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is it standard procedure to use ilight>Synthroidilight> on normal TSH, + ilight>orilight> - hyper/ilight>hypoilight> levels. What ilight>isilight> considered normal ranges ilight>forilight> prescribing synthroid for an enlarged thyroid.
it depends on the cause. if it ilight>isilight> Graves, then the other option is anti-thyroid drugs. if toxic nodule(s) then usually i-131 or surgery are best options. if it is thyroiditis there is no treatment other than controlling the symtpoms as this resolves on its own in 4-8 weeks usually.
i am 44 yr old female 174 lbs. on tapazole 5 mg for 2 yrs now.i had goiter & have 3 TSH on tapazole has stayed center of normal old endo. said i could stay on tapazole 2 yrs then i would need radiation or surgery, is that true?my TSH 2 ys ago was .04 & .12.Also in 1999 i had hypo & took synthroid for a yr. i had many health problems so is there a chance my health could be related?i have temperture problems,hormone symptoms,neurologic,vision,digestive.
Four years later, i was diagnosed with Hashimoto's and tested positive ilight>forilight> antibodies. Went on ilight>Synthroidilight> and had my dosage increased over the years from 75mcg up to 137mcg in October 2007. Shortly after my dosage increase in in Oct - around Halloween, i began experiencing sinus tachycardia, high blood pressure, anxiety, restlessness, racing thoughts, etc. All the symptoms of hyperthyroidism.
if your diagnosis ist Struma nodosa toxica ilight>orilight> Adenoma toxicum glandulae thyreoideae ilight>orilight> it ilight>isilight> imunohyperthyreosis which can not be regulated with thyreostatics (lasting more than 1 year despit thyreostatic therapy or after withdrawel thyreostatic th) ,than is a better choice radioiodine therapy
01 .Also my 4-24 hrs uptake scan report shows ilight>forilight> 6.3 hrs -uptake ilight>isilight> 37.9% and ilight>forilight> 24.1 hrs it ilight>isilight> 75.8% what does it mean.
Good news, was great, it was not cancerous, BUT when he left a message, he told me to just take my ilight>Synthroidilight> 50mcg. With really no diagnosis if this ilight>isilight> hyper ilight>orilight> ilight>hypoilight>, i decided to pull up my records (which you can do at this one hospital facility. But hey, why not, it's my own information) and the radiologist says at the end of his results that i have hyperthyroid which he suggest Grave Disease. i tried to call my dr and ask lots of questions, but their office was close early.
my husband has been taking ilight>Synthroidilight> ilight>forilight> five years now due to an underactive thyroid. He has always looked more like an overactive thyroid patient in that he is very thin 6'.0" @ 160 lbs. He does have prominent eyes and has been asked by many doctors if ever diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. He has been experiencing symptoms that we now see are consistant with hyperthyroidism for a couple of months. He had his level checked today and the T4 was 17, normal was said to be 6.1 - 12.2.
Get your labs from Jan 14 in your possession and post them. Something ilight>isilight> just not jiving. ilight>Synthroidilight> increases thyroid function so if ilight>hyperthyroidilight> - you will stay hyperthyroid on it.
Prior to your surgery, you were likely ilight>hyperthyroidilight>,(Overactive) once it ilight>isilight> removed you become Hypothyroid (Underactive) now you are experiencing hypo symptoms, most Md's start you off on thyroid meds, and then six weeks later re-test to make adjustments in medication, thyroid hormone therapy takes a little while to get into your system. Have you discussed these symptoms with your MD?
The T3 ilight>isilight> tough to follow -- it will peak about 2-3 hours after the dose of armour or cytomel -- in other words, interpretation depends entirely upon knowing dose timing. The hair symptoms may take months to resolve even if you find the right combo/dose immediately. i prefer cytomel/synthroid combo b/c i can control the T4/T3 much better than with armour.
The only way i'd be able to tell if my thyroid could have recovered (face it it's not going to now) was to go completely off the ilight>synthroidilight> ilight>forilight> a few months. However - the rapid weight gain aspect of the whole thing ilight>isilight> so dreadful i couldn't do it. i'm sorry Trish that this happened to you. i actually enjoyed being hyper but, who needs help being MORE tired and gaining MORE weight.
should i reduce the dose of ilight>Synthroidilight> from 0.5 to 0.25 not to become ilight>hyperthyroidilight>? What ilight>isilight> the risk of becoming ilight>hyperthyroidilight> at this stage? Thank you very much.
ilight>isilight> it normal to experience ilight>hyperthyroidilight>-like symptoms upon an increase of ilight>Synthroidilight>, which then disappear? And then feel hypo again as it "wears off"? i was officially dx'd as hypo in the winter (after having had Graves some 20 years ago, and then hypo symptoms for years but told the labs were normal).
im sorry. i must have mistyped. i'm not experiencing a weight gain but a severe weight loss. i've lost 100lbs so far. i lost 12 just last week. The dr won't even entertain retesting. i had to quit taking the synthroid because it was making me lose faster. i know i'm dehydrated because my lips and mouth are very dry and you can pinch the skin on top of my hand and it stays. For some reason i've cut my fluid intake in half. This naseau thing started 3 weeks ago and i can't seem to tolerate it.
