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And don't douche – douching can upset the normal balance of vaginal flora and increase your risk of a vaginal infection. What's more, doctors and midwives discourage douching during pregnancy because in rare cases it can introduce air into your circulatory system through the vagina, which can cause serious complications.
I am having an extremely increase on my vaginal discharge, its really clear like it could be snot it's pretty gross. Am I having an increase because im close to my due date or is it my mucous plug?
I am having an extremely increase on my vaginal discharge, its really clear like it could be snot it's pretty gross. Am I having an increase because im close to my due date or is it my mucous plug?
I am having an extremely increase on my vaginal discharge, its really clear like it could be snot it's pretty gross. Am I having an increase because im close to my due date or is it my mucous plug?
An increase in discharge is very normal during pregnancy, so I would just assume that is what it is. Intercourse can also kind of help bring down discharge that may be higher up in the cervix area.
My question is that the past week i havent had as much vaginal discharge as i did in the first trimester and it is more clear. Every where i read it says it should increase as your pregnancy progresses. Is this normal?
The white discharge is probably a vaginal infections such as yeast or bacterial. Frequent urination can be a sign of diabetis so you for sure have a blood check for that. Leakage is a very common thing for women expecially after childbirth or the increase of age. You can usually practice doing kiggles and that generally help in that area. Sounds like you need a good check up from you gyno.
I would say that if there is green discharge, you want to go to the doctor. Green discharge is almost always indicative of a bacterial infection. Vagifem should increase your discharge or make you more wet, but shouldn't change the color. It is not normal to have green discharge as a result of using Vagifem.
an increase in vaginal discharge is infact a symptom in pregnancy. good luck i hope all goes the way that you want it.
Yesterday and today I have had creamy white vaginal discharge, like what I use to have before ovulation! No itching or any other symptons. What is going on? Any need for concern? Thanks!
This is going to seem odd but what should normal vaginal discharge look like? I was treated for bacterial vaginosis but it came back and I was treated again. But I don't know if it's back yet again. I was treated twice and don't want to have to do it again the pills make me Ill. But anyways, the discharge I have is milky white discharge. No odor. But lotsof it. I can push it out onto my fingers. I am 40 days late for my period but blood work and ultra sounds say no to pregnancy.
Has it always been that color? Or did it recently change? Because when vaginal discharge changes color it is usually because of an underlying infection. Emotional stress, a tampon or foreign body left in the vagina, or ovulation. But to prevent excess discharge, keep your genital area, clean and dry, and do not 'douche' (washing the inside of the vagina with various solvents, such as vinegar, scented soaps etc.) As this can increase chances of infection.
They told me that the baby would be fine if she would to be born now, but that she is only 3lbs 14oz now...which scares me. I hope it is just nothing and just increase vaginal discharge. Thank-you so much for your response. thegife.
Yes increase in vaginal discharge is completely normal, its due to all the hormonal changes, your body will experience several different body changes during this pregnancy, try to google pregnancy symptoms so you can have an idea of some other ones you may expect
Sorry this was be tmi but today when I went pee I noticed there some like white liquid type stuff on my underwear so it freaked me out. Is that normal to have vaginal discharge at 18 wks 5days?
I have also had an increase in discharge below. I read that you get increased discharge during pregnancy due to the hormones. As long as you aren't itchy or having a burning sensation then it should be fine.
I am 36 years old. For the past month and half I have had increased vaginal discharge. It is white, moderate consistency and odorless. For all practical purposes, it appears to be normal, except that it is markedly increased more days than not. It additionally does not seem to follow any sort of pattern that correlates with my menstrual cycle. There is no pain. I have seen my doctor and been tested for STD's which were all negative. The vaginal culture was negative as well.
I am 28 wks pregnant and over the past day or two I have had a sudden decrease in vaginal discharge. Is this a warning sign or something I should be worried about? Any opinion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
This is normal pregnancy discharge - It will increase as you progress in your pregnancy -you will only need to worry if it goes yellow or green and starts to smell funny, this might mean you have an infection. You can use a liner if it becomes too much and you wnat to feel fresher.
and after i healed up i been having a build up of white thick discharge in my vaginal, that want go doctor say its some kind of linig i for got what does not run out it say in the smell fishy when i have sex.i have taken med but it want go away.what can i do hellllllp.
Hello, I have been experiencing an increase in vaginal discharge over the last several months and am pretty worried as to what it may point to. My STD and colposcopy have come back clean and my gyno said my cervix looks healthy. Except for what I know is a wart transmission from my boyfriend, who is no longer having visible symptoms of this. I just have a couple small on the edge of the upper lips and thats it.