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No affection on the penis whatsoever, just the two testicles. The skin is not swollen, red or clearly 's still looks smooth and look normal.. but it itches like crazy...especially at night time, in the morning going to work is normal, just a small sensation sometimes, but most of the day it seems normal! I bath everyday, change underwear daily...still itch at bedtime, after shower still itching!! Please help and help!!
Dear doctors, I have a severe and long overdue itchy testicles for about 3 years already. No affection on the penis whatsoever, just the two testicles. The skin is not swollen, red or clearly 's still looks smooth and look normal.. but it itches like crazy...especially at night time, in the morning going to work is normal, just a small sensation sometimes, but most of the day it seems normal! I bath everyday, change underwear daily...
I am 14 years old and I have irregularly sized, skin colored bumps on the base of my penis and testicles. I have had these for about 2 years now, and since then they have grown and spread up the shaft and down further on the testicles. I can somewhat pop a few bigger ones, and all that comes out is a little white stuff. I am not sexually active, so it can not be an STD, but I have masturbated before.
About 3 months ago I had my first episode with this. My hands got warm, itchy, and swollen. The swelling moved up to about 1 inch above my wrist. I went to the doc and he said it was angiodema. Gave me a shot of cortisone. One mone later my lower left lip started to swell and it move up the right side of my face. Went to doc and got another shot. Now about another month I got a episode on the left side of my face. Another shot.
Two weeks ago I noticed small bump (looks like a pimple) which became itchy and when itched it became swollen, almost like a bug bite. There is only one bump; it is at the base of the penis, on the scrotum. It has persisted for a couple weeks and itches mildly now and then. If agitated it swells and looks more like a blister than a pimple. Now it is just a slight round red spot which is barely noticeable. I'm worried that it may be herpes.
Wow quit smoking three days ago and noticed today that my testicles were very itchy. When I got home I realized it was beneath my penis right where the top of my testees where it attaches to the shaft. I then called myp girlfriend whose mouth was all over it yesterday she of course told me I better go get it checked. Is it from not smoking anymore or my dirty *** girlfriend's mouth??? Someone help me.
The next morning, the itching had spread downward to the underside of the penis and along the outside of both testicles. I noticed when I scratched, it turned bright red and began to feel very bumpy, and the itch only became worse. By that night, the rash was covering the entire underside length of the shaft of the penis (but not the sides or top), both side of the scrotum (but not along the crease between testicles), and entirely surrounding the base of the upper side of the penis.
It is swollen right below the head and goes about one ince down the shaft. Testicles are also itchy but not swollen? I dont have a cold, not sexually active. Anyone know why this might of happened? and if so is there anything i can take to reduce the swelling and itchyness? I used hydrocortisone to stop itchyness but it doesnt work that well.
Is it possible I still have the infection after all this time and the swollen testicle is a symptom? It's not really painful, just a little swollen and itchy. What can I do? Posted by HFHS M.D.-BE on August 11, 1999 at 16:09:54 ============================================= Dear Ben, The fungal infection you have described is an infection which affects the skin superficially. It does not tend to cause deep tissue infection.
I have been having extreme groin pain and swollen lymph nodes in my groin. I have been having pain in my testicles. The pain is much more pronounced the day after I ejaculate. The more often I ejaculate the longer the pain is. It is also affecting the way I walk a little bit. I am uncomfortable all the time. I had a vaginal condom-protected encounter with a risky one-night partner in july of last year. About 5 days after that, it became very uncomfortable sitting and I felt itchy.
It dosent sound like real prostatitis symptoms, because i dont have frequent urination and I have this highlighted/swollen penis tip. Most in the morning or after masturbating (very swollen ) I would first do my disease process clear to you, then describe the symptoms as those are experienced: I have now for over 1 year had pain comparable, to those described as Chronic pelvic pain/prostatitis. Sometimes it's so unbearable that i just cry like a litle baby girl.
For ten days I have had pain in my testicles, lower back (probably kidneys) and as one doctor determined on a visit, a swollen prostate. So three areas. Plus for a few days out of those ten, I had blood in my urine. I don't anymore but that could change. I sent off a sample and tests haven't come back yet. I looked at this online. And I can think of maybe one scenario.
HI All I was having mumps 3 months back and it cured normally and it never reached to my testicles. Later on after about 1 week from the end of Mumps, I had protected vaginal sex with a partner and no oral or anal sex. Since 2 1/2 from the sex, I was having a swollen lymph gland on my right groin area. and that area is swollen and its steady no redness no heat from it. In the same side I can feel my tight testicle is giving me a pain time to time.
2 weeks post- itchy arm 3 weeks- first lip canker sore ever on inner lip 4 weeks- swollen pubic area and behind testicles slight pain when peeing frequent urination 4 weeks- small itchy rash on hand w 5 small bumps Went to Dr at 4 weeks post was told: All tested neg stds Pubic area could be swollen due to not ejaculating for week?
