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Avatar m tn Of the 144 patients enrolled, 132 remained in the study, and the authors report a significant improvement in liver fibrosis as measured by a series of indicators, including serum hyaluronic acid and type-III procollagen peptide. The authors also report significant improvements in ALT (P = 0.0007) and aspartate aminotransferase (AST, P = 0.0025) levels in the oxymatrine-treated group relative to the control group (see Table 1).
Avatar n tn he gave me all the tests from blood cp, esr, uric acid, blood fasting sugar, thyroid... all the tests came out normal..except for the uric acid...its helll high! like way too high! so this the reason my every joint in the body is aching! i was just wondering if accutane gives rise to uric acid in blood.. then i searched on google..it say yes it can do tht.... im extremely pissed off!!! coz im just 24 years old girl and feel like 80 years old granny!! i m now taking pain killers ..
Avatar n tn The skin biopsy from R upper shoulder only 1 done, was lichenoid dermatitis with increased dermal mucin(this is natural hyaluronic acid) between the dermis and epidermis. The doc lied to me, he knew exactly what is was and was just waiting for this to occur. I guessed immediately. I'd had 2 MRI's with Gadolinium metal, Sep and Dec 2010. My Vit D was a known low at 22.9. In July 2011 I got the skin sores until now, with Rx of Clobetasol, Dovenox not filled, even told heat rash.
Avatar n tn hi just read your piece about Angelica, i have the same symptoms as you, do you take it orally or as cream, i carnt seem to find it on the interenet, only the stuff you use in cooking
Avatar m tn How has it been going? His work with Alpha Lipoic Acid and I believe LDN peeked my interest. You were giving updated reports on your viral load and alt ast numbers. Its been awhile and just curious as to where you stand now.