How long to take doxycycline for uti

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Avatar_m_tn My insistance we were swapping something, her obgyn insisting to her during exam that it was not something we were swapping. How long does it take for a bacteria from a uti to cause pain? If it was coming from her, wouldn't it cause her symptoms as well?
Avatar_m_tn Hi, I used to come down with epididymitis about every 3 to 4 months for many years. Most of the time I had a UTI as well. I than read that they used to give males undergoing prostate surgery a vasectomy to prevent infections from spreading to the testicles. My wife and I had 4 children and we had decided that I should try this. Vasectomy had complications and about a year later I lost my left testicle as a result of a staph infection for which I had an emergency left orchiectomy.
Avatar_n_tn I'm still taking doxycycline, but since I'm taking Urecholine (10 days ago), I feel fantastic and I do not have any of the earlier symptoms anymore. Does that mean that I will have to take Urecholine for the rest of my life? How can I train my bladder to empty itself fully without the help of Urecholine? Is it safe for me to continue Urecholine or should I be worried about taking it too long? If I have a "health check" in a hospital (for insurance purposes), will this show?
Avatar_n_tn Almost, forgot to mention my general practitioner treated me for trichonosis just in case. Please help…I am getting depressed over this. What antibiotics should I take and for how long ?
Avatar_m_tn Hi, It is possible that the organism causing the infection is resistant to doxycycline (since your symptoms have continued despite being on doxycycline for 3 days. It would be best to go back to your doctor and report that the antibiotic has not helped. You will need to take the antibiotic for the prescribed duration in the interim. Also your urine culture report (if done) would be available now and that would really help decide what antibiotic is best for you.
Avatar_m_tn I have done a Chlamydia test and since I was worried this was most likely epididimytis and I didn't want it to become chronic I received doxycycline and have taken that for a week, it seemed to have gotten better but the pain was still there and it was pretty bad 2 days ago, when I got an appointment to a urologist. The chlamydia test came out negative.
Avatar_n_tn Then Sunday, it was back at its worst again. Constantly feeling like I have to go to the bathroom. I'm in such discomfort trying to fall asleep, it takes me a couple hours!! So today I called the doctor again and told him how its not getting better and I wanted to see a Urologist. Does anyone have any indication to what I may have?
Avatar_m_tn The itchy symptoms occurred for about a week before I decided to go to the doctor. I had been trying to see if there was any discharge, and just before heading to see him, I managed to squeeze a drop of what I think was discharge from my penis - it was a small portion and lightly cloudy. The doctor said I most probably had chlamydia or gonorrhea, and as I am allergic to penicillin, he prescribed me 100mg of Minocycline, twice daily, for 10 days.
Avatar_m_tn Hi just wanted to to see if your symptoms got better after the UTI? I also had a UTI for 2 months. It cleared up but I still have the urgency to pee. Some days are better than others. If you could let me know?
Avatar_n_tn Doctor, 1.) I have just been prescribed doxycycline for the urethritis. 2 times a day for 10 days. How long should this take to get rid of the pain? 2.) You say the odds are strongly in my favor. If you had to estimate odds what would you say they are? 3.) I read some numbers online. Blood to mucous membrane is .09% chance for HIV transmission. How the heck is it so low for HIV infected blood? What makes urethritis such as chlamydia easier to transmit than HIV?
Avatar_f_tn Check with your doctor or pharmacist to make sure these are OK for you to try. Ice sometimes also feels really good and sometimes heat, but not too hot to increase inflammation. Soaking a warm not too hot bath, with baking soda in the water helps a lot too. I know when I was first diagnoised or in the process I spent a lot of time in tub... not that easy with 3 that close in age but they are also not babies any more either and can understand mom is not feeling well!
Avatar_m_tn Finally, if any of this persists after a couple of weeks -- testicular pain, the abnormal urinaysis, etc -- it probably will be time for referral to a urologist for evaluation for a prostate problem. Sorry much of this is so vague -- but we're dealing with a vague, not-well-understood group of disorders. But trust me -- the chance of anything serious is very low if not zero. That should end this thread. Take care.
Avatar_f_tn As of Monday I was not experiencing any pain throughout my body and started the antibiotics that the doctor prescribed for me for the UTI. Today, Thursday, the urine test came out negative for bacteria and my doctor told me to it is safe to stop the antibiotics. And the yeast infection was very slight and my doctor suggest I take some medicine for the yeast infection.
