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Thus with this type of hair loss, hair falling out is a sign of hair regrowth. As the new hair first comes up through the scalp and pushes out the dead hair a fine fringe of new hair is often evident along the forehead hairline. The most important issue in telogen effluvium is to determine if an underlying cause for the problem is present. Blood tests may need to be done if the cause is not obvious, such as mild iron deficiency.
IDK about acne and hair loss being an efffect of hysterectomy. I do know both are an effect or clue of thyroid dissorders...check the thyroid community..I have noticed so very many women w thyroid dissorders have had a hysterectomy...check for my poll and I think if would help you to atleast rule out hypothyroidism. I have hypor thyroid..and have had a hysterectomy...
I still didn't notice a difference after another month of experiementing so I took another 1/2 of estrace. The 2mg dose of estrace seemed to help with the mood swings but the sweating and frontal hair loss has been devastating to me to say the least.The Dr. now has me on 100mg of prometrium together with 1 mg of Estrace, but stated to me that I shouldn't really need the prometrium beings I don't have a Uterus anymore.Am I going to keep loosing my hair like this?
I am sorry you had a hysterectomy. So did I and it has caused problem after problem. And to boot, it was totally unwarranted as most are :( Have you never taken hormones?
I have aged UNBELIEVABLY fast. I have lost most of my hair and my skin has aged horribly (loss of subcutaneous fat and collagen causing sagging/hanging skin, prominent veins, and loss of muscle mass). This all happened within months of surgery. And the physical, mental, emotional, sexual effects are a whole other laundry list. I wish I would have done things very differently. First and foremost, I wish I had listened to my intuition and not let his scare tactics take over.
I had a hysterectomy at age 45 due to a benign tumor on my left ovary as well and fibroids. This was done in October 2011. The surgery did provide pain relief from the painful periods, and constant fibroids, but 9 days after my surgery I started with a major depression that has not gone away. After having my bloodwork taken, my thyroid was hypo active and that was corrected.
I'm 55 years old, and I am losing a lot of hair. I had a total hysterectomy around 6 years ago. Could this be the problem?
What can i do to make my hair grow back after 6 years? I had a hysterectomy and my hair came out in the front and top of my head, so how do i get my hair to grow back?
I have had the Synthroid adjusted several times, trying to find the right balance. My problem is hair loss. It has been 18 months and I'm still losing massive amounts of hair. Trying the Cytomel is sort of an experiment to see if it helps with the hair loss, but so far it hasn't helped. I'll be completely bald in another year at this rate. I also had a complete hysterectomy about five years ago and wear the Vivelle Dot patch (.75) if that is in any way relevant.
I am female, I did have a hysterectomy at age 28 and take no replacement hormones. There is no hair loss in any other part of body. Both of my parents have very thick hair.
Would natural progesterone cream help hair loss? I'm 54, had a partial hysterectomy 13 years ago and I haven't taken any HRT, etc. However, during this past year the menopausal symptoms have gotten worse (difficulty sleeping, hot flashes, mild depression, vaginal dryness, etc.). The most depressing side effect I've had during the past 7 months is hair loss. I had an FSH test done and my gyn relayed the message through the nurse that I was "in menopause.
I have been experiencing a significant amount of hair loss since then. Has anyone else experienced this and what do you do about it?
My sister who is dx with MS started losing her hair and she thought it was due to the meds she was taking but went to the doctor and got tested and they found she had to much testastarone in her system so they gave her some meds to level it out with the estrogen and she is doing well with no more hair loss. And she regrew the hair she lost. I hope you find out what is causing the hair loss.
HI! The hair loss is most likely related to the hormones. This is important: It WON'T all fall out. It WILL stop. it is only temporary. This happens to everybody about 3-6 months after a major change in hormone levels. Having a baby does the same thing. So you don't have to stop your hormones if you like them otherwise. Another brand or formulation would probably do the same thing. In fact, no hormones at all would very likely do the same thing.
I am wondering if I chould just stop the Tamoxifen and not take any estrogen related drugs. I was fine throughout my surgeries and the 7 weeks of radiation, but this sudden hair loss has reduced me to depression and long bouts of crying. Has anyone got any ideas?
