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Avatar m tn i went to the Dr. last week ilight>andilight> he said i should be taking equal amounts of ilight>lantusilight> ilight>andilight> ilight>humalogilight> daily. is this correct and why? Also can anyone explain to me the exchanges of carbs and how much humalog i should take to counteract carbs at meal times. My Dr. has never explained any of this to me!!!! With the knowledge i have of food and diabetes, which is not much, i am surprised i have been controlling it so well, so far!!!
Avatar m tn is it common for someone with type 2 diabetes to be on ilight>humalogilight> 3X daily ilight>andilight> ilight>lantusilight> 1X daily?
Avatar f tn and weights well over 230 pounds only takes 34 units of ilight>lantusilight> at night ilight>andilight> up to 16 units of ilight>humalogilight> if he eats pizza. i have told him that the ilight>lantusilight> dose is governed by weight and since i weigh 220 and take 33 units a day, he isn't taking nearly enough. i think he is compensating with the humalog, which runs a higher risk that he will and does have insulin reactions. i also started out taking lantus at night. But since my blood sugar always drops at night, it caused a lot of lows for me.
Avatar f tn That being said, i cannot concieve of any physician prescribing ilight>lantusilight> without the patient being given a precise ilight>andilight> thorough explanation of how much to use ilight>andilight> when. there is a BiG missing piece here. there are many excellent programs set up to monitor diabetics and keep them on the right track. Some are run by nurses or nurse practicioners. there are weekly meetings and they call you on the telephone to check-up on you and see how your glucose readings are doing and provide support.
Avatar n tn 23U ilight>lantusilight> at night ilight>andilight> he just added ilight>humalogilight> (i think that's it). He takes this after each meal. don't you think that is a little insane? He is a picture -perfect diabetic (so the docs day). He is 31, 175lbs and 6' tall. He was 205 and then all of the sudden lost 30lbs. (Diabetis) the doc has said he may be on the verge of a type 1. the worst part is that he has good and bad weeks. it is never consistant. Any thoughts.......
Avatar n tn i have been type 1 for 26 yrs, and switched from regular and nph to ilight>humalogilight> ilight>andilight> ilight>lantusilight> about 6 yrs ago. i am not the best person to follow doctors orders ilight>andilight> never have normal bloodsugars. i take my lantus at night and when i first started taking it my dose was 35 and sliding scale with humalog whenever i ate. i dropped low middle of night and close to the max. end normal range.
Avatar m tn do not dilute ilight>lantusilight> ilight>andilight> do not mix ilight>lantusilight> with any other type of insulin. and, do not switch to another brand or type of insulin or change the dose or dosage time of any type of insulin you are using without first talking to your doctor.
Avatar n tn By mistake, i mixed 5 1/2 units of ilight>lantusilight> with 1 unit of ilight>humalogilight>, this morning when i went to give my daughter her morning insulin. What will be the reaction?
Avatar n tn now a healthy 45 year old (female). i am mostly happy with the current combination of ilight>humalogilight> Pen ilight>andilight> ilight>lantusilight>. My questions are in regards to lantus: i understand the "non-peak" aspect...but personally dropped very low in early a.m.'s (about 4-6 a.m) after injecting on a regular basis at 10 p.m. To the point that i would load up on carbs before bedtime, never going to bed with a "normal range". Even still, i would wake with 30's-40's, even with cutting back on lantus.
Avatar n tn She's now about 2 to 3 months on ilight>lantusilight>, ilight>andilight> now that i've spent time with her over the holidays (she's at college out of state), i see major problems. She has NO ENERGY at all. it's hard for her to get the energy up to even see her friends. For all of the parents of teens out there, we were shopping today and the pants she's wanted at Abercrombie were on sale and she didn't have the energy to wait while i stood in line. does anyone else out there have experience with lantus???????
Avatar n tn Was i lucky to type in "lantus and allergies". As a retired medical specialist i am lazy in consulting others. After taking lantus for about 3 months i did also realise that i developed something like hay fever. Flu like symptoms indeed. Ear pains. Mood swings. Myalgia indeed. there is a faint cresol smell to the lantus. i am sure all these side effects are known by now.
Avatar n tn My grandson is a Type 1 diabetic. He takes ilight>lantusilight> at night, NPH ilight>andilight> ilight>humalogilight> at Breakfast, and humalog at evening meal. He measures his blood sugar six time a day: 7:30am (breakfast), 9:30 am, noon, 5:30 pm (dinner), 7:30 pm, and 9:30 pm. My concern is the apparent difference in effectiveness of the humalog which he takes at 7:30 am and 5:30 pm. He measures his blood sugar two hours after taking the humalog (@ 9:30 am and @ 7:30 pm).
Avatar n tn i am 41 years old and have been diabetic since i was 10 years old i am new to using lantus ilight>andilight> ilight>humalogilight>. i am having the same problem as many others i was told to take ilight>lantusilight> at night ilight>andilight> have switch to taking it in the morning because of lows in the morning and have found that now my blood sugars run about 200 to 250 in the morning.
Avatar n tn i have recently been switched to lantus & humalog and i have some questions. i take it in the morning. if i awake with an abnormal blood sugar (too high) i assume i would take a small dose of fast acting. Would i also take a small dose of fast acting if my blood sugar is normal, as to cover my breakfast? i know to count the carbs before the lunch meal and the dinner meal, but didn't ask about the breakfast meal.
