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You may want to try a prescription nasal spray with an anti-fungal in it (itraconazole or fluconazole usually do the trick) These kill fungus trapped in the sinus
but when i went in he was able to suction out all of the mucus that accumulated and he gave me an anti-fungal nose spray (Itraconazole). it has been a week since i've seen my ent and i'm 98% better. i no longer have the green mucas and the smell is very slight on rare occasions which could be all in my mind. either way I'm so relieved. the ent said that i have fungus in my sinuses caused by mold.
I need something for runny/stuffy nose but I am afraid to take Tylenol Cold, Dimetapp or even Afrin nasal spray because I do not know how it will interract with my current meds. My sinuses hurt and I feel miserable. Please reply soon!! Thank you very much! Dear Laura O., I'm sorry that this response is probably too late. There are a number of drug interactions with cisapride (Propulsid).
They can give you an antifungal medicine, but there is no definite proof that it can cure the sinusitis. Some researchers are looking for an anti-fungal nasal spray at this time. This book will show you how to flush out the fungus or mold when it first appears, which will prevent chronic sinusitis. The technique has not been tested on chronic fungus infections, although I had great success against one.
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