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Avatar_n_tn I have been taking hydrocodone for nerve damage relating to a cancer operation three years ago. I took the last of my medication today and fear the withdrawls that I feel coming on. What can I do to help ease the pain, dizzyness, and other symptoms that accompany the withdrawls? Thank You.
Avatar_n_tn you will get alot of differing views on "how many" hydrocodone are enough. It's tough because if you're an addict one is good, two is better, then pretty soon you're up to a lovely 25/day. If you cannot tolerate the pain without narcs you should set a limit of how many you will take daily......not more than 4,5,6. You will still have withdrawals even from these low numbers, but mixed with antiinflamatories(from your doc.) you should be able to get substantial relief.
Avatar_n_tn I am not 100% yet and look forward to that time but I would have to say I am about 75% and that's alot better than a year ago when I felt as though my whole life depended on when I can get my next refill and how (consumed more than the prescribed amount and pharmacies and doctor started catching on). Never knew you could get them on the street and it's definately a good thing.
Avatar_f_tn I've wondered why this drug isn't used more now as it is generic (less expensive) and doesn't have the street value things like hydrocodone or oxycodone have. anyway, let us know how you handle the medication and if it works for your pain. Lots of luck to you dear.
Avatar_f_tn I am currently on day #6 of withdrawal from a very heavy daily usage of hydrocodone, alternating with tramadol. Let me preface any further information with some brief info. I am a health care provider (yes, I see patients, diagnose and treat patients and prescribe medications for patients), so I will remain anonymous. Addiction does not discriminate. My hydrocodone usage started for pain but quickly I learned that I felt sooooo much better when I took 2 more, 3 more, 4 more 10 more etc. etc.
749543_tn?1238835940 and now Anti-Anxiety medicine. A year goes my and I bought pain medicine off the street here and there because I missed the feel from it after all the **** I had been through at the time... I eventually tried Oxycontin, roxicodone, methadone and others. I enjoy those but I had more a feel for the hydrocodone or percocets. Around 2006 - 2007 I had bad wrist problems because I punched walls when I got angry. I finally went to the Dr. and they gave me hydrocodone 5MG. I would take 2 a day.
Avatar_m_tn I stopped cold turkey and for days I literally thought I was going to jump out of my skin, but the bottom line is that I got through it. My present situation involves the abuse of Hydrocodone (10/325 Norcos). A few months ago I damaged some ribs. The spasms were very painful. The doctor prescribed Norcos . Well, once again, I was off and running. I’ve worked my way up to approximately 20 pills a day…my favorite dose are the 8 I take first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee.
Avatar_n_tn I havent done x in 2 years but each time i would roll ...my perceptions would be off for about 4 days. I would not do x and other drugs like dyhydramine or whatever. Thats like what is in benedryl or something. People die from mixing over the counters and street drugs. Remember X is "mind-altering". I would stop wait a week and if you are still a little off then go to DR! I mean now that I think of it. I always would dehydrate after rolling.
Avatar_f_tn She suffers from chronic pain, apparently, she sold hydrocodone and roxycodone, to an undercover county sherif. The woman had sold three times to this agent and was arrested on the third time. She posted 3000.00 bail, and released due to bad health. This is sad to me because this woman sold her meds for money ( 500.00 ) worth. Aparently she had sold to minors also and they had turned her in.
Avatar_m_tn Plus my buddy who has cancer gets a ridiculous amount prescribed to him every month that he wont touch so he sells them at a huge value from street value to me. I have to many avenues available for failure. I guess I need to cut them off? How? Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar_f_tn Sure,it will.LOL. Someone(driver) got one heck of a deal that day,about $5,000 of narcotics (street value) As if the meds getting stolen weren't enough,my PM Dr. said that he could not ship my pills down to me. I live about 1200 miles from him,since I moved and e does take care of me. He would make me come up only 4 times a year for a visit. Now if I wanted him to help me,I'd have to come up every damn month.Do you people beleive that garbage.
Avatar_n_tn Same way you get pot or crack or whatever? What is the street market value of pills? Vicodin for wisdom teeth? OMG! I had all my wisdom teeth pulled & think I took ibuprofin. As for pain, I have back pain & find that anti-inflammatories work better for the actual pain than something like vicodin does...
Avatar_f_tn I used it for pain and was addicted shortly after and got into so much trouble. Anything with a street value is risky.
Avatar_m_tn I have joined this community in hopes of getting the support I know I'll need as I self-detox from hydrocodone. Once we've become acquainted, I'll give you all the short version of my story and hopefully a mutually beneficial relationship will have begun. It is not quite 5 in the morning where I live...is anyone else up yet?
