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i've heard about sliding scale before but when i brought it up to his pharmacist she did not know ilight>muchilight> about it (got me concerned). ilight>iilight> found this one sliding scale online, listings of ilight>howilight> ilight>muchilight> units to give depending on what his blood sugar level is. So i was wondering if that sliding scale is a standard one for all patients or different for each patient.
What type of insulin is she on and ilight>howilight> ilight>muchilight> does she ilight>takeilight> in the course of a day? ilight>iilight> wish for the best on her appt to the specialist. i look forward to your reply if you have the time. All the best!
OK this is not a disaster. ilight>iilight> hope this post is not too late for you to get soon. Be glad that you did not do the reverse and take Novolog instead of Lantus. This screw up will effect you though. You need to have plenty of fast acting sugar around for when you start to go low. And you probably most certainly will. The peak for Lantus is about 4-6 hour range so you will probably feel the better part of this low at that point and if you are prepared it will go much smoother.
This really bothers me because ilight>iilight> do NOT want to be overweight and ilight>iilight> really feel like ilight>iilight> am heading in that direction. ilight>iilight> was just wondering if anybody had any advice, and also if anybody could clear up the following rumors? 1. eating meals less than 30 carbs will make you lose weight 2. not taking insulin and then exercising to lower your BG will make you lose weight 3. having a good A1c is key to losing weight 4. you cant lose weight if you aren't on an insulin pump 5.
my son has recently switched to Lantus and ilight>Novologilight>. ilight>iilight> have a question regarding bolus insulin for snacks. How many carbs can he eat without having to bolus? He takes Lantus at bedtime, then Novolog for breakfast, lunch and dinner at a carb/ insulin ratio of 1:12. He goes to school all day, and sometimes gets hungry and i am wondering if it is necessary always for him to take insuling even for snacks? Any ideas/input would be appreciated.
it took me so many years to understand i was feeding insulin, i can't even tell you ilight>howilight> many. For a long-time diabetic like myself, ilight>iilight> feel like ilight>iilight> got a set idea in my mind of ilight>howilight> much insulin i needed and simply stuck to it, regardless of the number of reactions, so the feeding and feeding went on. And no doctor ever mentioned cutting back on the insulin in terms of weight control. Anyway, i now feel like i'm closer to actually taking the amount i need. But it requires a ton of testing!
my doseage of novolog is 4 units before meals so is that how much regular insulin i should take?
ilight>iilight> was just started on insulin 3 days ago. The doctor had me ilight>takeilight> 5 units of ilight>novologilight> 3 times a day with 1 unit for every 50 points above 150, and then i take 15 units of Lantus at bedtime. For the past 3 days i have been checking my levels 6 to 7 times a day and they have been between 167 and 297 and i can't seem to get them below. What can i do without taking more insulin?
my question is what could her concern be for me to not ilight>takeilight> the ilight>Novologilight>? She stated weight gain. Although from what ilight>iilight> read about Starlix a main side effect is weight gain. Why did she send me to her nurse practioner and then not trust her opinion? i am currently looking for another doctor. There is a wonderful endocrinologist that i am trying to see but he is not taking new patients at the moment. i have another patient of his trying to get me the hookup.
i get to work alone tonight again this is when things are the worst for my mental state i know i'm going to die miserable and alone. ilight>iilight> really hope my wife and son know ilight>howilight> ilight>muchilight> ilight>iilight> love them. ilight>iilight> want to be there for my son ilight>iilight> know ilight>howilight> it is to look up during a laccross game and not see anyone from your family there. i remember being one of like five kids on the late bus because everyone elses parents picked them up.
gave. ilight>iilight> wanted to know ilight>howilight> to use the ilight>Novologilight> mix? and do ilight>iilight> need regular insulin while ilight>takeilight> the ilight>Novologilight> mix? and should i stop taking the lantus if i start the novolog mix? Any help is welcomed, please and thank you.
Carbohydrate counting is used to determine ilight>howilight> ilight>muchilight> insulin ilight>shouldilight> be taken with a meal. if this proves to be a bit ilight>muchilight> in terms of calculations etc, then she should have two separate written Novolog scale--one for correction only i.e when her sugars are high, and another for pre-meal sugars when she is also abut to eat. Sometimes Lantus needs to be split into two doses as the effect doesn't last 24 hours for some people.
Since i'm being good with the ilight>NovoLogilight> injections, ilight>shouldilight> ilight>iilight> really worry about the high amt. of carbs i'm consuming?? Having diabetes has really opened my eyes to this disease, even though i should have been much more aware, considering my grandfather died of complications from Type 1 diabetes and currently my grandmother and aunt (same side of the family) have type 2. Again, i'm very happy this forum exists and thanks in advance for any help, tips or suggestions you can offer me!!
i used to be able to tell or feel when my blood sugar was low , and ilight>iilight> would ilight>takeilight> Glocuse ! . . .Now ilight>iilight> can no longer tell . . if ilight>iilight> feel different sweaty, dizzy , shaky or just not comfortable . . i will test my blood sugar and act appropriately. Doc will schedule me for a Diabetes class to revisit the basics of Diabetes care. i very much appreciate WaveRider's suggestion that i view the Nordisk demo . i THiNK i NAiLED iT ! ! [preparing the pen - rolling rolling rolling roll on!
i take the levimir, however, it doesn't seem to matter ilight>howilight> ilight>muchilight> or ilight>howilight> little ilight>iilight> ilight>takeilight>. in the morning, ilight>iilight> have been experencing many more lows, like lows (35 or so). i had been on pump therapy for 15 years, so i guess i'm still getting used to this.
