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Like nygirl, I was told to take Tylenol or Tylenol PM not Ibuprofen and most certainly not Aspirin or other NSAIDS. But as Tylenol does not help with head and muscle aches, I've taken Ibuprofen during the day to help there.
No aspirin or ibuprofen because of bleeding. I developed gout and he prescribed vicodin which is hydrocodone and tylenol. I took a lot of them for a couple of months. Kinda got disappointed when my big toe didn't hurt. Must not be too bad, I cleared at 12 weeks and still clear 6 months post tx.
It is saving me. I take two Tylenol Arthritis in the morning and by 3 pm I can't walk. I get in the sauna for as long as I can. Not only does it sweat the toxins, it eases the pain and gives me a boost like the sun. Please take Milk thistle for your liver and don't take so much tylenol. I can't take NSAIDS either because of my Crohns so I know we are limited with what we can take for pain.
My doctor told me to try and take tylenol if possible as the NSaids and Ibuprofen change your blood chemistry and the acetaminophen does not. I like that he explainned WHY and didn't just say "dont take"...I don't work well without a reasoninng! Still - Advil is NECESSARY to avoid the migraines I get and I've had to take it a few times during treatment (week 68 of 72 coming up). You HAVE to do what you have to do in those circumstances.
My pharmacist said no Benadryl in the last 2 weeks of pregnancy so no Tylenol pm either. And doctors don't want you taking ibuprofen so I wouldn't. Your best bet is regular Tylenol and unisom I think.
I went on anti depressants and started to feel better again, but i still kept on taking the tylenol pm. Now i take around 7 tylenol pills nightly. I feel i'm addicted to it, there's no way i can't sleep without it. The only problem i'm i feel like my system is breaking down. I have felt all aches and pains every where especially in my chest area. Sometimes i feel like i'm slowy dying.
Doc advised NO Ibuprofen because it changes your bloods chemical composition as well. TWO tylenol will not hurt you. It's mostly for people who take painkillers etc every 4 hours with tylenol in them that there are these warnings. Things like that. Not LIMITED dosages.
Everyone out there -- I HAVE found NO USE FOR TYLENOL. I'd go with ibuprofen, but if there is ANY question about liver problems (see your doctors and...) see if u can use Alleve. It isn't metobolisem through the liver. I do not know about kidneys, but will get the info as soon as i feel "functional". Plz reply -- no one shoud be alone.
I was told not to take advil at all. U can take Tylenol pm or benydril (not spelled right).
first doc said to only take 2 grams a day of Tylenol, and no Ibuprofen. His current doc says Ibuprofen in moderation is fine. He tries to stay away from either unless absolutely necessary.
Tylenol PM is just tylenol with benadryl added. Check the ingredients. If you're looking for sleep aid once you start tx, benadryl alone helps. If you're looking for pain relief ask you're dr if he prefers tylenol, ibuprofen, or doesn't care. Good Luck, many take the tylenol pm so that they can have pain relief and sleep. A generic form will work just as well.
Schiff at the Schiff Liver Institute in Miami, You will find an answer for tylenol. They have proven direct link with tylenol to liver disease, and liver damage. Also the antibiotic Augmentin.My Dr. told me to take Advil. An overdose of tylenol can cause immediate liver failure in some, and only antidote is the supplement NAC.
Tylenol PM with shot Week 2: Tylenol PM 5 hrs after shot Week 3: Tylenol 5 hours after shot, add 1 benadryl Week 4: Move shot 8 hours earlier since sides start 6 hours after shot Week 5-8: Shot probelms gone, new problems start (sleeplessness, nausea, fog, fatigue) Week 8-26: Mostly just tired and stupid for the duration
To think I've got 35 weeks left and a long battle ahead of me. What I take isnt that strong,it's oxycodone with tylenol 5 325 mg's and I take 2 at 6:00am, 2 at noon and 2 at 6:00 pm. If any one know's anything about this please let me know and ease my mind a little bit. I would really appreciate it!
About 4 hours later I take 1 extra Tylenol and 1 Tylenol PM. I sleep through it all. The first time I only took one ex Tylenol and I woke up with the shivers and feeling really lousy. I learned. Just sleep throgh it. The first one was far the worst.
i felt so thankful he listened and asked questions and checked my neck, and back *which my pm has NEVER done* and checked my elbows feet, etc but that was the first appointment i dont' want to go asking him to switch my pm...so i just want to switch myself if i can....
some prefer one to the other. Tylenol does nothing for me. I take ibuprofen and vicoprofen, a more effective combo for me.
IMHO, nothing is worth the toll addictions (physical, emotional, or social) demand upon your body, mind, and spirit. FWIW, while on tx, for me Tylenol was recommend (PM variety to help sleep at night): 1) To offset any flu-like sx's 2) Because of low platelets and hence low clotting factor, ibuprofen was discouraged.
Proposed Tylenol restrictions worry patients FDA is considering reduced maximum dose, ban on Vicodin and Percocet WASHINGTON - Proposed limits on Tylenol, a painkiller as common as pain itself, have left many consumers fearful, confused and wondering where to turn for relief. The potential government crackdown on acetaminophen, Tylenol's main ingredient, would affect everyone from occasional pill poppers to chronic pain sufferers who rely on daily doses to make their lives more bearable.
I have posed the question of tylenol vs ibuprofen, and people here have weighed in generally warning against ibuprofen. Even tylenol, you would not want to exceed 2 or 3g per day. Basically, ask you hepatologist about any medications you are taking, including OTC's. Allergies themselves can cause much headaches because the sinus system in the areas behind the forehead, nose, and eyes are clogged up with fluid. Ask your doc for a safe allergy treatment.
I have taken care of TWO patients in the past; one who had tylenol toxicity and the other one had ibuprofen toxicity. Both patients were going into liver failure in which was caught in time. Both thought is was ok to take more than the RECOMMENDED amount of medication. Please be careful.
I actually have more trouble with Ibuprofen than I do with Tylenol. I had asked my Doctor about it and he told me that Ibuprofen was just as harmful in large doses. With you having an occasional drink and you taking the prescribed medication, I would not worry about your intake of Tylenol or Ibuprofen. It can be a concern if you take these drugs on a regular basis or long term. Most Doctor will not prescribe the medication with those additives.
About a year ago they did drop significantly but not normal yet proceeded to go right back up again though they're not the highest they have been at this point. For the year prior to my first visit in 2008, I had been taking Tylenol PM every night to help me sleep as well as Tylenol or Ibuprofen during the day on many occasions due to shoulder pain. I had also suffered with an eating disorder since 2006.
I always used ibuprofen prior to getting pregnant because Tylenol wasn't strong enough. However 2 rounds of 1000mg seems to get the job done. Haven't taken me than that in a day.
This means keeping track of any other pain meds he might take, like Vicodin or Tylenol PM, that contain acetaminophen. Whether or not he can take NSAIDs (aspirin, ibuprofen, naprosyn) and how much he can take will depend on whether he has varices or any other gastric problems. He really needs a good doctor to examine him and advise him on these isues.
It's also found in your PM tylenol and PM motrin. It's just amazing. I am just wondering if the prolonged use of Benadryl has done this. I looked up side effects and palpitations was one of them. Interestingly enough, I have not taken Benadryl for several days now and NO palps for me.
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