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I've heard your vagina can become irritated after u have begun taking birth control. Is this true? BC NY vagina has recently been extremely irritated and burning but I've only been on my very first packet of pills I haven't even first finished them.
I only have very bad vagina itching do you think this could still be a yeast infection?
i have had a culture for herpes done once last august because i had a cut in my vagina(not where the itching occurs) and that came back negative. does this sound anyting like herpes? i will also add my sexual history. 2 months before i had the cut in my vagina which was cultured...i had brief genital contact with someone who says he does not have herpes and he has been tested.
i have itching in my vagina, what can cause it, it is a symptom of sexual transmitted disease or vagina bacteria, yeast. pls am confused i need an answer quick cos its really painful.
I am 15 years old, and for the past two or three days, my vagina has been itching severely. There is no discharge (I don't think) so I don't think it is a yeast infection. I am not sexually active, so it's not an STI. I can't take it-- it itches so badly. I used some Pinkxav because I thought it was some sort of irritant or rash, but it is not working/helping. I haven't told my mom, because I thought it would just go away; but I really don't know what to do now because it is unbearable.
Sir, I am 22years old. My vagina starts itching and swallowing immediately when i wash after urinating with water and toilette soap. It becomes more after periods.
anytime i am aroused i get a deep itching feeling inside my vagina. my ex boyfriend used to experience itching after having intercourse with me. my new guy has not complain of such though. but the thing is i only feel the itch when i am aroused and i bleed after sex either through intercourse or masturbation i dont insert my fingers when masturbating. please is something wrong with me? is it normal?
Hello, i am 4weeks 5 days pregnant but my vagina started itching. does any of u have your vagina itching or does someone already experienced that? Is it normal? What can i do to help?
i had sex like a week ago and my vagina is slightly sore but its red and itches alot and burns and i dont know what this might be i cant quit scratching at it and im worried that it might be a std i have medicade and i can go to the doctor i was just wonderig if anyone knew what this might be
my vagina and clitoris is itching like crazy what can i do to prevent it i need help quick
Is anyone else experience itching in the vagina area??......
Two days after i started with an itching in my vagina. What you think it could be? I also wanted to hurry go and take an HIV test you think its possible to get an accurate results. Please Help me.
tmi. but i have itchy feeling in my vagina area. i dont know if its something i need to worry about. my last doc appointment said i have a trace of kidney stones so wondering if the itching burning feeling has to do with the kidney stones.
i have itching problem down below and it doesnt look right inside i dont know maybe its because i have 4 kids and i have been only with 1 man in my life and thats my husband i never had sex with anyone else
My inner vagina is itching softly,i have cleaned it and dryed it twice,and it is still itching,yesterday is the last time i had sex.
Thick, white discharge is common at the beginning and end of your cycle. Normal white discharge is not accompanied by itching. If itching is present, thick white discharge can indicate a yeast infection. I suggest you go to a gynecologist and get your doubts clarified. Do keep me posted. Best luck and regards!
I have been noticing a lot of itching and a little soreness on the outer vagina.
Hi my vagina is itching inside and outside ,I scratched it and it hurts me, And I felt aroused... Is that a sign of looking for a sex because I'm still a virgin?or whatever it caused?
Are u sexually active? Had unprotected sex? Any itching or burning? U could have an STD. Go get checked.
excessive discharge, changes in discharge color and odor, itching, irritation, soreness or burning sensation of vagina and vulva. If you have an abnormal vaginal discharge then there will be an increase in the amount and thickness of discharge, white and clumpy (like cottage cheese), grayish, greenish, yellowish, or blood-tinged discharge, mucus and pus mixed in with discharge or frothy smell. Does this discharge have a smell to it and/or causing any itching/burning?
Hi Doctor, I started my period on Wednesday and since then i have been having feeling really itchy in the vagina area. I thought it might be a yeast infection, but now its sunday and i am pretty much done with my period and i still have an itching problem. I read somewhere before that the period will kill the yeast infection. I haven't contacted my doctor, since its sunday and the office is closed. Should i get monistat to see if it will clear up through that?
My 5 year old daughter has a itch on her vagina lips she has no discharge or odor it slightly red is there anything i can give her over the counter to relieve the itch? or should i just take her to her doctor??
I have this itching but outside my vagina.. I took so many different type of yeast infection meds but it always comes back.. I got no discharge, no scent , just itching.. Can someone tell me what I can do ? I am presently on probiotics..If there is a home remedy , I am willing to try it.
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