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The nail was outside and it may have been rusty. The people I was with at that moment told me that I can get an infection or that possibly someone with a blood disease ( like Hepatitis or HIV) could have stepped on that same nail before I did. I've been so paranoid of the different possibilities since I've stepped on that nail.
ok here is my story, last sunday, today is friday, i stepped on a nail. the nail was rusty and dirty and i was wearing my running shoes. the nail got in about an inch. the wound bleed alot the first hour then it gradually stopped. it is not bleeding now and i think it has heal, it feels crusted. there are no signs of infection locally, the wound has heal, swelling is minor ( i can only tell foot is swelled when i wear shoes, the injured foot shoe feels more tight) and there is no pain.
The ESR and CRP are just showing inflammation and that it is higher than before. So it is either from infection or from the lung problem. The Calcium oxalate can cause kidney stones so you need to talk to the doctor about that. Drink a lot more water. 8 glasses of water and other fluids combined a day. Yes if the doctor is saying you have a sinus infection and you don't feel well plus do you have a fever? If you have a fever you should take the antibiotic.
and with my luck, I was running and punctured my foot on a rusty nail. The nail pierced my shoe and punctured the skin pretty deep. The island we were camping on was not accessible by vehicle and at least an hour canoe ride from the main shore, so we just disinfected it with Povidone-iodine and set a sterile bandage.
Well there was a nail (old, long and rusty because that's my luck) that I didn't see and it happened to scratch me. It wasn't anything painful and it didn't even bleed or anything. In fact, it was through my shirt and didn't seem to have cut the shirt any so I didn't think much of it. Well that was about 5 days ago, since then I noticed my jaw felt really tense (which I also didn't think much about) but this morning my neck happened to be really stiff and painful.
In addition, a tetanus shot is good for 10 years, provided you do not come into contact with something such as a rusty nail or other metal object that cuts or punctures the skin. In that case, the shot needs to administered again it if happens within 3-5 years of the last shot. So if you cannot remember when it was, you need another shot. Again, it is perfectly safe and can be life saving.
Working @ home today I stepped on a rusty nail. Through my work boot and into my foot, enough to make my sock red with blood. I don't remember how long ago I had received a shot for this kind of injury. With the tx i'm on I didn't think it's an issue. I'm going to call the Dr. on Monday, just wondering if this could become a problem. Thanks.......
As of right now the biggest problem is one of his back claws is bleeding from the nail bed, the other claws seem to be healing up, slowly but surely. My biggest problem is I feel he may be biting on the nail trying to pull it out. I hate to see him like this, and I really don't know what to do.
but it hurts sooooo freaking bad!!! its like someone jammed a rusty nail in the head of my penis and it hasnt gone away for at least 7 weeks. how can anything that hurts this bad and be visibly noticeable not be something bad? im scared and it hurts so bad all the time that i can never stop thinking about it im a depressed mess and i dont have my next appointment till next tuesday with the urologist. god this *****...
Hello, I need a fast answer please, last night i went out with a girl and on the way back she cut herself on a rusty nail on a bench. we then went home together put a banaid on her hand which had a big bleeding abrasion. later we had sex with condom and she gave me a handjob.I didn't think about this anymore.but when i came home two hours ago i saw that the top of my penis and under the foreskin was full of blood approximately a total area of half square inch.
I don't know what to do i thought it was an infection of the epidytimis that was causing the sperm to be like that. That would also explain the blockage that i feel. I went to the doctor a few months back because my testicles felt a little tender not swollen or anything just tender and he examined everything and concluded nothing was wrong. I then went to a urologist and he too sided everything seemed normal. I went to get tested for all stds and i was negative on everything.
My EF is 50 though. The cath report also says I have course sounds coming from my right lung, which I read helps in the diagnosis of DHF. I am trying to schedule evaluation for MID-CAB bypass surgery, and the actual surgery all in one trip, at the Cleveland Clinic today. They are doing me a favor :) I have been contacting many hospitals and cardio offices in Alabamy to forward my records to the bone collector...Thank G-D for a fax mochine. My Lad is plum rotton.
They've ruled out all the big stuff like underlying infection, Lymes, lupus, MS, Sjogren's, thyroid issues, cancer, etc. At this point, some of the symptoms that have not been explained are the significantly blurry vision, yellowing of the skin in small areas, low-grade fevers, what's causing the arthritis, numbness, and so on.
cellulitis as a child stepped on rusty nail; broken front tooth abscessed as a child, chronic UTI, mono, chronic sinus infection, had pink eye inside my eyeball once, had a tubal pregnancy rupture and the surgeon told my "you insides are all stuck together, never seen that before" - he friggen retired a week later - had a wisdom tooth pulled - it was connected to the molar next to it - I woke up from anesthesia to hear the dentist telling his assistant "40 years of dentistry and
My anus also has not prolapsed If I really did severe damage to myself, the pain would be extreme right, and if Gastrointestinal perforation was the case by 7 days wouldn't i be suffering from sepsis? (infection of the blood stream i think) The only reason i'm second guessing this is I remember there are some internal injuries that are fatal but they leave little symptoms... like internal bleeding inside the brain.
