ENT. So what could it be?
The most likely cause for pain along the jaw - if you have ruled out dental pain - is, indeed, Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN). The pain of TN can be one of the most severe pains known. This usually indicates an MS lesion somewhere from the brainstem to along the Trigeminal nerve which is one of the Cranial nerves. It usually is severe stabbing pains which come with some sort of stimulation.
had a stabing pain behind left ear, it was between my ear and jaw bone, recently had two teeth pulled near the front. it hurt when i open my mouth and the ice cream made it hurt. I also have a sinus infection and sore throat.
About 3 weeks ago I went back as I was having some jaw achiness, random ear pain (only lasting for a couple seconds), and continuing problems with congestion. I did have an ear infection in my right ear so I was prescribed antibiotics and Lodrane. Still, 2 weeks later it hadn't went away. When I went back my doctor said I had some swelling in my sinuses and told me to take Nasonex for a month. Well, that month is almost up and I still don't feel like things are where they should be.
I have sinus pain and pain around my cheek bone, i also have headaches behind my eyes and around my temple area. my jaw feels really achy and stiff and my nose feels really sore and tender inside there is also some redness inside my nose. my neck is stiff also and a bit of ear ache. i also keep getting a vertigo feeling like things are swaying or sloping?
This could be caused by a sinus infection, ear infection, or some sort of virus. I have some odd virus that's going around. Started with a tickle/scratch in the throat. Pain in my left ear. Jaw on left side felt like it was broken. I slowly started to get congested. Next thing I know, I can hardly breathe...started getting yellow phlegm etc from nose and lungs. I've been this way for a month now. The sinuses feel much better...I can breathe...but still wheezing and coughing stuff up.
After 7 months of symptoms similar to yours - I am still not sure if neck problems cause the jaw pain (and facial pain and ear pain lower back pain) or if TMJ disorder causes it all. What is helping: -Wearing a neck brace (inexpensive - get it at the pharmacy) seems to help. Espcially at the end of the day when my neck is tired. -Sleeping on my back. I used to sleep on my stomach - arms and lega akimbo. I think this put a lot of pressure on my neck and jaw.
I then began to experience slight jaw pain in the area below the ear. Hurts when I chew. Internist xrayed my jaw to rule out TMJ, and that came back negative. He has no other suggestions. I went for about 1 1/2 weeks until this past Monday, with no feeling of fullness or anything. The slight jaw pain was still present. On Monday, it begun to feel not normal again. I don't necessarily have ear fullness, but the area behind my ears near the jaw feels odd inside.
When I swallow feels like something is sticking in that area. I have ear pain, jaw pain, temple pain, and a swollen lymph node in neck. I have noticed a small hard knot in front of my ear right in the TMJ joint. I have seen 2 gp, 4 ent, 2 oral surgeons, 1 neurologist, and a regular surgeon. No one can give me anything but a MAYBE neuralgia, acid reflux, tmj disorder, and muscular issue due to bad posture. They just want to put me on gabapantin without a diagnosis.
I recommend going to the doctor... Sounds like severe sinus issue?
For about a month now I have been having chronic neck pain and extreme upper jaw pain. The pain is also in my nose. It feels like pressure like when you have a sinus infection. I wake up in the morning with drainage in my throat then it goes away as the day proceeds. I have been to the doctor too many times. They did a mri on my head and everything was normal they also did a CT scan on my face and that was also normal.
Since late on Thursday night, I've been experiencing intermittent pain in my jaw around my upper molar area. The pain radiates from my ear to right above my upper molar. It, also, extends to my lower jaw on the same side. I have had an ongoing problem with sinus congestion, but as of late, it seems to have gotten much better. However, in the past couple of days, I've become congested, again. Could this have anything to do with what's going on?
I have have a bad sinus infection for weeks and now I have yellow stuff drianing out of my ears. I got tiered of the infections. So went to an old rementy giger honey tea with a 1/2 of a cup of wisky added to the tea. with cooking one teaspoon of ginger in with the tea bags. Now after being on that for only two days so far the swolling of my sinuses has gone down so much that I can findly see my check bones. It is also drying out my sinuses.
At the time I was having some congestion, ear pain/ache at random times and when I would chew/open my mouth. After taking the antibiotics for a couple days I could feel a ton of fluid sloshing back in my ears when I would move my head side to side. It was still going on, though not as bad when I finished the antibiotics. I called the doctor back and they called me in another antibiotic prescription (Cefuroxime). Two months later, I was still having issues and I went back again.
I don't exactly have ear pain but my ears (especially my right ear) seems to stop up more since tx. Could be sinus related or tx related but I've just been living with it. I usually am more vigilant with the humidifier when my ears are stopped up....it's very annoying. As for the headaches, mine would turn into mild migraines or at least last for several days at a time. My doc prescribed Imitrex and that has really worked for me.
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