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I recently became itchy on the base of my neck, i discovered what felt like bites, i ignored it and just kept on scratching, then my hips became itchy and upon a doctors visit i discovered i had scratched my hip so much it had become an open wound and it was starting on the other side, now it has gone from head (still itchy) but it is on my fore arms, my back, my knees, behind my knees, shoulders and my lower legs, the doctor i saw prescribed a steroid cream which has kind of helped with the itc
They only get red when I scratch, too. Typically they're showing up in places along my sides under the arm, behind my knees, and along my back; but the other day my upper lip swelled up with itchiness, too. Same thing, it was gone within an hour. Looked like I got punched, though. They also never seem to show up in the same place twice. I haven't made any changes to my detergents, and haven't stayed anywhere for any length of time to pick up bugs...
My husband had clear, itchy bumps around the time he was diagnosed with grave's disease. You may want to have your thyroid levels checked.
Hi there, I have been getting itchy red bumps on my knees for 5 months now. I saw a pharmacist and he said it looked like eczema. He gave me dom hydrocortisone cream and it disappeared but reappered after a month. This has been an ongoing problem! I now also have dome purplish red spots on thighs which are more noticeable after shaving and baths.Please offer some advice as I am quite worried! !
It appears on my neck, bend of elbows, behind knees, around armpits, and groin. The bumps are very very small, barely visible. About the same size as goosebumps. They are very very itchy. I take antihistamines, tried fungal medication(Lotriderm) and then 2% HC ointment but none works. What can this rash be?
By my elbows, above my knees, behind my armpits, my thighs.....It STINKS! So I can relate to what you're going thru......If you're in nice warm weather, it could be pregnancy, although I'm not really sure!
we just moved home 5 weeks and have been doing the garden but myself and kids now have red itchy swoolen spots behind our knees on our ankles and around our waists infact i am covered but as I am pregnant have onloy been using calamine lotion
, some days it's my back, or my neck and some days it's my knee or hip. But, then, again, it's the drugs doing it. I've had an itchy rashy elbow with the little bumps.., practically the whole treatment. I'm hoping it will disappear once the drugs are out of me. It's so hot here that doing the outside exercise for me, would literally make me feel sicker and it has. Just unloading my car from a recent trip-I felt like I was going to hurl.
I have itchy red bumps all over my back, my neck, behind my ears, going into my ears,on my face, in my hair and slowly appearing on my chest. It took one day for this spread. I don't know what it is and my doctor doesn't either. HELP!
I have these very itchy red bumps that began on my feet (after I took my shoes off) and now it is just from my ankles up to my knees, but when I scratch them they seem to pop and a clear liquid comes out and then it becomes raw when before I thought they were bug bites, my boyfriend is perfectly fine and has nothing of the sort (maybe cause they are hairy?
also there is a bump on the edge of my penis head that had peeled and gone away for a few days and re-appeared in the exact same spot which seems to have formed as a bump/scar(not as itchy)... ...i have very itchy bumps on my inner thighs and butt cheeks that seem to be getting worse. I also notice very very very very small blister type bumps on my fingers that i have popped and released some sort of fluid.. the bumps on my penis/butt/thighs do not seem to have any fluid in them..
it's sort of an itchy, red, dry patch of skin behind my knees, on my back and on other parts of my arms. those don't really bother me so much, but i'm particularly concerned about what's going on down south, as i recently started seeing someone. anyone have any ideas? thank you so much...
Today ~1 week later the bumps have multiplied and are now on my shoulders and behind my knees. What the hell is this stuff? It itches like crazy and is grossing me out. I'm 24 year old, fair skined Female and live in AZ. Is there a small pox virus going around or something we don't know about? Please help me also.
Three days ago, I noticed an few itchy pimple bumps around my knees. I tried to avoid scratching and moisturized as normal. The next day, the bumps had spread up and down my legs, both sides, more concentrated on my shins than thighs. The bumps were now a mixture of itchy red pimples and small swellings, slightly lighter in color. Yesterday the bumps had spread to my forearms.
Hello. Well, I have been getting tiny red bumps on my fingers, arms, feet, behind the knees, chest, torso, hips and groin area and upper and lower back. I first started getting these 4 days ago, and were unbareably itchy. I was wondering firstly what they are, and secondly how I deal with them. Thank you, Melissa.
it's also in my armpits now, behind my knees, on my arms on the opposite side of my elbow, my ankles. i'm starting to think it's reaching my neck; but i can't confirm that for sure. all i can do is itch anymore, i need it to stop; i rub anti-itch cream on it, but that doesnt work.