It will start when I start top get chapped and dry lips, whish is followed up by my bottom right eyelid doing the same, growing swollen and itchy and red. Then I noticed that this was something that happened in the EXACT same order last year around this same time. I wake up, and can feel the swollen pressure on my eyelid, the dry feeling in my lips, and the strange red stripe that runs just perfectly under my penis, stretching from my testicles, to the edge of the head.
Dear Doctor, I had a Vericocelectomy in January this year but the pain in my left testicles hasn't appeared to have subsided since the op and I recently very stupidly have unprotected gay anal sex with 3 different guys, (I realise how idiotic that was) And now about 3 weeks later I have noticed the lymph nodes just on my left groin area are swollen i went to the doctors and he said there are actually two swollen nodes there and referred me to the GUM clinic for a Chlamydia test.
I have no abnormal discharge from my penis, tenderness in my testies and none of them are swollen. Recently my anus began to get itchy, the itchyness comes and goes but its there more often than not. I finally went to a Planned parenthhod clinic and got tested and to my delight everything came back negative. Before the results came back the doctor gave me doxycyline, "just in case" and the pain in my legs and feeling in my testicles went away but came back within 3 weeks.
and i went to a docter, he swobbed my throught for strep and it came out positive, and all was good up till a couple of weeks after, i started getting a pain in my testicles, that were obvois, and i decided to go to docter again, he swobbed my urthrea for clamydia, he told me id get a call back from the health people..... i never did, my testicles were getting very itchy, but, no one would test me....
8) New doctor said she doesn't think this is a fungus at all, better yet just an irritation. She has given me Hydrocortizone cream which relieves the itchy testicles, but does nothing about the redness and irritation of the testicles or urethra. Please someone help me...I can't go on with the diagnoses of this being (normal) because it most definitely is not.
4 years ago I had protected sex with a prostitute in cancun Mexico I know dumb move really regret but my question is this I have suddenly developed a rash in my groin in between my testicles and thigh looks like a bad case of chub rub it is red and was itchy Till put lotrimin and gold bond on it it has some bumps small on my testicle the bottom this popped up after swimming for a week in fla and maybe not dryin off the crotch area very good idk has some white places on the outside of my skin jus
My urine stream became weak with retention. 2 weeks later my testicles began to ache and my penis was inflamed and swollen with a red patch on the right side of meatus. No blisters and no discharge. Also have constipation. Have been given doxycycline 15 days no effect. Prescribed acyclovir in case of GHSV 1 no effect. Given 10 days of Cipro no effect. At week 20 I have constant pain in penis head and testicles which gets worse throughout the day andwhen laying down to sleep gets unbearable.
The urethra of my penis is itchy Yellowish, whitish discharge (I just noticed this today for the first time, so it's not a lot) Burning when I pee I figured I might have a yeast infection, but information for men on this topic is terrible on the internet, so I was wondering if anyone on here might have any idea of what's going on? There's no rash, no blisters, no itchy red bumps, no discolored skin, my testicles aren't painful or swollen, etc etc.
ok here are my symptoms burning sensation when i urinate( well after i urinate i have a mild burning sensation) swollen lymp glands on my groin area( they are getting smaller and my left is bigger than my right) small red shiny spots growing(no pain or itchy) when i touch or press the tip of my penis it hurts small discharge mostly clear but sometimes white stuff come out i dont urinate a lot like most stds what could it be?
An itchy rash of the testicles does not sound like any STD. Perhaps a fungal infection, such as tinea cruris (jock itch). The penile rash you describe does not suggest herpes, but other than that, I can't say. My main advice to both of you is to visit a health care provider knowledgeable about STDs and genital infections, such as your local public health STD or family planning clinic, or a Planned Parenthood clinic.
day 6 - right groin and thigh pain with slight swollen testicles. comes and goes. day 12 - small non itchy brown spots (2 each) on right and left upper palm and 1 on leg.abdominal pain and bloating stomach with strange noise and pain on both sides. also twitching all over my body. still have it. day 14 - stiffness and small swollen node in the size of a pea on right neck. light pain in ear too. day 15 - red bumps on back of tongue with white coating. soreness under armpits.
I have seen 2 doctors and they both said I'm free of STD's but I have small bumps on the sides of my penis and testicles. if I look in a bright light it looks as if hair grows from some of them. I've had this for years and never had a women complain about it but to me it is un-attractive and makes me insecure like maybe they will think somthing is wrong with me.
hi ive had bumps on the shaft and testicles and ive noticed them as far back as i can remember also i just noticed i had like 4 bumps on the corner of my lip i was just wondering if this was that.
I firstly suspected it due to the opening of my penis being moderately itchy and on very rare occasions i may have a small sting around the opening when urinating or ejaculating. My Testicles have not been swollen although i have had mild discomfort in both left and right which seems to come and go. Ive also suspected discharge but i may be overreacting a little -_-.
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