Is metaxalone narcotic

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I have refused narcotic pain killers and only take metaxalone, an anti-inflammatory - which helps a little bit but doesn't stop the overall swelling and pain. Can someone help me; lead me in the right direction to find out what is going on with my neck and get a solution for my trapezius.? THE ACCIDEDNT: Oct. 4, 2011 in car accident. Vehicle hit on passenger front where I was sitting. Car went up in air, bounced off vehicle in other lane, landed, bounced and landed again.
Xanax is a pregnancy category D meaning that it has very high potential for neurological effects on the baby- and the stage she is in now (the first trimester) is when the brainstem is developing... I would/did quit ct if at all possible. Most definately, you should talk to your OB, since none of us on here are an OB doctor!
and he prescribed Zyrtec and told me to use Benedryl cream. I have been taking the Zyrtec and using the cream, but it is not helping at all. My arm is itching pretty much all day, but it seems to get worse at night when I go to bed which is now causing me to lose sleep. I have been feeling stressed for the last six to eight months and I'm pretty sure the itching is due to that, but why did it just come on out of the blue and what can I do to make it go away.
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