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That's a symptom of lIver problems! Call your doctor or go to the ER!
Every mornIng for the last two months I wake up wIth IlIght>ItchyIlIght> IlIght>PALMsIlIght>, IlIght>noIlIght> IlIght>rashIlIght>, IlIght>noIlIght> dry skIn, just terrIby Itchy PALMs. SometImes It tIngles AND Itches for the fIrst hour after wakIng. It FEELs as If there Is no blood flow to my hANDs, but I really have no Idea what thIs means or If It Is somethIng I should be concerned about.
I've had thIs ItchIng, for some years now. It's an INTENSE Itch on the IlIght>PALMsIlIght>, IlIght>FEETIlIght>, now, bottom of legs. I Itch IlIght>ANDIlIght> It leaves scabs. It can burn, AND It looks lIke hIves under the surface of epIdermIs. I can't fInd any such symptoms, I take Cymbalta, have thyroId dIsease whIch Is treated wIth Armour ThyroId (90 mg); I take VytorIn 10/40. Maybe we can fInd a commonalIty In medIcatIons we're takIng. It Is maddenIng AND embarrasIng. When I'm hot, sweaty after a hot bath It's worse.
Hello everyone, I have notIced In the last few weeks my hANDs AND FEET have been ItchIng really bad, It last for maybe 10 mInutes at about 4 tImes a day. IlIght>noIlIght> IlIght>rashIlIght>, IlIght>noIlIght> bumps, IlIght>noIlIght> nothIng IlIght>ANDIlIght> most of all no money! Has anyone experIenced thIs same problem AND have an answer? It would be apprecIated.
HI, Of late, I am experIencIng IlIght>ItchyIlIght> IlIght>PALMsIlIght> IlIght>ANDIlIght> IlIght>ItchyIlIght> sole of the IlIght>FEETIlIght> every mornIng I wake up. It aggrevates Into paIn at the joInts of the fIngers when I dIp my hAND Into warm water whIle brushIng. I FEEL lIke always scratchIng my PALMs AND sole of the FEET.There are no vIsIlble rashes but just the Itchy AND paInIng FEELIng. SuggestIons would be apprecIated. Thanks.
So Im askIng thIs way. My IlIght>FEETIlIght> IlIght>ANDIlIght> hANDs are very IlIght>ItchyIlIght>. My skIn Is not dry. IlIght>NoIlIght> rashes. Havent started anythIng new. I have been takIng Benadryl,wIth no relIef. If any one has any suggestIons please help.I'm goIng crazy. I have a Drs. Appt. today so wIll see what they say. I wIll wrIte back so If anyone else gets thIs problem they wIll have a answer. Thank you.
Hello, From the symptoms It can be contact dermatItIs or eczema. Eczema Is a form of chronIc dermatItIs (rash).AllergIc reactIon Is one of the Important causes of eczema. AllergIc reactIon can occur to strong soaps, Solvents, chemIcals, certaIn foods, food addItIves, plants, metals, cosmetIcs, even urIne AND faeces of some anImals (dust mItes). The maInstay of management Is lIberal use of moIsturIzers after washIng wIth luke warm water. Soap should be used mInImally.
I went to the MD yesterday AND he just told me to try CortaId AND If It dIdn't get better In a few days, he would send me to the DermatologIst. IlIght>NoIlIght> blIsters, IlIght>noIlIght> raIsed marks, IlIght>noIlIght> scalIng. Just red marks IlIght>ANDIlIght> horrIble ItchIng. I shower every day AND lIve In clean condItIons. Any thoughts?
Thankyou so much for your questIon. There are IlIght>noIlIght> blIsters, or flaky skIn, IlIght>noIlIght> dryness IlIght>ANDIlIght> the IlIght>rashIlIght> looks lIke heatrash across my toes but on my hANDs the whole PALM Is red lIke scaldIng, but only when Itchy. If I submerge my hANDs In cold water, dry them AND hold them out Infront of me for 10 mInutes then the burnIng AND ItchIng subsIdes but leaves my skIn FEELIng tIght for a whIle. ThIs does not happen everyday, In fact It dIdnt happen at all yesterday, AND Is worse of an evenIng.
Well now I'm tryIng to wIthdraw from KlonopIn, another benzodIazepIne, AND I'vebeen on It sInce then - AND It Is also late October, very cold IlIght>ANDIlIght> dry. the heels of my IlIght>FEETIlIght> are IlIght>ItchyIlIght> agaIn at nIght, IlIght>ANDIlIght> sometImes the IlIght>PALMsIlIght> of my hANDs. Could thIs be wIthdrawal symptoms, or otherwIse neurologIcally related, or could It be somethIng else such as reactIon to the clImate changes?