It seems as though I get them the first few times I go out in the sun, with or without sunblock. The bumps come up on my forearms, back of my hands, crook of my elbow, behind my knees an down to my ankles for the most part. I have shown them to my doctor and he just told me to use a hydrocortisone creme on them, but never told my what they were or why I get them. Now my kids are getting them too. It seems I get them behind my knees when I am sweating. What is this???
I am 18 weeks and so itchy behind my knees, breasts, and underarms mostly but a little bit all over too is this normal?
Hello- Recently I developed these little bumps on my body that are incredibly itchy. The first one I noticed was on my wrist and it looked like a little bug bite. I got this when I was on vacation in Maui and I thought it was just a bug bite because it was itchy. When I came home I started to get these bumps on the top and inside of my thighs. They have been so itchy that it keeps me up at night and I can't sleep.
I sense relief then the symptoms return. Most days I can hear but am constantly aware that my ears are itchy. The challenge is to not itch. If I itch, I usually get flaky stuff that I literally can lift off my inner ear.If I itch too much it becomes wet and begins draining a wet clear fluid. Then at night, whatever side I lay on clogs shut. In the morning there is thick crusty crud that again I try not to pick at. Im obviously in continual circle of symptoms here.
all itchy arm sufferers....please look into brachioradial pruritus. My arms, and only my arms, have itched for 10 years. no rashes, no psiorias, excema etc. The creams, allergery list is extensive as to what I have tried but nothing worked. ---------------The only thing that helps are ice packs.
For the last 20 years I have gotten small red bumps on the sides of my fingers. They don't blister. They start out as one or two and then I might get a few more and they seem to cluster up on only the sides of my fingers. They are not itchy but they are sore to the touch when you run your finger over them. It feels like you have a splinter. They are slightly raised and red in color. They will stay for varying lengths of time and then dry up and go away.
I have a kidney op scar and often get itchy bumps on it that last a while then go away. Mine mostly come up after Ive been drinking so it definately has something to do with the health of your body which makes sense that fighting a virus would cause this too, all depending on the organ. My surgeoun had no idea what it was and would also appreciate some information? Some times I swear my kidney is trying to escape!
and he said it was cleared but just a couple weeks ago I noticed little white bumps on the lips of my vagina, they don't hurt.. But! sometimes, I do get itchy. I always have white bumps around my vagina but cant see them unless you rub because I am kind of chubby. I'm only 17.. I don't know what it is and I'm scared to go to the doctors.. ANYONE have suggestions or have similar bumps? I also got a odor, think it could be a Yeast infection? Someone PLEASE help.. Give me advice I'm scared.
If I get goose bumps then my legs just go nuts and feel prickly and tingly and itchy all at the same time - it is agony. * Red bumps clearly caused by hairs attempting to push through skin that shouldn't be in front of it. * Insane itching and irritation! * I'm currently holidaying in Far North Queensland so the temperatures here are between 25*C and 30*C (night and day) so I've been wearing shorts since I shaved.
For 4 months, I have suffered from a numb, itchy, and cold/burning right upper leg. It is also sensitive to the touch and I sometimes get stabbing pains in the same area. In June it started as a quarter size it has increased to my whole front leg. I do have an appt. for an MRI next week, but am very curious about this until I get a final diagnosis. The doctor I chose to go to did not offer much info...he thinks I may have a damaged nerve in my back.
5 months ago i started getting itchy around my genitals, and i started to scratch it, and it became even itchy. it also started to show up behind my knees, when ever i take a hot shower, it started to get itchy so i scratched it, and become a dark area behind my knees. i noticed it also get sweaty when i crouch, so my knees are constantly rubbing. fast foward to recent times.
Now I get these breakouts on my arms and it seems that everytime I'm around certain people I have a breakout. I tend to get one to two bumps/blisters at a time. They start off as tiny itchy prickly bumps and then they get bigger and begin to ooze clear fluid. They also leave dark spots on my skin. So my arms look like they have cigarette burns on them. This is so frustrating because no one can tell me what it is.
I saw red itchy bumps on both of my elbows. I couldn't afford to go to doctors so I went online and researched some of the things I could have. The three things I found that were very similar to my symptoms were scabies, psoriasis, and eczema. I am aware that all three of those are equally painful, I found out that scabies could spread and infect others too. I really hope it wasn't scabies and my mom gave me fluocinonide cream to apply on my elbow to reduce the itchness.
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