Why is it that Lantus requires a prescription when other long-acting types of insulin do not? ilight>iilight> feel like ilight>iilight> ilight>shouldilight> be able to go to a drugstore and purchase any type of insulin that ilight>iilight> choose without a prescription.
and Thats what led up to my second to last visit to the ER except i wasn't Throwing up even though ilight>iilight> felt like ilight>iilight> was going to !!! Then i'm Put on Lantus and ilight>novologilight> ilight>iilight> got lite headed and i was cutting up boxes and slipped and cut my hand open i got 3 stitches and was let go no antibiotics nor pain meds which is ok by me !!!
control what i ate some what, then when i turned 20 and moved out ilight>iilight> got a taste of freedom and did ok, but not as well as ilight>iilight> ilight>shouldilight>. Then when ilight>iilight> hit 30, ilight>iilight> said this is the year i try harder and it sort of never materialized until recently. my last visit to the doctor, my AC1 was 9.6 and i said thats it. So, long story short over the last couple of months i've been exercising in some fashion just about every day(gym 3-4 days a week, walking my dog the others) and portion control.
i've had no problems since - but if ilight>iilight> do, ilight>iilight> know that i'll be dealing with the effects of only half as ilight>muchilight> insulin. ilight>iilight> do like using Lantus - especially the (usually) flat action, without a peak in the middle of the day. it make life (especially meal scheduling) much easier. Who knows, maybe one of the new insulins in the approval pipeline (e.g., Tresiba) may not have this problem.
Today they had more endocrinologists come in to re-evaluate my insulin needs of the U500 vs. something like Humalog but we already know ilight>iilight> can't ilight>takeilight> it becuase ilight>iilight> was using about 180 units a day and my sites couldn't handle it. i can't count how many times they have "almost" delivered me. Now i am here in the hospital even longer and no one knows what to do with me other than tell me not to get pregnant again any time soon. Any suggestions, please share!!
This happens even if i have not taken any ilight>Novologilight> or eaten breakfast (sometimes ilight>iilight> wait until ilight>iilight> get to work to ilight>takeilight> ilight>Novologilight> and eat breakfast), so it has to be the Lantus peaking. i find that a half cup of juice is about what i need to stave off a low at that time.
i am wondering with him being so young ilight>shouldilight> ilight>iilight> ilight>takeilight> FMLA(and is this condition covered under FMLA) for some time just to get more familiar with his behaviors, symptoms, etc. He is surprisingly wonderful with taking glucose tests and even the novopen shots. This is all very new to us and we were shocked. We took him to the Dr. thinking he had a bladder infection only to find out he was near to having been in diabetic coma. The Dr.
my blood sugars can go from 250 over 300 normally since i started the 2 mets a day i took ahalf in morn and half at night until about 2 weeks ago i told him it bothered my stomach i have to go to the bathroom regardless of where i am my eyes have started bothering me more my lower back and my rib cage seems tender does anyone else ilight>takeilight> this ilight>muchilight> medicine and ilight>iilight> also ilight>takeilight> 3 prozac 20 mg 3 xanax 0.
i would hope that his doctor has not just told him to ilight>takeilight> 20 units before each meal, but has explained ilight>howilight> the person must calculate his insulin needs based on the number of carbohydrates that he intends to eat. Most doctors work with the indivicual to establish a mathematical formula that we use before we eat to figure out exactly how much insulin we need for each meal.
there is another approach which uses both short and long acting insulins and calculates dosages based on how much carb and protein you eat. Critical is to count carbohydrates and to determine exactly ilight>howilight> ilight>muchilight> insulin you need to cover ilight>howilight> ilight>muchilight> carbohydrfates. Don't give up. YOu are young and you can manage this with the right information and tools (insulin, diet, exercise).
When i eat i eat incredibly healthily, ilight>iilight> exercise daily, and ilight>iilight> am not drinking alcohol, but at present ilight>iilight> find ilight>iilight> am hardly eating at all in the day to try and keep things under control. i am headachy and worried. my specialist can't see me until next month, can you advise what might be goinmg on? Are some poeple resistant to Lantis? Thanks.
BTW i use the glargine RDNA lantus. ?? you say that a 80% day and 20% night doseage ilight>shouldilight> work so if ilight>iilight> use 20 units day ilight>iilight> ilight>shouldilight> use 4 units at night say 10:00 PM 24 total 24 x .2 = 4.8 round down for saftey so 4 to start at night and 24 x .8 = 18.4 so 18 in the morning will work i'll give it a try as it can only help THANKS AGAiN any comments please post again thanks all.
The doctor said her blood tests also suggest she is developing cealiac disease. i'm finding it all a little too ilight>muchilight>. ilight>iilight> feel so sorry for my daughter that she can't have her usual foods or treats like our other children or her friends with being diabetic and i know this upsets her i don't know how she will be if she does end up with cealiac as the doctor said alot of her food will be restricted even further.?
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