Im pregnant when did i conceive

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Avatar f tn i remember having sex late may but my period was due may 26th and usually ilight>imilight> on time. So anybody know?? ilight>iilight> also had sex middle of may so ilight>whenilight> ilight>didilight> ilight>iilight> get pregnant??
Avatar f tn Hello everyone, ilight>iilight> am currently ilight>pregnantilight>. ilight>iilight> dont know how far along ilight>iilight> am. Everyone tells me to do the pregnancy calculator with lmp. My lmp was march 17th but i stopped using birthcontrol on march 21st. Does this change any of the dates when i conceived?
Avatar f tn The 19th i'm due march and ilight>iilight> ovulated around the 4th. And ilight>iilight> have irregular.
Avatar f tn i took pregnancy tests in Feb after this and found out ilight>iilight> was ilight>pregnantilight>. ilight>Didilight> ilight>iilight> get ilight>pregnantilight> before my last period or after?
Avatar f tn i had sex nov 20th unproptectd but he did not ejaculate in me then me in my boyfriend had sex nov 21st n he nutted n me n we had sex from thenbon so wen did i conceive which. one is more likely to be the father..????
Avatar m tn ilight>iilight> cheated on my boyfriend ilight>whenilight> ilight>iilight> was on my period may 5 and 6. But ilight>iilight> found out ilight>iilight> was preg and i am now 29 weeks. my due date is 2/12/12 which means i conceived on the 22 of may. im curious to no if the doctors could be calculating my due date wrong and if i could have gotten pregnant those two days because i told them my last menstrual began on the 2 or 3 of may?
Avatar f tn ilight>iilight> want 2 find out wen ilight>iilight> fell ilight>pregnantilight>, but ilight>imilight> confused. My periods usually come in tha first wk of every month, i slept with my ex on nov 6 and when i had an ultasound saying i waz preg it waz counted from nov6, i cant remeber the exact date i got my period that wk, wether it waz a few days before or after i slept with him? ive been with my current partner for a yr nov an we have intercourse every nite. Could i be pregnant from tha date of nov 6th?
Avatar f tn i'm desperate here. Last time ilight>iilight> was ilight>pregnantilight> ilight>iilight> didn't get these symptoms till 12 days after ilight>iilight> conceived thats why ilight>imilight> so confused. My stomach is dragging with slight period like pains and my breasts are so tender. Thought if i conceived on the 8th it would be too early to feel like this.
Avatar f tn meli, you clown. :) My guess would also be from the sex on the 10th, with a sperm that lasted a long time in your system and conception on the 14th. (Therefore, a girl.) if it's a matter of identifying paternity, these two choices are too close together to know for sure until a DNA test is done. Good luck!
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Avatar f tn ilight>iilight> want to find out ilight>whenilight> ilight>iilight> conceived ? ilight>imilight> 31 weeks and my due date is april 15th my last period was July 10th i went to the doctors August 1 and got back a negative pregnancy test i went back on September 12 and i took another one and it was postitive and was already 9 weeks and one day , why did the first one come up negative ?
Avatar f tn ilight>imilight> 9 weeks pregant the doctor said ilight>iilight> was due may 4th ilight>whenilight> ilight>iilight> went for my first ultrasound i was 6 weeks 4 days.... but from my last period i would have been 7 weeks and 4 days then im just confused when i conceived my baby...
Avatar f tn my point is that your body does its own individual thing and that you don't always ovulate on the 14th day of your cycle. ilight>iilight> know ilight>whenilight> ilight>iilight> ovulated because ilight>iilight> was charting cm and pains in a calendar. but best to go by june 3rd. it really is 10 months long but people generally go by trimester or weeks. i think its cause saying 10 months makes it seem like an eternity!
Avatar f tn ilight>iilight> also think it's you exs baby because ilight>iilight> have the ilight>imilight> expecting app on my phone and ilight>iilight> put in you LMP and it said that you conceived on the.
Avatar m tn But im not sure ilight>iilight> could have been spotting .ilight>iilight> asked the dr ilight>whenilight> does she think ilight>iilight> conceived. She stated ilight>iilight> must of conceived on Nov 11th. i didnt have sex on Nov 11. on Nov 2nd i had a one night stand but the person is saying he swears he used a condom. i was really intoxicated that night so i don't remember anything. im totally confused! The last two times i had sex prior to that was OCT 22 and before that oct 13 . Which this app i use shows that i was ovulating on the 13th .
Avatar f tn ilight>imilight> really confused about ilight>whenilight> ilight>iilight> conceived ilight>iilight> have been seeing a guy for about 6 months and found out i was pregnant on the 8th Feb me and this guy had sex on the 6th,13th,,19th,24th Jan however on the 11th of janurary i had a one night stand that im not proud of and we used the pull out method...
Avatar f tn How do find the accurate date of conception???...the doctor told me yesterday that ilight>iilight> was 9wks5days (10wks tomorrow obviously)....what date ilight>didilight> ilight>iilight> conceive in May she was suppose to tell me but she forgot....
Avatar f tn ilight>imilight> 23 and ilight>imilight> confused. the last day ilight>iilight> had my period was august 17th. ilight>iilight> have my cycles 31-32 days long. Horrible to bring up but me and the new bf, broke up a week after we believe i conveived.. September 3rd we had sex and calculated the day i conceieved. i had sex with a friend (older ex) on the 17th.. thats the day i was expecting my period. So the bf is the father, correct? and can someone tell me what week i am?
Avatar f tn i mean i have had all my other scans and my due date matched up perfect with my due date, and ilight>iilight> had my scan ilight>whenilight> ilight>iilight> was 32 weeks ilight>pregnantilight> ilight>iilight> was measuring 34 weeks and a couple of days so could this means anything?