How to rebuild knee cartilage naturally

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Anyone that has never experienced it can not possibly understand how much it hurts! I've been grateful to have my brother to talk to about it. Just having someone understand helps. Keep us posted on your progress.
I had this too. Ive done chiro, yoga, medication, trigger point therapy, on and on and on. It is a muscle in my neck -Trigger Point by Claire Davies help me to figure out exactly what is was. It is a muscle called scalenes in the front of the neck. Muscles are not independent entities, if one is pulling or tight, it throws other muscles out - this is called referred pain. It pulls on your inner ear - ear pain, vertigo, pressure.
Two weeks later I was back at the doctor, no improvement, different pain meds and muscle relaxers and added steriods to the mix, but to add to it, I was experiencing pain in my knee. Doctor's diagnosis I was favoring my back and tore/pulled the cartilidge in my knee. More pain meds, a cortisone shot in the knee and a back x-ray (NOT an MRI).
I'm going to get my TMJ corrected and also to do physical therapy with a Trigger point therapists and see how it works out. You should Google those things, I know how it feels to want to feel good for just one day to be able to play with yor kids!
Could you correspond with me on this recovery period?
I have now gone about 30 hours without touching my ears and it has been extremely difficult, because the itch is close to unbearable at times, and it is especially difficult at night because I get woken up by the intense itch and I have to remember to just bear it. I don't know how long it will take or whether it will even work, but I am going to give it my best shot. I was able to quit smoking many years ago, and I can telll you that this is just as difficult, if not more so.
I have pain around them still, but I was chalking that up to how off my bite is because of his poor surgery, but now Im more concerned that its direct inflammation and bone damage that is continuing. I am anxious to know how your visit with the oral surgeon goes. I tend to agree with you, if I am understanding your point on that many people who work in the field are either not aware of, or wont admit to the problems with Ti.
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