Im pregnant when did i conceive

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i remember having sex late may but my period was due may 26th and usually ilight>imilight> on time. so anybody know?? ilight>iilight> also had sex middle of may so ilight>whenilight> ilight>didilight> ilight>iilight> get pregnant??
Hello everyone, ilight>iilight> am currently ilight>pregnantilight>. ilight>iilight> dont know how far along ilight>iilight> am. Everyone tells me to do the pregnancy calculator with lmp. my lmp was march 17th but i stopped using birthcontrol on march 21st. Does this change any of the dates when i conceived?
i took pregnancy tests in Feb after this and found out ilight>iilight> was ilight>pregnantilight>. ilight>Didilight> ilight>iilight> get ilight>pregnantilight> before my last period or after?
ilight>iilight> cheated on my boyfriend ilight>whenilight> ilight>iilight> was on my period may 5 and 6. But ilight>iilight> found out ilight>iilight> was preg and i am now 29 weeks. my due date is 2/12/12 which means i conceived on the 22 of may. im curious to no if the doctors could be calculating my due date wrong and if i could have gotten pregnant those two days because i told them my last menstrual began on the 2 or 3 of may?
ilight>iilight> want 2 find out wen ilight>iilight> fell ilight>pregnantilight>, but ilight>imilight> confused. my periods usually come in tha first wk of every month, i slept with my ex on nov 6 and when i had an ultasound saying i waz preg it waz counted from nov6, i cant remeber the exact date i got my period that wk, wether it waz a few days before or after i slept with him? ive been with my current partner for a yr nov an we have intercourse every nite. Could i be pregnant from tha date of nov 6th?
i'm desperate here. last time ilight>iilight> was ilight>pregnantilight> ilight>iilight> didn't get these symptoms till 12 days after ilight>iilight> conceived thats why ilight>imilight> so confused. my stomach is dragging with slight period like pains and my breasts are so tender. Thought if i conceived on the 8th it would be too early to feel like this.
meli, you clown. :) my guess would also be from the sex on the 10th, with a sperm that lasted a long time in your system and conception on the 14th. (Therefore, a girl.) if it's a matter of identifying paternity, these two choices are too close together to know for sure until a DNA test is done. Good luck!
ilight>iilight> want to find out ilight>whenilight> ilight>iilight> conceived ? ilight>imilight> 31 weeks and my due date is April 15th my last period was July 10th i went to the doctors August 1 and got back a negative pregnancy test i went back on September 12 and i took another one and it was postitive and was already 9 weeks and one day , why did the first one come up negative ?
ilight>imilight> 9 weeks pregant the doctor said ilight>iilight> was due may 4th ilight>whenilight> ilight>iilight> went for my first ultrasound i was 6 weeks 4 days.... but from my last period i would have been 7 weeks and 4 days then im just confused when i conceived my baby...
my point is that your body does its own individual thing and that you don't always ovulate on the 14th day of your cycle. ilight>iilight> know ilight>whenilight> ilight>iilight> ovulated because ilight>iilight> was charting cm and pains in a calendar. but best to go by june 3rd. it really is 10 months long but people generally go by trimester or weeks. i think its cause saying 10 months makes it seem like an eternity!
ilight>iilight> also think it's you exs baby because ilight>iilight> have the ilight>imilight> expecting app on my phone and ilight>iilight> put in you LMP and it said that you conceived on the.
ilight>imilight> really confused about ilight>whenilight> ilight>iilight> conceived ilight>iilight> have been seeing a guy for about 6 months and found out i was pregnant on the 8th Feb me and this guy had sex on the 6th,13th,,19th,24th Jan however on the 11th of janurary i had a one night stand that im not proud of and we used the pull out method...
ilight>imilight> 23 and ilight>imilight> confused. the last day ilight>iilight> had my period was august 17th. ilight>iilight> have my cycles 31-32 days long. Horrible to bring up but me and the new bf, broke up a week after we believe i conveived.. September 3rd we had sex and calculated the day i conceieved. i had sex with a friend (older ex) on the 17th.. thats the day i was expecting my period. so the bf is the father, correct? and can someone tell me what week i am?
i mean i have had all my other scans and my due date matched up perfect with my due date, and ilight>iilight> had my scan ilight>whenilight> ilight>iilight> was 32 weeks ilight>pregnantilight> ilight>iilight> was measuring 34 weeks and a couple of days so could this means anything?
is it possible ilight>iilight> got ilight>pregnantilight> during my period? or ilight>whenilight> ilight>didilight> ilight>iilight> ilight>conceiveilight>? ilight>iilight> had sex once .during my period which would be around the 8th if june. then with my partner continually after that .. who's most likely to be the father?
im unclear on this ilight>whenilight> do u ilight>conceiveilight> thing....ilight>iilight> too thought ilight>iilight> was farther along. my LMP was Oct 30 and ilight>iilight> was told yesterday im 5 wks6days? how is that? The sonogram lady said its what i measured. i guess its an imperfect science.
the sonogram says i'm due september 3..........ilight>imilight> confused... my LMP was on december 5 ilight>whenilight> ilight>didilight> ilight>iilight> concieved...? ilight>imilight> confused about the months/weeks a woman stays pregnant!!!! Please helppppppp!!
ilight>whenilight> ilight>didilight> ilight>iilight> ilight>conceiveilight> if ilight>iilight> am 11 weeks 5 days today, had d and c 8th January had no period either, played it unsafe on 17th January , had scan on 10th march baby 7wk 2 days are 1 day they changed it lol anyone know when i conceived ?
ilight>imilight> not going to bash you, b/c ilight>iilight> was 19 ilight>whenilight> ilight>iilight> got ilight>pregnantilight> and now ilight>iilight> am 20 with an 8 month old. ilight>iilight> love being a mom more than anything in the world but it is so hard. i am still in school, so money is tight. We dont get assistance from the government, and we work our butts off to give our son a wonderful life. i will be 21 in August, and i wont be going out drinking with my friends. i will have an 11 month old to take care of. Now dont get me wrong i LOVE my life, and my son.
im so confused on who's the father and ilight>whenilight> exactly ilight>didilight> ilight>iilight> ilight>conceiveilight>...PLZ HELP!!
my boobs are huge and they hurt, i have to pee alot ilight>iilight> ilight>didilight> have headachs ilight>imilight> hungry like a starving ant my pelvis area feels differ and hard. ilight>iilight> know ilight>imilight> pregnant but idk why the test aint showing up postive. ill wait till wed and see if it will show up by then...
hey girls i just woke up and feel sick its like burning sicky sort of feeling like intergestion, ilight>iilight> had this ilight>whenilight> ilight>iilight> was ilight>pregnantilight> 2years ago aswel ilight>imilight> surprised ilight>iilight> didnt pick up on it lol thanks everyone for being so kind! joyce i want an ultra sound too! its 7.20am im sitting here waiting to call the docs so i can get in coz i want to see if they can do one early lol how long would i usually wait to have one like how far along should i be? :D so happy!
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