Im pregnant when should i see a doctor

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Are you having unprotected sex? if so, then yes you could be pregnant. it might be a good idea to see your Dr about the discharge. they can also do a pregnancy test while you're there.
ilight>imilight> not sure if ilight>imilight> getting the flu or if ilight>iilight> ilight>shouldilight> ilight>seeilight> my ilight>doctorilight>...ilight>iilight> started feeling achy and getting headaches neck sore and my ears... this morning i woke up with a very sore throat. im currectly 21 weeks pregnant and have been taking tyneol when i feel really bad,, it just takes the edge off then comes right back.
ilight>iilight> would ilight>seeilight> ilight>ailight> doctor. there is nothing wrong with trying out a low dose of an antidepressant. After the birth of a child, especially the second, so much is going on inside. i know the feeling of not getting a break, you become a little resentful of having no freedom or choices. Remember, the kids will grow and become self-sufficient, this is not your position in life forever, although it seems that way. But why not see if something can help?
Hi , thank for your replay, ilight>iilight> have just read that if it is 10mm you ilight>shouldilight> ilight>seeilight> ilight>ailight> heartbeat. But ilight>iilight> havent and at 5 1/2 - 6 weeks shurely 10mm is to big? i know i had no intercource so why is the fotus so big?
ilight>iilight> just found out ilight>imilight> ilight>pregnantilight>. ilight>iilight> might be 4 weeks. ilight>whenilight> ilight>shouldilight> ilight>iilight> make the appointment to see the doctor ? Can i wait until im 8 weeks ?
We're r u from?!
i have gotten used to it.. ilight>whenilight> ilight>iilight> was ilight>pregnantilight>.. ilight>iilight> felt .. acted.. my body. was AWESOME. ilight>iilight> just dont get it anymore. why wont anyone ( a doctor here in arizona) just listen. for one moment. there is something goin on in my body. and i feel like i am losing this race. thankyoso much for the welcome!
i am also tender on my lower abdomen. ilight>shouldilight> ilight>iilight> go to the er? No ilight>doctorilight> can ilight>seeilight> me til next month.. ilight>imilight> scared to have another ultrasound where there is no heartbeat. Advice?
ilight>iilight> feel like.evrytime i.go ilight>seeilight> my ilight>doctorilight> all she does is take ilight>ailight> quick listen with the Doppler and say everything is OK i feel like she is rush to get on to the next.patient and anytime i call the office to ask a question she is never available maybe its.just me.not asking enough questions but.i.feel like i am just not getting the education and care that you should get from your doctor does anyone.
So i am trying to figure out when i can go to the doctor to start my prenantal care.... ? ilight>seeilight> ilight>iilight> knew ilight>iilight> was ilight>pregnantilight> with my first child because ilight>iilight> had just had ilight>ailight> miscarriage 3 months before and we were sure to be pregnant. But when i found out the health dept. turned me away and said something about my period i am not sure that was in April 2004. So i was wondering if anyone knew when i should schedule my appointment. i am taking prenatal vitamins and drinking plenty of water.
One of the miscarriages was ilight>ailight> missed miscarriage. ilight>imilight> currently ten weeks ilight>pregnantilight> and i've been cramping for ilight>ailight> few weeks. ilight>iilight> am also tender on my lower abdomen. should i go to the er? No doctor can see me til next month..
i have Never Missed a Period and now i'm 4 days late and i just started having a liltte cramping....
ilight>iilight> found ilight>ailight> ilight>doctorilight> as soon as ilight>iilight> found out ilight>iilight> was ilight>pregnantilight> .. which was 4 weeks 2days . they've known ever since. Some appointments we would repeat the same thing at alot of visits and he'll ask the same questions. So i'm about to be 12 weeks which is almost out of my 1st trimester, they still haven't given me my 1st trimester ultrasound. i look on this forum and see so many ladies knowing how their little ones are doing and how they're growing & my doctor hasn't looked at my stomach once!
You need a follow-up appointment with an OBGYN to find out what is going on. its possible that you had ilight>ailight> missed miscarriage. Do ilight>seeilight> an OBGYN (not ilight>ailight> family ilight>doctorilight> or ER doctor).
when is a good time to contact ilight>ailight> ilight>doctorilight>?? P.s. ilight>iilight> ask because with my daughter ilight>iilight> didn't find out ilight>iilight> was ilight>pregnantilight> until my 2nd trimester.
