Jaw pain during gallbladder attack

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I suffered from gallbladder-related symptoms for at least 10 years, beginning during my first pregnancy.
Six months ago I experienced heart attack which sent me to the ER fearing the worst. After a normal EKG, I was discharged with a possible gallbladder attack. I then had a multitude of expensive tests performed only to prove there was nothing wrong with my gallbladder. Three days ago, while at work, I noticed a sudden drastic increase in my heart rate. I was not experiencing any stress at the time and I had not gotten up from my desk for at least 2 hours.
I am just wondering is it pretty normal to have pains like a gallbladder attack is coming on, eventhough i no longer have my gallbladder? My mom had hers out about 5-6 yrs ago and she still has actial attacks. I had mine out in Jan 07 and i never had attacks but occasionally i will get that tightening pressure like an attack will start. It usually happens when i dont eat for a while. Well yesterday i took nexium and nothing would get rid of it..and now today my back and chest kind of ache.
When you eat fats, gallbladder is contracted to expell bile, which is needed to digest fats. If there are stones/sludge in the gallbladder, this causes pain on the right side under the rib cage. Ultrasound is not accurate enough to detect small stones. The most reliable test of gallbladder function is a HIDA scan which shows "ejection fraction" of bile during gb contraction. HIDA may also show eventual problems in biliary ducts.
Hi there I'm a bit concerned as over the last two years I've had 3 attacks of chest pain ,it starts under my right ribs and spreads to my sternum up into my throat ,my jaw and teeth and through to my back from the sternum and spreads under my ribs in my back .
Hi! My daughter is a 19 year old college sophmore. Family doc diagnosed her with a "possible" ulcer and put her on Carafate & Prevacid. (4/01) 3 weeks later, doc switched meds to Aciphex. She experienced very bad reflux with that med..doc said time for an EGD..I took her to GI doc in nearby bigger town..they tried more meds..he did the EGD with small intestine biopsies, negative for everything..no ulcers, gastritis, hernias, etc..
It is sudden, when I will feel a spasm, and it is sudden when I feel that tightness and intense pain suddenly, like something is expanding in there greatly, tightness, squeezing like and getting large and then pain grows in there, This pain is going to arms, jaw and back right after the pain is not brief. It doesn't go right away. I stays moving in shoulder, in back on left side and my right arm most. I will have trouble breathing. the paint that comes, makes me cringe.
Have you worn a holter during these episodes? Esophageal Spasm can cause and mimic angina down to the jaw and arm pain too. I would ask for the Stress Echo, not just the treadmill...they look at your heart after exceeding a heartrate..go back on tghat treadmilll with NO HANDS again, with the Stress ECHO...insist insist insist...
I think some of my symptoms were caused by the antiobiotic which triggered a severe anxiety attack. Anyway, I am still in pain today with pain in my back near the right shoulder blade. Still the pain/pressure under my ribs. I'm wondering if I have a pinched nerve in my upper back which is causing all of this, since this area gives me more pain every day. I also notice much of the pain disappears after I sleep, or lay down and relax. Anyway, I'm going to see my GP in two days.
Get your heart checked out, you could have angina! You can have GI problems and heart problems at the same time, so don't rule it out. Don't let a doctor just blow you off, get tested!
The intial ER doc gave me a GI cocktail, (which was beautiful) some pain meds and a rx for Prilosec and told me to get into a GI ASAP. During this time, I also had a complete work-up with a cardiologist who ruled out any heart problems but told me that through all the stress of pain, that I should be cautious. Through my year's journey, I have been on Prilosec (had a reaction to it) Prevacid and Protonix. I have had 2 scopes and a 24 Bravo PH test.
ONLY on my right side. I exercised 20 minutes on the eliptical this am and had the pain start up during and has continued in intervals for the past 2 hours. Mine is more like a dull aching pain.
Discharged with Prilosec and Zantec. Got home, ate dinner, no increase in pain. The next day without eating I had a severe attack of the burning pain radiating up my chest and chills. Nuclear renal scan shows blockage not that big of a problem, no repair needed, but left kidney is very large. The pain increases throughout the day, is sharp in left flank and in first two ribs of the left ribcage - sharply painful to touch but does not increase with breathing.
its almost like a gallbladder attack..except for the ear and head pain..I can get it to relieve itself by sticking my finger down my throat and throwing up..also if i take a rolaid that seems to help it only last about 10 mins or so.. but during thoes 10 mins its very scarey and stressfull.
Months ago I started having events of pretty intense pain that always started in my mid back and quickly moved to my abdomen below the ribs. An ulrasound found multiple gallstones including one large (1") one. Though my pain location was atypical of gallbladder problems there was sufficient suspicion of gall bladder problems (intense pain for limited duration) for surgery. Surgery 2 weeks ago was uneventful. Almost immediately the pain returned.
