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Hi, Given that you are having problems with lows, it is very important that you are able to test regularly--this is now a medical necessity and your doctor can put that as an indication so your insurance will help pay for the strips. Using insulin is not the only indication for testing blood sugars regularly. Glucose of 63 is not scary in terms of dangerous problems(like passing out, seizures etc) but it can feel terrible especially if your body is used to being much higher.
Many people think that drugs that FORCE the pancreas to put out more insulin only wear it out sooner (pancreas). if you are eating low carb then its ilight>timeilight> ilight>toilight> add insulin. ilight>toilight> get your numbers down.
Based on what you have described you have hypertension, erectile dysfunction, and mild left ventricular hypertrophy on both your electrocardiogram and echocardiogram. it is essential that you control your hypertension as ilight>bestilight> as you can ilight>toilight> prevent further progression of LVH. LVH refers to the thickening of the heart muscle as a response to high blood pressure. it is not uncommon to have erectile dysfunction accompany hypertension. To answer your questions specifically 1.
When is the ilight>bestilight> ilight>timeilight> of day ilight>toilight> be taking my metformin and ilight>januviailight> combo? i ilight>takeilight> a thyroid pill before breakfast. i usually end up forgetting the metformin/j combo until after lunch and then again at night before bed. is this bad timing?
i got the call late and wasn't able ilight>toilight> call my doc office in ilight>timeilight> ilight>toilight> see what i should do, if anything. i put a call into their afterhours service but didn't get a call back. it's the weekend and i'm a little concerned....any suggestions? 2008 Papillary Thyroid Cancer-Stage 4 2012 History of Pap. Thy.
They just added ilight>januviailight> because my hba1c was 7.3. My question is, do i ilight>takeilight> all these in the am? my glu was 64 when i woke this am. ate breakfast and it went to 140 so i took the meds??? fear of polydrug issues..
if so, he should be on the plavix for at least a year. i have a stent since 2006 and my Cadiologist said i have ilight>toilight> ilight>takeilight> it indefinitely. i can only go off it for surgical procedures and then go back on it again. Maybe when the doctor answers your post he may mention this also. if he's on a bare metal stent then i think it should be 3 months. i'm not sure though. i think i may have read it on the heart forum. i'm only speaking thru my experience w/drug eluded stent. i'm certainly no expert.
Well, i was all gung ho ilight>toilight> ilight>takeilight> it, then i read that it causes pretty severe stomach upset, that lasts a long time. And that it can cause pancreatic problems, but most importantly, it can cause kidney failure. i also read somewhere that it really isn't all that effective for dropping your sugar levels. Has anyone had any experience with this drug and how did you feel on it? Did you have horrible side affects and did it make you lose weight? Like, how much weight?
Has anyone had the same results as myself or have an idea why i reacted this way? The ilight>bestilight> thing that happened ilight>toilight> me is that i am on ilight>Januviailight> (added ilight>toilight> Lantus, metformin regimen) thats a good thing!!
A year ago, my doctor gave me Lescol/Fluvastatin ilight>toilight> ilight>takeilight> because i am a high risk for heart disease due to genetics and diabetes. At that time my Lipids were within normal range. After a month, ALT/AST results were very elevated. and medication was discontinued. Since then, i've gone through ultrasound, HiDa Scan and finally diagnose of fatty liver. The Gastroenterologist recommended Liver Biopsy to check for liver damage.
But my doctor is not in that school, he is happy for readings under 7.00.
what is the ilight>bestilight> ilight>toilight> do, don't ilight>takeilight> the tablet? Or ilight>takeilight> the tablet then eat some sweets? Why so hard ilight>toilight> adjust? Thanks.
You want someone to yield ilight>toilight> your medical expertise. i have some of the ilight>bestilight> controlled diabetes in the city and i ilight>takeilight> great pride in that fact. We can "discuss" and plan your regimen or you can find a new provider that takes less pride in their achievements. i am willing to use prandin or starlix which are in the same class as glipizide to take with each meal in addition to the lantus its a much better option.
i was pretty symptom free this last year because i agreed ilight>toilight> ilight>takeilight> higher doses of Toprol and titrated slowly ilight>toilight> 200 then i developed a severe allergic reaction to beta blockers. i was on Toprol XL for years and continually complained that my beta blocker made me feel worse (some of the symptoms were similar to the allergic reaction), on Coreg i had anaphylactic symptoms and went to the hospital in an ambulance. that episode was tamped down with benadryl.