919877_tn?1250466150 , lying about where my money was going and then ended up getting my own prescription due to a swollen spleen from mono/infection complications, my doctor is unaware of my pharmacuetical dabblings and has kept me on 40-60mgs. Hydrocodone daily, and sometimes I go as high as 80mgs. the only problem is that I know he is going to cut that off soon, and that I will continue buying them because I have the means and access to great deals, nearly at cost.
1170366_tn?1263923079 Those people get high on sub which is why it is becoming a really big street drug now. People buy it on the street to substitute when they can't get their DOC but also alot of people buy it because it makes them "nod off" which is what most opiate users want. The nalaxone makes some people have very uncomfortable side affects like headache and throwing up but nodding off and being "fuzzy headed" is more like from taking too much opiate.
Avatar_n_tn Thank you so much for your sincere concern and caring. In all honesty, I was only interested from a social workers perspective. Seriously, maybe I shouldn't concern myself with such things, but I never had a street "connection". I had one "friend" who needed money and I needed her pills so it worked out nicely. I really think the MMT is going to work out well. Thanks to all of your informative posts.
Avatar_n_tn I know I used to order little blue football shaped hydrocodone pills that had a 10 on them those are the strongest hydrocodone pills that you can get......... You wont' suffer physical damage from cold turkey......... it depends how long you were taking these pills on how long and intense your w/ds will be....... I can't because of my job........... I can't because of my kids...... I can't because........... I can'b because..................
Avatar_f_tn but he ended up getting so sick and desperate, he started seeking out street drugs. He lost his job, his wife left and took the kids, he lost his home and vehicle...everything. This only took less than a year because of his need for the drugs....and he ultimately committed suicide.....it was a tough loss for everyone. It is devastating what these types of medicines can do. I have read so many stories that reflect how I was about the medicines.
Avatar_f_tn That's $245, but still a bargain if it keeps me from spending $500-$600 a month to buy vics on the street after my scrip runs short each month. I'm hoping to de-tox with a step-down program, but I have not heard many positive comments about that on this post. My doctor assures me that weaning off subs is much easier than weaning off hydrocodone, but of course he hasn't personally experienced it. I sure hope he's right though.
Avatar_m_tn I have read reports that detoxing from suboxone or subutex is incredibly difficult and quite a bit longer than other opiates. Both of these drugs get abused every day and already have a street market value. Any opiate naive person will be in big trouble taking either one as a party enhancer. The FDA recently approved subutex in a long-acting patch form for chronic pain patients. Subutex alone will not cause a problem with breakthrough meds.
182493_tn?1348056515 Over four years experience —this includes heroin, and all other street drugs, alcohol, and prescription medications--has taught me that natural detox works 100 times better than detox formulated and predicated by the use of other mind altering chemicals. It is also important to recognize that there are many of you that were prescribed methadone for chronic pain. Yet one must recognize that the end result is the same—and therefore the remedies for withdrawal are the same.
Avatar_n_tn OOOOk let me just start by saying denial is the first indication of a problem ok say you do take as perscribed how long befor you relize that ur body is becomeing ammune to that dose as with any meds to include antibiotics your body builds up a resistance say what u want but sat your script says one erry 4to6 hours for pain fact is any codone-oxy-hydro-any pain med is gonna stop working as well within 2 to 3 hours then your back in pain and if your like me I go to pain management so I get my scr
250084_tn?1303311035 I am VERY 'anti drug' -abuse of prescribed drugs, street drugs’ and active in fighting the worst 'new' threats, crack and the again popular meth, grabbing our young by the b*alls! (and ‘old’) People get 'hooked' very often on that 1st hit with those. I have literally 'bought' 'kids' from dealers, give them a picture, they set them up and if I get them, in hand, they get the money. We all know-most of us- that a crack head will sell their mom for a hit!
968551_tn?1248268744 And my scrips cost from $1medicare for up to 300 tabs to $300 for 90 from online service thieves... I don't even like hydrocodone (vicodin). When I first started, it was for severe dental pain, two of them made me barf, dizzy and headache. So you see what a huge tolerance. I used to get a nice high from codeine. I was clean and sober, even tobacco free for 18 years after being a junkie for a couple years (alcoholic after jail) and going to the joint for it. So this really snuck up on me.
Avatar_n_tn In other words, what would be considered the Final step? Methadone, High doses of Hydrocodone, Oxycodone? Fentanyl patch? ANyhow, that's all I have for now.... So have a great day, people!
Avatar_n_tn what a rush $5000 (street value) down the crapper!! i used to detox myself every 4-6 weeks and stay clean for 7-10 days to check where my neck pain levels were at. i don't want to be on oxy the rest of my life if i don't have to. so far no go. witchy woman (another poster kind of convinced me i did not have to do this quite so often. it's been about 2 months since the last detox, so maybe i'll check it out next month. i'm lucky, the w/d from oxy are a breeze compared to morphine or dilaudid.