Immediately after taking it (i did not have joint pain during the treatment, just dry skin and cracked lips) I developed horrible joint pain in my right leg which I thought was illotibial band syndrome (ITBS), a common runner's injury. Even though I went to physical therapy for a half a year it still did not get better, if anything it got worse. Now that I am 22 the pain has been getting progressively worse and has moved to every part of my body.
Hi, I have this scalp pain too. I get it during my monthly period mostly and other times too. My scalp becomes so tender, that if i touch my hair, it hurts. I realized that heat in the body causes it. heat is generated by different foods we eat and harmones. So the immediate solution is to take foods like drink sabudana ,eat yogurt with sugar , buttermilk and cutdown on meat. sleep should give some relief too.
I feel exactly what you feel including the jaw neck pain and there is also a sharp pain in left leg.. I also have headache, feeling anxious and depress and that my nostrils are narrowing.. I had 2d echo my heart was normal and labs are fine. But at times i really worry about it like im going to die.
The other thing it could be is a gallbladder attack. I have had those and the pain is horrible and you get shortness of breath with it. That might be something to look into although it is more likely severe reflux....
I have constant chest pains accompanied with arm pain and left breast pain. I am afraid that I am having a heart attack at times. I am so afraid that I even put 911 on my quick dial key from my cellphone. I get stressed out a lot. I have been stressed even more lately especially considering that I just lost my grandmother to lung cancer. She passed away August 2, 2010. I was very close to her and I feel a lot of sadness because she is gone. I often wonder if that sadness has intensified my pain.
But how could I possibly have fractured a rib walking and carrying? If the pain was on the left side, I'd be convinced I was having a heart attack. I don't know if it's my gallbladder or I pulled a muscle or cracked a rib or if it's HepC. Movement, touching it, bending, breathing deeply cause the pain. I'm genotype 1b, infected 37 years ago, failed all 3 treatments.
I had no idea so many people are dealing with the exact same thing I am. I do deal with anxiety but I refuse to take medication. For the past week I have been having jaw & face pain, chest pain & tightness, arms & shoulders going numb, along with my legs feeling like they are giving out on me. I went to the ER 3 times in 1 weekend (they thought I was going crazy). I freak out because I have a 1 year old and it is difficult dealing with a busy 1 year old & anxiety attacks.
Well, my HIDA scan showed that my gallbladder was working 0% and I had some pain in my lower sternum area and right back during the HIDA test. I had my gallbladder out one week ago today. It went really well and I feel a lot better. I am still recovering from surgery but I can eat and drink without pain in my chest and back. If the EGD and Heart workup does not seem to find your pain don't forget to have the doctor check your gallbladder (simple ultrasound and HIDA test).
I even had to get a cup out of the trash once since there were none around during an attack! I don’t think it’s a heart issue but I just don’t know. I do drink coffee in the mornings, don’t exercise much as I should, but I don’t know if that’s it.
I went to my primary and he suggested gallbladder, even though the pain was in the left. He did blood work and ultrasound and said everything looked. The pain came on so bad the one day I called 911 cause I thought I was going to pass out and I was home alone with my daughter. Had my amalyse and lipase tested and that was in a normal range. I was a very heavy drinker for a long time and then stopped for about 3 and 1/2 years.
I'm reluctant to try any anti-anxiety meds since I had a bad bout with cymbalta a few months back and I really don't feel as though I need it. I just want the pain to stop. I've tried numerous relaxation and meditation methods which are very calming and helpful, but still the pain comes. The only time I don't notice it is when I'm exercising (usually run 3-6 miles/day). Any thoughts of what's going on? Anxiety, current med side effects or something else?
I used to think it was my kidneys and the pain was going after I had been to the bathroom, now I am not sure if the pain is going just because I am up and moving. I do not get the pain at all during the day.I have no other symptoms ( I dont think) I have had blood tests, urine tests and X rays all of which are OK. I would love to hear it anyone has any ideas what this could be as my Doctor has openly admitted he is stumped. Ta..........
At this moment as I write this I feel fine, the symptoms of the ulcer/GERD have retreated and have not bothered me so far. The only pain is the pain I get in the back of my head. But you guys have given me some great input, thank you. If anyone else has some suggestions would appreciate it as it may take some time for my doctor to make room for me.
My uncle is a nurse and said that the pain sounds like it could be my gallbladder, so I had a ultrasound on my gallbladder, pancreas and right kidney 2 days ago and they said everything is normal there too. I was convinced that I had gallstones because the symptoms matched perfectly and the pain comes on after eating greasy or fatty foods. I did a liver cleanse and ordered a gold coin grass tincture to soften up any stones in there, and have been drinking gallons of organic apple juice.
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