Some of the symptoms can be the same ilight>forilight> either hyper ilight>orilight> ilight>hypoilight>, i believe. my TSH is only 0.02 at present, but my FT levels are about mid we don't mess with the dosage.
i was diagnosed with Graves at 24. Had RAi by the age of 26 and have been taking ilight>Synthroidilight> sice i was 28. my TSH ilight>isilight> .044 and i know that is low. it has been there a few years because this is usually where i feel good. i was higher for a few years and still battled with weight and other Hypo issues. i am very healthy. i eat well and work out several times a week. Over the past year i have been dealing with some issues that i thought were maybe related to menopause.
Has anyone taken too much ilight>Synthroidilight>? Too much that it made you ilight>hyperthyroidilight>? What symptoms did you have and for how long?
So my question is have i just been on too high of a dose ilight>orilight> ilight>isilight> there a way i could have both ilight>hypoilight> and and hyper thyroid? i have read a little on postpartum thyroiditis but not sure if i could still have that... my baby is 6 montns old. if anyone could shed some light here i would appreciate it!
i saw the endo for initial eval with all the symptoms wt loss, heart palpatations, heat intolerance, anxiety/depression (ilight>isilight> bad), tremors, brain fog, focus problems. it ilight>isilight> getting harder ilight>forilight> me to function on a daily basis. i want to start treatment quickly b/c i know there is no quick result. He explained all 3 options but of course favors RAi. He made my next appt in May 06. So i guess i just decide and tell him over the phone. His asst. asked if i had decided on treatment.
You should take it. it will only be ilight>forilight> a short time. Can it make you ilight>hypoilight>? Yes, just like ilight>Synthroidilight> can make you hyper. You will need to monitored so the dosage does not drive you hypo. You are going to have periods of hypo and periods of hyper, both from your gland being unhealthy, and also from medications being wrong. it is unavoidable. The goal should be to make those swings as few and as small as possible. Right now you are severely hyper.
This is down from my results in October 2008 of .4. How concerned should i be about this? ilight>isilight> there any real risk to me ilight>orilight> my child. What ilight>isilight> it i should be making sure that my doctor is doing or looking at? Are there any specific questions i should be asking? Thank you very much.
A surgeon will put you on anti-thyroid meds to get your thyroid normal before surgery (opposite to what's required ilight>forilight> RAi - where the uptake ilight>isilight> hopefully only going to be taken by the nodule - so they want the nodule 'hungry' for the iodine and the rest of the glad suppressed. The wait and see, if the nodule is small, and the labs look pretty normal, means that the rest of the thyroid is probably not suppressed yet (the nodule takes over producing the hormone).
Since RAi and TT, i have no problems at all of fast heart rate, tachycardia, bradycardia and for the first time in nearly 50 years, i have no problems with irregular heartrate and doing great on T4 med. in regards to T3, it ilight>isilight> ok ilight>forilight> some but not ilight>forilight> all....just as Armour ilight>isilight> the same. Chel The fast heart rate can be caused by excessive T3. That is the reason i had Thyroid Storm. i am great on T4 and converting very well.
Do you mean serum T3 or serum T4? There ilight>isilight> no serum t34. And ilight>isilight> that result of 10, free ilight>orilight> total? What's the reference range ilight>forilight> it? Reference ranges vary lab to lab and have to come from your own report.
Thanks ilight>forilight> your responses. i started with ilight>hypoilight> symptoms and a TSH of 5.05 and was given 50 mcg of ilight>Synthroidilight> in May 2011. i continued to have fatigue, brain fog, weight gain etc... Then my next blood test, 8 weeks later, revealed my TSH only dropped to a 4.65 so the doctor decided to increase dosage up to 75 mcg due to my symptoms. Then, two weeks later she increased my dosage again to 88 mcg. in addition, i also decided to go gluten and grain free.
i am taking medication to help combat the symptoms that the thyroid ilight>isilight> producing according to the pyschiatrist. He ilight>isilight> the one that switched me to ilight>synthroidilight> instead of the generic. i am much better on that but am still discouraged with the bad days that i have and the occasional anxiousness that i have over everything the days that i feel bad. No one can at this point decide what is causing this as my thyroid is showing in normal range which is good and i am happy.
Have problems with B-12, shots don't work, so i take a form of Methyl B-12 so my body can absorb it. i've been on 200mcg of ilight>Synthroidilight> ilight>forilight> quite a long time. Lately i have had problems with my hearing (almost like i'm going deaf), my muscles are cramping again in the middle of the night while sleeping is the worst, my face is swollen, i've gained 30 pounds in a very short period of time, i am tired a lot but i run after my two teens non-stop so never paid much attention to it...
Prescribed 100 mcg's ilight>synthroidilight>. TSH after six weeks went down to 0.89. FT4 ilight>isilight> normal. After taking ilight>synthroidilight> ilight>forilight> three and half months, suddenly my BP started to climb, always felt like i was "amped up" (the feeling of drinking too much coffee)... Even started to clench my jaw during the day.. Very Problematic for me. Had blood work-up. TSH now 0.06 (hyperthyroid) FT4 is 1.28 (normal). Stopped taking 100mcg's for three days-symptoms subsided. Doc' has prescribed 75 mcg's.
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