I have been goIng to the HospItal In BrIstol, EnglAND for nearly two years wIth splIt IlIght>PALMsIlIght> of my hANDs IlIght>ANDIlIght> IlIght>FEETIlIght>. I also have eczema on my arms, back IlIght>ANDIlIght> head. Perhaps we should press "someone" or "some people" to act on our behalf to try to fInd a cure. I for one long for relIef AND to lIve normally. I, too, FEEL the embarrassment of workIng wIth raw hANDs lookIng lIke I never take any care of them. Good luck to all.
The spots have sInce gone away, mostly, they are stIll slIghtly vIsIble but not as pronounced. However, the PALM area In IntermIttently very IlIght>ItchyIlIght>. Also been havIng pIns IlIght>ANDIlIght> needles FEELIng In IlIght>FEETIlIght> a bIt too. Don't know If Its related but started notIcIng that as well. Strangely both the pIns FEELIng AND blotchy PALM are both on the left sIde. RIght sIde seems ok. Any Ideas?
Na - SerIously, I get It on AND off, but In addItIon to the FEELIng of somethIng crawled through my haIr, I get a serIous pInchIng, burnIng AND ItchIng on the InsIde of my arms on IlIght>ANDIlIght> off. I could rIp my skIn off It drIves me so crazy. There Is nothIng there, IlIght>noIlIght> spots, IlIght>noIlIght> bumps, nothIng. Can last days, or hours - It varIes so much. I would say sInce there Is nothIng there you can see eIther, It's more than lIkely parethesIas caused by the damage from your MS.
Ok so I have cluster headaches AND they started In the begInnIng of November well 3 days after my fIrst headache I started to get an Itchy rash on my chest AND arms AND they fInally went away just thIs last week but I also have a IlIght>rashIlIght> on the IlIght>PALMsIlIght> of my hANDs IlIght>ANDIlIght> soles of my IlIght>FEETIlIght> IlIght>ANDIlIght> a few on my genItal area now AND I'm scared anyone know what It could possIbly be? I have been usIng hydrocortIsone cream daIly 3 tImes a day AND It's startIng to dIsappear.
I am havIng thIs IlIght>rashIlIght>, IlIght>ANDIlIght> It Is all over my body besIdes prIvate parts, hANDs, IlIght>PALMsIlIght>, FEET, there Is however a lIttle of It on my face. The rash looks kInd of lIke rIng worm but It most deffInatly Is not, they are lIttle red cIrcles from half an Inch to an Inch wIde mIxed wIth lIttle red "bug bIte" dots ....they Itch very badly but there are no other symptoms at all...
She has not shown sIghns of the rash or blIsters anywhere else on her body other than the PALMs of her IlIght>FEETIlIght> IlIght>ANDIlIght> now on the IlIght>PALMsIlIght> of her hANDs. She has not had a feavor or sore throught or any other symptoms. No one else In the famIly has gotten thIs AND we have been scratchIng It for her AND cleanIng It AND puttIng medIcaIon on It so I assume that It Is not contagIous. Any Ideas you may have on what It mIght be or how to cure It would be greatly apprIcaIted. Her dIet has not changed eIther.
After three trIps to the dr., two steroId shots, a prednIzone pack, varIous creams AND lotIons, AND days of scratchIng, I'm at my wIt's end AND have no answers AND I'm stIll scratchIng. I've been through all the questIons....have I changed anythIng, eaten anythIng unusual, etc....AND the answer Is "NO." I'm losIng sleep because of the scratchIng of a rash AND of an Itch on the PALMs of my hANDs AND the soles of my FEET.
It started on the nape of my neck - whIch I thought was caused by haIr dye, then after the glue got on my fIngers, a rash went all over the PALMs of my hANDs AND then I dIscovered the Itch at the top crease of my bottom. The IlIght>PALMsIlIght> of my hANDs are really red - IlIght>ItchyIlIght> IlIght>ANDIlIght> cracked IlIght>ANDIlIght> wIll even bleed. I have used cortIsone crms - had a blood test AND RAST allergy test - AND yet no sIgns of anythIng as yet. I have done a skIn scrapIng AND I am goIng to the Dr AGAIN today to see what that result Is!
I am experIencIng a sImIlar Issue. I notIced a IlIght>rashIlIght> breakIng out on my hAND yesterday, It stIngs a bIt IlIght>ANDIlIght> Is very IlIght>ItchyIlIght>, there are now dark blue almost black bruIses wIthIn thIs rash AND my hAND Is swellIng. It Is so weIrd, I work In a hospItal AND nobody had any Idea as to what It was.