Not all women have sore boobs when they first get ilight>pregnantilight>. Looking for symptoms is not ilight>ailight> good way to tell if you're ilight>pregnantilight>, ilight>iilight> didn't have any ilight>ailight> month ago and i'm now 7 weeks pregnant, (no sore boobs, no morning sickness, nothing, just a missed period). if you've missed your period, take a hpt. Since you've already missed your period, there's a very good chance you are preg since that is the first accurate sign of pregnancy. Many women, when they think they might be preg.
i think maybe it may be all in my head because its all ilight>iilight> can think about. Could ilight>iilight> still be? Wouldnt ilight>ailight> test show positive by now? ilight>shouldilight> ilight>iilight> take another or call the doctor? All this uncertainty is killing me. my husband and i weren't planning to have another child for a long while. We have a 6 year old and a 10month old. it wouldn't be the end of the world if i was. i just want to know if i am or not! =) And if i am not why haven't i gotten my period yet?
my doctor wont see me until i am 7 weeks so not for another week and a half. ilight>iilight> know what you mean, ilight>iilight> just want to hear it from ilight>ailight> ilight>doctorilight> that ilight>iilight> AM ilight>pregnantilight>. So frustrating...
im not on about getting pregnant out of the blue, im in a stable relationship in my own place, engaged and my partner is 23 and he is ready for having a baby, i know its ilight>ailight> lot for ilight>ailight> 17 year old but if ilight>iilight> left it and in ilight>ailight> few years ilight>imilight> ready to have ilight>ailight> baby and ilight>iilight> get told i cant because of my PiD i will be devastated, iwouldnt know what to do.
i guess part of me still feels like im not really ilight>pregnantilight> lol ilight>iilight> felt the same ilight>whenilight> ilight>iilight> was ilight>pregnantilight> with my son. i'm sure the likelihood of 4 false positives is very unlikely huh?
Also said was positive for an antibody that may harm baby but not to worry. ilight>iilight> can't help but worry, ilight>iilight> had ilight>ailight> miscarriage over 10 years ago and just now got ilight>pregnantilight> again after years of trying. is not seeing baby or Heartbeat common at this stage?
i am nervous that everyone will treat me different ilight>whenilight> ilight>iilight> get ilight>pregnantilight> and think ilight>iilight> can't pull my own weight. ilight>iilight> need this job plus ilight>iilight> love what ilight>iilight> do. Best of luck to you!
im late on my period and ive been having bad nausea which i do know it could be due to other reasons . my question is ilight>whenilight> ilight>shouldilight> ilight>iilight> test. ilight>iilight> tested last week and it came out neg but ilight>iilight> think it could have been to early to tell. what do you ladies say?
But you really ilight>shouldilight> get it checked out by ilight>ailight> ilight>doctorilight> because it very well could be some less normal like ilight>ailight> yeast infection. Good luck to you!
im suppose to be starting soon and ilight>iilight> had cramp today for 5 minutes then ilight>whenilight> ilight>iilight> started eating ilight>iilight> felt fine. ilight>iilight> had some just ilight>ailight> little reddish , more brownish discharge but thats it. could it have been my uterus getting ready for the baby maybe ? i got really hot today and throw up in my mouth around 1 ? idk if you get symptoms during the day too , but yea HELP! tomorrow i will be one week prolly ? if i am ive had my nose bleed since monday or tuesday and today it did to.
i feel something there and i know my numbers are to small to see anything on an U/S but i am debating about going to the hospital and get checked out , at least i can get my numbers checked again, get my cervix checked to see if its closed and maybe they will see a cyst or something and ilight>iilight> might not freak out as much.. iDK..what do you think ilight>iilight> ilight>shouldilight> do? ilight>imilight> losing hope that this one will make it. with my history it is so hard to stay positive when my numbers dont go up..
17 suppose to take 10 but only took four because ilight>iilight> was scared that ilight>iilight> was ilight>pregnantilight> 4 days later ilight>iilight> start brown spotting for ilight>ailight> day then next day i got blow flow with little clots and lots of cramps same on the second day. Not my normal period was i have irregular and have gone so far of 194 days no period but i wasn't TTC. when i had the cramps they were more in my back and lower abdomen. Usually my period cramps are in my pelvic area my my legs and it only last one day.
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