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Avatar_n_tn Your symptoms sound very much like both hypoglycemia and/or low blood pressure. Yes, both of these can be identified by a doctor. Blood pressure is easy to identify, but sometimes identifying hypoglycemia is a little harder, for a blood test may not identify it if your body is not having a hypoglycemic reaction while your blood test is happening.
Avatar_n_tn Low blood sugars can be VERY scary and hard to deal with. You may want to talk to your Dr. about getting a prescription and training as to how to use a Glucophage kit. This is essentially a large dose of sugar in the form of a shot to use in severe low blood sugar situations. Also you will need to have those around you trained in its use as well in case you can not get food and sugar fast enough on your own.
6918915_tn?1395936471 I suddenly get very light headed, dizzy, anxious, hot, sweaty and STARVING. I think this is hypoglycemia but not totally sure and I'm going to ask my doctor on Monday at my appt. It happened here and there a few weeks ago but now it's been happening every day and its awful. I end up literally stuffing my face with anything I can find that has sugar because my body feels like that's my only instinct. Then after like 20 minutes of eating and putting my head down I feel better.
Avatar_f_tn i get very very dizzy and collapse as-well I see black and white flashes and get what people would call hot flashes my blood pressure also drops, I eat candy- or drink juice and the sugar helps me throught it.
1034736_tn?1319562635 Another idea to explore- how are your pulse and blood pressure after you eat, particularly when you've been standing a couple of minutes? Having an orthostatic intolerance condition, I have experienced getting hot and sweating simply from tachycardia (rapid heartbeat) when standing. And on a tilt table test, after a nitro tab and before I passed out, I felt rather sick, maybe kind of nauseous. I also can have an increase in headache when standing after I've eaten a meal.
Avatar_m_tn I am a 37 year old office worker sitting in front of a computer all day. A couple of months ago at work, about 1pm, before lunch i felt dizzy with blurred vision. I stood up and almost fainted! I had tingling sensations in my arms, i thought i was having a stroke or heart attack! They called an ambulance, my blood pressure was 220/140 & they shipped me off to hospital. They ran tests (bloods, CT+MRI+kidney+chest scans) but couldn't find anything. They sent me home with BP medication.
Avatar_n_tn Dehydration, certain medications, heart problems, untreated diabetes, and nervous system disorders can all cause low diastolic blood pressure. Hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Addisons’ disease, hypoglycemia, VitB12 and folate deficiency can all cause hypotension. The other reason is bleeding somewhere in the body, like a bleeding peptic or duodenal ulcer. Hence get a stool examination done for occult blood. The other causes of bleeding gut is IBS, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.
1211508_tn?1343083205 Vitamin C boosts our immune system, potassium controls our blood pressure. High fiber gives a feeling of satisfaction and fullness. Are you diabetic? People with diabetes mellitus should eat foods and fruits based on their glycaemic index. Those with high glycemic index should be avoided as they cause faster rise in blood glucose levels and insulin levels. It has been observed that a ripe banana causes higher higher blood sugar rise compared to an under ripe banana.
946578_tn?1258666887 My blood sugar freaks out all the time and they have no idea why. They have done all the test and they can't figure out what is causing my blood sugar to do this. Some days it will drop down to the 40s if I don't eat every two or three hours. And sometimes it's gets really, really high when I haven't eaten for half the day. Sometimes when I go in they say I have hypoglycemia. Other times they think it's diabetes.
4045828_tn?1349283153 If you are dizzy, you need to get examined to rule out a few other things such as postural hypotension (fall in blood pressure on standing), cervical spinal nerve compression, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), severe anemia, an underactive thyroid (called hypothyroidism), overactive thyroid (called hyperthyroidism), adrenal insufficiency (called Addison's disease), GERD or gastric reflux, and internal ear infections. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Take care!
1346429_tn?1303878454 I can no longer take my heart meds for high blood pressure and irregular hb; topomax for migraines; metaphormin; and a few others. Which I quit taking some of my meds before pregnancy because I did a lifestyle change in which it helped enough that I could quit taking the extra meds. As far as C-section...both my boys were early but big because of the diabetes (not gestational) and I could not have them natually so this is another C-section baby.
Avatar_m_tn Can you please find any solution which medicine might reduce sugar safely without affecting pressure. I have some food allergy too. I cannot take tyramine reach food, which makes blood pressure/ heart rate hight. I do not eat those My idea adrenaline is stressed out and made this sugar problem . Is there any way to rebuild adrenals?
Avatar_m_tn If you get a GTT, make sure you get a 6-hour GTT, not the 2-hour GTT used to diagnose diabetes. Do you ever check your blood pressure during these episodes? Some people have hypotension and actually need medication to keep their blood pressure up. You might want to get a BP kit. You can also get a finger-stick glucose kit pretty cheaply and do your own GTT.
Avatar_m_tn ) Because, immediately after i take my ribose, my cognition and brain fog immediately vanishes, and I can concentrate and study with an immense improvement. What blood test should I request to evaluate my sugars etc, to rule out any pancreatic causes of this? thanks for your help!