Thanks, I appreciate your intensive knowledge of these variously different test ur speaking of,however I have done some research myself,and discovered in part I agree with what ur saying. FM is infact brought on as a result of some type of bacterial infection,& also been known to have set up "house" within ur body,& harbored from what could be classified as PTSD,which generally is often a very common trigger of FM.
I also wanted to say, that just because you have a past infection with herpes doesn't mean it is genital herpes. It could be just from a cold sore. That is why it would be good to get it typed to see if that is what is causing your problem or if it is genital warts or something else. It does sound like you could have BV. Hope you are doing ok.
I had my first child 6months ago and I had a terrible flare up 1 day after coming home from the hospital from giving her a bath because of the frangrances in the Johnson & Johnson baby wash. It was terrible and I couldnt even hold my newborn baby. My hands were so incredibly blistered and swollen. My blisters only last for about a week before they start drying out and turning into thick yellowish itchy skin that peels so that the new skin comes in. The flare ups can also be stress related.
Headaches come and go, and I've been experiencing mild dizziness from time to time. I have also had a fever of about 101 that never seems to exceed that, but comes and goes as well. My PCP asked about the eyebrow piercing on the right side of my face and I informed her it was made of titanium. She then concluded that it's probably not the issue (being that I hadn't had any issues with infection at the site of the piercing).
Anyway, i'm now back obviously and the picking started in that year and a half, when i came down with some bacterial infection on my face, i forget the term, but it was from working for the slimeball who ran the half way house i was staying at, he would pay us **** to go and help him renovate new halfway houses he was building in the greater Dallas TX area.
(in all non sexual ways) hehe you need anything at all, a sleep, a massage, a pedi or mani, its done AND the most bestest thing of all, RSDSSBD flies off it from every crack, crease and crevis a train could have. the entire inside is glistening from RSDSSBD and there are containers of it all over the train so you can toss it out the windows as it rolls up to its next stop!! and all the dust is so many colors its a site to be seen!!!!
Diffuse Chronic Mucocutaneous Candidiasis, but without any obvious physical manifestation except for minor rashes and itchiness. I had Seborrehic Dermatitis for about as long as i've had PATM. By cutting out dairy and refined sugar, the SD has all but disappeared. Hopefully the PATM will soon follow. I doubt the anti-candida products taken orally will help fight the skin variety. By the way, candidia can cause dermatitis anywhere on the body.
I suffer from the same condition. First time it happened, I thought I had received a spider bite. I went to the doctor, my finger was swollen, blue and painful. The doctor said it happens with age as the vessels begin to thin. I have searched this condition, and it may not apply to anyone here by try looking up Raynaud's Phenomenon. The condition somewhat describes me and some of you. It is causes by certain medications, arthritis and usually brought on by cold or stress.
I have gone down hill in the past week. My autonomic NS has been acting up also. I go from constipation to diarrhea on and off. I am trying to get in to a new neurologist at Mass General Hospital. They said hopefully before Christmas. I hope to not get any more weak before then. I did go to a neurologist last Friday who said I have polyneuropathy. I have started to go much further down hill though. I have read all the posts here and feel for all of you.
If the pain lasted even a min. I feel like I would just pass out and die from the pain. Honestly, it's worst than labor pains. I never know when it's going to occur. And when it does happend, I have to be standing to get through it, I can't be sitting. I've also noticed that after the pain passes I'm out of breath and dizzy. What is going on? What should I be tested for? Also, I've had a stabbing pain on my right side of my stomach under my rig cage. It seems to move around the area.
----------------------- Recently,I had an x-ray to check if I had any nerve impingement in my cervical spine - one of the possible causes but nothing showed so I continue to search for answers. I did get confirmation of the brachioradial pruritus from a great dermatologist who has only seen 3 cases in his 15 years on the job. He did a biopsy that he sent to UC Davis for confirmation. The diagnosis was actually a relief as I have been told that it is so many other things.
i so wish i had found this sight BEFORE i started infertility treatments. i read a lot from articles... but i never looked much at forums. I think it would have been less emotional to be talking with those of you who have been thru it. i find out monday at the doctor.. but i'm still going to be taking a hpt everyday.
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