The skIn wasnt peelIng but had the look of extreme dryness (as the patches looked wrInkled). Now the condItIon has spread to cover underneath her entIre IlIght>FEETIlIght> IlIght>ANDIlIght> on the IlIght>PALMsIlIght> of both hANDs? She doesnt seem to be Itchy or dIstubed by them. I have trIed numerous dermatologIst recommended moIsturIsers wIth no results. could thIs be a reactIon to foods?
Does anyone have a naIl Issue also? After I got thIs Itch problem my fIngernaIls got Infected AND 4 doctors I have been to don't know what It Is or how to treat It.
About 9 weeks later I developed a red, non IlIght>ItchyIlIght>, smooth, flat IlIght>rashIlIght> on my IlIght>PALMsIlIght> IlIght>ANDIlIght> the sIde of my IlIght>FEETIlIght> but not the soles. I went to my prImary physIcIan who ImmedIately suspected syphIlIs. ThIs was based on lookIng at the rash although she dIdn't ask any detaIls about what I had done sexually. She tested me AND whIle awaItIng the results she had me treated wIth the penIcIlIn shots In each butt cheek. Then the test came back non-reactIve.
You know I have the same problem IlIght>ANDIlIght> I dIdn't have a name for thIs ItchIng IlIght>ANDIlIght> burnIng In my hANDs IlIght>ANDIlIght> IlIght>FEETIlIght>, untIl I read your letter. Please If you fInd any help please post AND I wIll do the same. It least I have somewhere to start now.
(I take HydroxyzIne 50 mg every 6 hours IlIght>ANDIlIght> It keeps my IlIght>rashIlIght> IlIght>ANDIlIght> ItchIng at bay.) (Over the counter antIhIstamInes IlIght>ANDIlIght> creams are not goIng to work for a severe rash. They are a waste of money.) The three prescrIptIons I used/use are HydroxyzIne 50 mg every 6 hours, fluocInonIde oIntment topIcally, clobetesol solutIon topIcally. My rash dId not get under control untIl I was on the HydroxyzIne. Here Is a lInk to a page that shows you photos AND management of an IncIvek rash: http://www.
I am becomIng IncreasIngly IlIght>ItchyIlIght> In the last week...but IlIght>noIlIght> rIba IlIght>rashIlIght> (only In 4th wk). I am very tIred In the last week also sInce my hgb Is droppIng. WIll I get the rash? I have even been out In the sun at work stIll no rash. Maybe beIng darker complected keeps me from gettIng the rash? Only 7 more days tIll I can quIt my job....wonder If I'll make It?
Interested to read your post I have also just started to get an IlIght>ItchyIlIght> 'burnIng' Itch on my IlIght>PALMsIlIght> IlIght>ANDIlIght> IlIght>FEETIlIght>, IlIght>ANDIlIght> I have also been pregnant recently (lIke yourself I also had a mIscarrIageAND ItchIng remaIns). Co-IncIdence? I have no useful tIps unfortunately I was onlIne lookIng for help myself!
WIthIn a day or two the rash spread to my IlIght>PALMsIlIght> IlIght>ANDIlIght> my IlIght>FEETIlIght>, IlIght>ANDIlIght> It was very IlIght>ItchyIlIght>, almost burnIng. I began to FEEL very Ill In myself, constant headache, dIzzIness, depressed, FEELIng as If I was under water, AND so tIred I could hardly get out of bed, yet not able to sleep eIther. I saw a doctor, who confIrmed a urInary InfectIon, gave me antIbIotIcs, AND tested my thyroId levels, as I mentIoned I am now hypothyroId. The result was that my TSH was over 18 ( normal 0.35 - 3.
I've got an Itch under my skIn. Usually on the soles IlIght>ANDIlIght> brIdge of my IlIght>FEETIlIght>, on the IlIght>PALMsIlIght> of my left hAND, some of my fIngers, between my breasts, on my left nIpple only AND one spot on my head but Its always on the same places. It FEELs as though It gets Inflamed or worse when I scratch but the Itch doesn't go away. SkIn appears normal no rash whatsoever. Been lIke thIs for 3 days now. What could It be?
HI Get your blood sugar tested IlIght>ANDIlIght> thyroId functIon assessed If there are IlIght>noIlIght> sores, IlIght>noIlIght> redness etc on the IlIght>PALMsIlIght> IlIght>ANDIlIght> IlIght>FEETIlIght>. These two condItIons can cause Itchy PALMs AND soles. You can apply creams AND moIsturIzers wIth camphor In It. Also gettIng a regular pedIcure AND manIcure wIll help. Hope these tIps help. If symptoms persIst consult a skIn specIalIst. Take care!
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