Avatar_n_tn I was on beta-blockers during my first pregnancy because of high blood pressure. During my second pregnancy I watched my sodium intake and it helped so much that I did not need to take the beta-blockers. Do you eat a lot of salt? Also, do you have a lot of stress in your life? My blood sugar is much harder to control and widely varies when I am under a lot of stress and pressure. I hope this helps and you figure this out.
Avatar_n_tn My boyfriend is an active and fit 47 year who works out often and maintains a relatively healthy diet. He has slightly high blood pressure and has an occasional bout of indigestion/acidy stomach. HOWEVER, for many, many years I have watched him get headaches/migraines, feel dizzy and became very irritable. It almost always revolves around the lack of food. He seems to need to eat every few hours to avoid this. If he doesn’t eat anything in the morning he seems to be ok.
Avatar_n_tn Well then about 2 years ago I was diagnosed hypothyroid. and a year later with pre diabetes/hypoglycemia and my elevated blood pressure came back. I decided to research a way to safely stop the Paxil, since I had tried before with horrible withdrawal symptoms. SO after about a year and half of weanning I did it. My blood pressure is still high, I am still pre diabetic and have hypoglycemia, my thyroid levels still have not returned to normal, and my panic attacks still come and go.
Avatar_f_tn The only odd thing is that I was given a glucagon injection to recover my sugar, and it was expected to bring up my blood sugar significantly, and it only came up 6 points by serum blood testing in 30 minutes. No one could explain that. I continued to suffer with what appeared to be reactive hypoglycemia, no matter how low carb or mixed my meals were. Eventually it seemed to just come under control even though I did nothing different. My fasting blood sugars are always normal, from 77-85.
Avatar_n_tn I have regular hypoglycemic and my reactions seem to worsen into reactive hypoglycemia type symptoms when I take blood pressure meds. I am watching my diet and that helps but I wondered if there is some other treatment available.
Avatar_f_tn However, you could be suffering from low blood pressure. I too suffer from low blood pressure and it can make u feel tired, weak and nauseous at times. I exercise daily to fire it up so to speak. I would be having a blood test and general check up to diagnose the problem. Good luck!
2118271_tn?1337466704 I have a question, have you been diagnosed with diabetes, or hypoglycemia? If not, then why would you be checking your blood sugar? Were you instructed to do so by your doc? If you've decided to do this on your own, this is another one of those things that will fuel anxiety, just like someone checking their blood pressure or pulse frequently.
Avatar_n_tn To the person who asked if I had high blood pressure and if that is why the Doctor told me to not have much caffiene. No, I do not have that, as a matter of fact it runs more toward low. My average blood pressure is about 118/63-68. Chol. and Trigs. are great too. I just have a problem with carbs and anything with sugar. If I go off the South Beach Phase I and really splurge a few times, I can count on getting Hypolglycemia big time.
Avatar_n_tn It is more likely in people who have neuropathy (nerve damage), people on tight glucose control, and people who take certain heart or high blood pressure medicines. As the years go by, many people continue to have symptoms of hypoglycemia, but the symptoms change. In this case, someone may not recognize a reaction because it feels different." I would say everyone is a little different here also. My son feels symptoms around 50 but does not get shaky until in the 30s.
Avatar_m_tn My symptoms were dizziness, slight chest pains,blurred vision,shortness of breath, and extremly week. On arrival to ER my blood pressure was 100/63 after 30min of setting my blood pressure was 80/49. I have had 2 MRIs,cat scan,numerous EKGs,sonigram of neck arteries chest exrays,EEG,partial tilt table test and a heart catherization. I have had my blood tested for ,adrenal glands,thyroid,b-12,potassium full cbc. After all the above i still do not have a diagnosis.
1218873_tn?1300094816 I have PPMS and do not have high blood pressure. It is important it is addressed.
Avatar_n_tn You also may have low blood pressure. I would do the glucose checks and treat with juice if necessary, but also talk about this to your doctor if it keeps happening, for it may be a symptom of some other problem that can be easily fixed once diagnosed. I wish you the best.
Avatar_f_tn My blood preesure has been low, with or without Metoprolol. I would recommend that you purchase a blood pressure device and monitor your pressure daily, to see how the med. affects your pressure. I was originally taking 100mg a day, which was cut to 50mg a day, doen to 25mg a day, and finally taken off Metoprolol. Your Dr. should know best, but don't be afraid to ask questions and don't give up until you feel you have gotten an honest answer. Sorry to hear about you misfortune and good luck.
1611319_tn?1378621999 As to the high blood pressure, again, you could be swinging toward hyperthyroid. Do you check your blood pressure between doctor visits? If so, is it high "every" time you check it? I have a blood pressure machine at home, and most of the time, my bp is okay, but invariably, when I go to the doctor it's high -- "white coat syndrome".
203342_tn?1328740807 Hi Thanks for writing to the forum! Yes, high blood pressure too can cause dizziness and so also low blood pressure. Since he is on blood pressure lowering medications, then the medicines too could have lowered the BP to an extent that he felt dizzy. If the medicines were started recently, there is a possibility that effective control has not been achieved yet. Smoking and coffee too increase blood pressure and acidity. GERD is another cause of dizziness.