Avatar_m_tn Seems to me it would be worth it to fly over for a week and take advantage of their socialized medicine to get a prescription, and check out the Mona Lisa and the Eiffel Tower while you are there. I have searched online and can't really find too much specific to M. Genitalium.
Avatar_n_tn Just to add to my last post, you should wait 4 weeks for HIV testing (90-95% accuracy I think) and 6 weeks for 100% accuracy, (although official guidelines are 3 months, Dr HHH says 6 weeks is totally accurate)
Avatar_f_tn If you need help finding another doc for a second opinion, let us know. One way is to contact ILADS [dot] org for a referral to a Lyme specialist near you. Let us know how we can help -- best wishes!
Avatar_m_tn FYI, it is only by chance that I am replying to your question. Dr. Hook and I take questions without regard to requests for one of us or the other. Our opinions and recommendations are always the same anyway. Your negative syphilis test 6 weeks after exposure, and 2 weeks after the anal area "bump" appeared, was 100% proof you don't have syphilis and your repeat negative test at 3 months further confirmed you didn't have it.
Avatar_f_tn Have you requested any blood test or anything? Also, maybe it would help to keep re-testing for STDs as some can take quite a while to show up on a test. After being pregnant i keep getting yeast infection and just the itch drives me crazy so i can only imagine how you are feeling. do as much research as you can, ask your doctors to explore all options. Also, if your tests come back negative for BV and they still want to put you on the medication maybe it would be best to not take it?
Avatar_f_tn - 1. is enterococcal infection is lifethreatning. 2. how long it take to get cure from enterococcal infection. 3. is back and neck pain is due to this infection. 4.
Avatar_f_tn But i remember going to clinic to have my urine check for uti, cos i have difficulty urinating. That was some time march 2013 and may 2013. I was prescribed with macrobid 100mg 2x daily for 7 days for those times and symptoms cleared up but never check for chlamydia. Then probably couple of weeks before i went for pap (oct2013), i really have this vaginal discharge and foul smell down. Question is: 1.
Avatar_m_tn and also lets say its really a fungal infection and not std, for how long it will take to treat this with clotrimazole cream?does it take a week,1month, or even 2 months?
Avatar_m_tn at this point, drink plenty of water - like 8-10 cups a day, try not to sit for long periods of time , avoid alcohol , caffeine and spicy foods and follow up with the urologist. your provider so far has thrown a lot at you needlessly and getting a 2nd opinion is a good idea.
Avatar_n_tn Thanks a lot for your post Jimmy. I forgot to come back to this thread and did not see this until today. Since I still have symptoms myself, this may be helpful to me. Thanks again and take care!
Avatar_f_tn I did call and my doctor did prescribe me diflucan, but I'm wondering also how long it takes to go into affect? I took it on the 25th, and I still have quite the yeasty discharge.
Avatar_m_tn I realise I am lucky to receive tests and treatment, but the doctors I see are often recently trained offer differing information and idagnosis (saying it is either NSU, a UTI or maybe prostatis), so I come to you or Dr HHH as I take your words to be best NGU expertise available to me.
Avatar_n_tn you live off a vegetarian raw food diet for a long time, then switch to good old fried chicken ! write back soon !
Avatar_n_tn Hi how long did it take for the rash to subside and for you to feel better.. Please let me know..
Avatar_f_tn The test we use today have been around for a very long time over 100's for cultures not sure how long on the standard dip sticks but recently doctors have begun to understand more about complicated or chronic infections. The symptoms of these are the same and only a good urologist with time can help determine which maybe causing your symptoms..
Avatar_m_tn I was told that the medication should do the trick but I am starting to believe that the 1000 mg dose did not kill the bacteria. I am wondering if I am correct or not and how long do symptoms usually take to go away? And any other advice or information I could get. Also I had just went back to my gyno he re tested me and gave me an ultra sound & is convinced that my chalmydia is gone and those symptoms were just my pre period symptoms bc I had just gotten my period as well.
4939681_tn?1361302899 If azithromiacin is in the same family as Biaxin, shouldn't I be able to switch right back to it? Waiting for LLMD to call me back, but the office won't be open until Monday and I don't want to wait that long.