Avatar n tn This is the second time it happens to us, the first time it was due to another pen called insuman, ilight>andilight> ilight>lantusilight> in pen type they proved innefective ilight>andilight> costed us lots of money in hospital. i wish this doctor or company reimburses us for all these freightening episodes as well as expenses caused by this pens that resulted in fraud for us.
Avatar n tn Since i take 1 ilight>lantusilight> ilight>andilight> 3 (or more) ilight>humalogilight> shots every day - my abdomen has become a pin cushion because i don't have enough fat on my arms or legs to use those spots. (Tried - they hurt for days afterward so i never did it again.) i'm really protective of my stomach - no one sees it, but *i* see it and i am very careful when i do my injections (i let my humalog warm up to room temp before injecting). Every time i get a mark from a needle (i.e.
Avatar n tn His blood sugar at 9pm was 155 i gave him the ilight>lantusilight> as 2am he was shaky,sweaty,ilight>andilight> weak.was the ilight>lantusilight> dose to much for his blood sugar level?i should mention he ate supper late 7pm.i'm wondering if i gave it to close to thr humolog dose before supper.
Avatar n tn i use lantus cartridges in a ilight>humalogilight> pen. ilight>andilight> it works perfectly. For me, a major benefit of switching from NPH to ilight>lantusilight> has been the reduced variability in action. and delivery via the humalog pen appears to be very consistent.
Avatar n tn My son recently changed from NPH/R/H to ilight>lantusilight> ilight>andilight> ilight>humalogilight> pens. This is his fourth day on lantus. He is doing fine but i am having problems trusting the lantus - when his b/s drops below 100, i want to give him a can of apple juice, and of course that causes a moderate high. Also, he is not interested in stopping to eat as many snacks and meals because he does not have to 'feed' the NPH. Are these common problems in families starting on lantus?
Avatar n tn Hello. i am T1 since Oct 2004, ilight>andilight> switched to ilight>lantusilight> in Feb. Most of my BG numbers are very good (A1Cs 6.0 and 5.5), but since switching to lantus, i have experienced 5 episodes of sudden and extreme drops in BG. they happen late morning, not related to breakfast, novolog dose or exercise. My BG is usually above 150 when it starts, and i must consume 150-200 grams of carbs (as juice or gel) to get it to stabilize, usually in 20-30 mins.
Avatar n tn Now i've cut back the amount of ilight>lantusilight> to 22 units in the morning ilight>andilight> i take 1-2 units of ilight>humalogilight> before breakfast and then occasionally at times during the day if i find that i'm eating more than usual or if i eat something very sweet that may spike my blood sugar level. i take the Symlin before lunch and before dinner. and if i'm not going to be eating a big meal, i have the ability to decide whether or not to take the Symlin. Symlin is not for everyone.
Avatar n tn lantus, humalog, and Novolog ALL require prescrptions because 1) they have not been out on the market as long as the conventional porcine/bovine insulins (Humulin N, R, L, 50/50, 70/30, etc), 2) the onset of actions for ilight>humalogilight>, Novolog, ilight>andilight> ilight>lantusilight> are quite fast (anywhere between 5 to 15 minutes), ilight>andilight> although these insulins generally do NOT cause hypoglycemia episodes (low blood sugar), if patients do not know how to use them properly, they can lapse into a hypoglycemia episode and this can
Avatar n tn i am in my second month of using ilight>lantusilight> with ilight>humalogilight>. at about week 2 or 3 i began experiencing sporadic rash in front of shins. Later, the itching and raised bumps appeared behing the knee at top of calves. Now i think it is appearing at left elbow. General feelings of itchiness accompany the outbreaks without apparent rash. i am attributing this to the new medication - lantus - as all else remains basically stable in my life routine.
Avatar n tn this is for 8 hours of sleep.....dont take it with ilight>humalogilight>....ilight>humalogilight> is only for when you eat ilight>andilight> ilight>lantusilight> only when you sleep....You guys have got some bad information and i would be afraid if i had your guy's doctors.... take it before you sleep ...just 25 units...
Avatar n tn i agree with the answer that was given, and it may take some time to fine-tune the ratio. Novalog ilight>andilight> ilight>humalogilight> doses should be identical... they were for me when i switched, ilight>andilight> i have heard others say the same thing.
Avatar n tn Also am a diabetic....ilight>humalogilight> ilight>andilight> ilight>lantusilight>.
Avatar n tn Yes they are compatible insulin's. ilight>lantusilight> is a long acting insulin ilight>andilight> ilight>humalogilight> is a fast insulin.
Avatar n tn if he eats supper at 7pm and goes to bed at ten thirty can he still get the 44 units of lantus?
Avatar f tn Even if my sugar is good before bed ilight>andilight> i take my ilight>lantusilight> it is always high in the morning. Any reason and any advise?
Avatar n tn i use ilight>humalogilight> before bed time ilight>andilight> ilight>lantusilight> at night. i notice that eversince my sugar levels have been in a ok range, ,my weight has increased by 4 lbs. does insulin make u gain weight even if you eat healthy???i was thinking of starting to take lantus in the morning....