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What can I do if I do not work due to a stroke and can't afford the $217.44 cost for my Janumet 50/1000 Tablets that have been prescribed for me?
Aside from this, I have no scrip coverage right now and the Nexium was going to be nearly $180 for one month. Now, I wouldn't mind paying this cost for something I felt was going to help me, but if it is the same as prilosec, I do not want to purchase this scrip and then have same problems. If anyone has any experience with prilosec backfiring on them or anything similar, I too would appreciate having them post, also. It is very frustrating to have more problems than I started out with.
switched me from Janumet to Metformin. In the past, I have been able to get an A1C number of 6.1 with Janumet alone. The weight loss has been the best thing for me. However, Victoza is so very expensive! I am going to retire next year and don't see myself being able to afford it then. We'll see what the next year brings.
G., etc.) and now they want to do an angiogram which would cost $20,000.00. The only thing they found in my stress test was that my heart's lower chamber seemed to have a slight lack of blood flow, but they said it could be a false positive.