I am in the process of having my cortisol levels checked but the doctor does not feel it necessary to check female hormone levels. I have had a complete hysterectomy 18 years ago and have never taken HRT. At this point the hair on the crown of my head is thinning and I have an extra 20 pounds that will no go away. I eat a very excellent diet with minimal carbs and good carbs if I choose to eat them. I exercise 3 days per week at a local gym for one hour each day. HELP!!!! What can I do?
Would like to know if Evening Primrose Oil has helped anyone who is losing their hair....and what dosage was used. Also, is it the thyroid condition that causes the hair loss or the Synthroid. \ I have had Hypothyroid for over 2 years...was not given medication until 8 months after all my symptoms and went steadily downhill feeling like someone 80 when I was a healthy, active 60 year old....had all the symptoms, weight gain, lack of interest in life, major brain fog etc etc....
It's so thin now I have very thin hair now and it's still shredding. I've had blood tests done and they all came back ok. I'm using Plantur 39 shampoo but still no change. Taking vitamins. I'm so upset as I'm close to bald patches. Had a hysterectomy 14 months ago and raking Hrt. Please can anyone help?
Is there a direct correlation between oxycontin use and hair loss? I have been using it for some time and recently my hair has started falling out at a rapid rate. wanted to see if theyre related.
I had a complete hysterectomy 10 years ago for endometriosis and I have been on estrogen since that time. At first I was on a combination estrogen/testosterone but after I had major hair loss I started with just pure estrogen. I take Estradial .5mg. My concern is the length of time I have been on this drug and it's effects on my body. I tried to stop 2 yrs ago, but had major problems with hot flashes, depression, lack of sleep & weight gain. So the dr. put me back on at this low dose.
Smiley how old are you? Hair loss and feeling tired are a sign of low thyroid. Even if the doctor says, "Oh your TSH levels were normal," if they are close to the high part of the normal range, you can ask to be treated by your symptoms, and for a more detailed thyroid test. Most physicians order TSH, Total T4, and then decide if you are hypo thyroid or not.
Hai i have lossed a hair in my penis ball like shaven and its itching me a lot.Before 7months i had a treatment with a dermologist for my jock itch.. I have counsulted my doctor but he said its common plz hel me with it...
I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Ovarian Cancer in Nov 04. Had a total abdominal hysterectomy and then did 6 sessions chemo with combined Taxol and carboplatin. The side affects can be pretty distressing, nausea (although the anti-emetics drugs have gotten much better), feeling sick, food tasting metallic, tired all the time, hair loss.
I literally want to cry every time I brush my hair and see chunks of my hair on the brush. I had a baby and breastfed for the past 4 months but am not sure if that may have something to do with it. I really need some advice, and I can't go with a doctor because I can't afford it at this time. Like I said i recently became a mother and I'm also a college student.
From what I understand, hair loss is a normal part of menopause. I guess it depends on the degree of your hair loss as to whether you want to do something about it. This is the Ovarian Cancer forum. You might want to find an area of MedHelp that would pertain more to your particular problem.
If tubes and ovaries were also removed, then the procedure was hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy. If tubes and ovaries were removed, then female hormone production stops, which equals menopause, with all the changes that can occur with this change. Some women will notice facial hair increasing. I believe there is a new laser procedure that is affordable if the hair is bothersome.
Dot (hormone replacement therapy) since then. My hair has constantly thinned. I read HRT's can cause hair loss. I also read that Estrogen promotes hair growth. Which is it? Is the HRT (estrogen) making it grow or making it fall out? Should I stop the patch or keep taking it? I'm also on cholesterol meds and am stopping that because I know for sure it is causing the loss.
Another possibility - if you have your ovaries, you may be entering menopause which in some women causes hair loss. I had a hysterectomy with ovary removal 8 years ago and my hair has been falling out ever since despite the fact that I am on HRT. I also had (and may still have) fat malabsorption (diagnosed after severe diarrhea post-hysterectomy) but not the typical symptoms of pancreatitis (no pain). So that may be at least part of the cause of my hair loss.
I had just read the questions and answer regarding hair loss after cancer treatment (I have not looked up body aches after treatment yet). I appreciate the answer but feel that the answer was a hand off to another source (call your doctor). I have already done this and had blood test and sent off to a dermatologist. Which he ruled as early hair thinning. (The doctor not even bring up the point that I had put one of the earths strongest poisons in my body!
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