Minerals should be watched closely, and as you get closer ilight>toilight> lower doses i would want ilight>toilight> switch ilight>toilight> HC. This would ilight>takeilight> some special care from an endo. Sometimes, you can never get all the way off HC and may have to take a maintenance dose for life. i have to do this along with other steroids because of have primary adrenal insufficiency. Anyway, get a good Dr. this stuff takes work and persistence. You will get better! i wish you the best.
Most of your symptoms could be caused by our thyroid condition. it ilight>takeilight> a long ilight>timeilight> ilight>toilight> feel better with a thyroid condition after medication has been started doses may need adjusting a good way to check if your thyroid is under control is to run a temperature test in the morning the second you wake up if it is low, your thyroid problem is not properly controlled. The bowel problems could be iBS..
My docs do tell me not to worry too much about PVCs or PACs, but do tell me ilight>toilight> ilight>takeilight> note of any changes and ilight>toilight> get checked out. i've leared ilight>toilight> pretty much ignore them, but if i get some whacky ones, they do raise my eyebrow.
But i adjust ilight>toilight> the symptoms and ilight>takeilight> hope in the clear finding ilight>toilight> give me the incentive ilight>toilight> exercise up ilight>toilight> my limits and not worry.
The docs won't operate because of the blood thinner i ilight>takeilight>, so i guess i have ilight>toilight> live with it. i hope as ilight>timeilight> goes on you will continue ilight>toilight> heal and feel better. i was never told it took so long to heal from stent placement but when you think about the fact that they are in your heart messing around i guess it makes sense!! Good Luck to you.
i also had elevated blood sugar levels with Lyrica. i had ilight>toilight> ilight>takeilight> a lower dosage and eventually my PA added ilight>Januviailight> ilight>toilight> balance the swing of levels. Januvia works with your other diabetes meds by lowering your levels but it won't work if your levels are too low. it has been working great to balance my blood sugar levels and allowed me to stay on my lyrica. Lyrica has really helped me quite a bit. i still hurt quite a bit.. but i have more of a life now. Good Luck!
it just means that our eating habit must change for the better, i have to stop whining ilight>toilight> go out ilight>toilight> eat all the ilight>timeilight> for a while, and he HAS ilight>toilight> start taking daily walks with me, as i have been begging him to do forever :) As long as he keeps his blood sugar under control, i think he'll be fine. But i do have a lot of learning to do. i did a quick search online and found a couple articles linking hep c infection to diabetes type 2, which is what my hubby has.
if you need more information i would be glad ilight>toilight> answer...we are so desperate for any answers and anything he can ilight>takeilight> with him ilight>toilight> Pittsburgh ilight>toilight> mention to the doctors there. i am afraid if he keeps going like this he won't last another year. Thank you in advance for any and all help.
QUOTE: "My real struggle with this idea is that blood pressure is high in many patients who develop CAD and it has been high for many years. So if blood pressure was an issue, one would expect to see everyone develop collaterals (in my opinion anyway). Flow velocity is really going to achieve nothing because it's the pressure which matters" _________________________________________________________ Thanks kenkeith to take your time to answer questions.
Also, if i start taking it and decide i don't want ilight>toilight> ilight>takeilight> it anymore, can i just stop taking it or do you have ilight>toilight> stop it over ilight>timeilight>? i love this forum, its given me alot of information, but i haven't seen the answer to my questions, so i just decided to ask.
but then i also made some changes ilight>toilight> what i ate which also could contribute ilight>toilight> the weight loss. i also ilight>takeilight> the medication for type 2 diabetes. i also take glyburide for my diabetes. i would say that it is a 50/50 chance whether you would lose weight in the long run as the product wasn't designed as a weight loss product. (but i'm not a doctor so your dr. might be able to tell you what to expect).
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