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Please excuse my stupidity But could someone please tell me if their's a difference between the way that the oxycodone 30 ir and the oxymorphone 10 ir work in your system and help a person that's in server pain And if they both show up in your system as the same drug Because I've been told that perkacets and oxycodone both show up as the same drug in your system And that the oxymorphone does not So if it's not to much to ask And without getting blasted out to badly LOL Could someone that's knows
failed to say this to me or maybe I'm wrong....6-7 months of Tramadol in your long after stopping does it stay in your system?? I know nothing about any of this? I'm confused. He didn't say I would feel this way. Hope my post made sense?
Dilaudid(Hydromorphone) is more than twice as potent as Oxycodone and if a person injects Hydromorphone it too is highly addictive! Oxymorphone seems to be somewhere in between the two... When the goal ideally is to obtain pain relief without excessive euphoria Oxycodone is not the ticket but, like morphine, sometimes these are considered desirable side-effects.
If you don't have anything you can take today, get some aleve, it's naproxen just not in the amount that a perscription would be, so take however many aleve add up to anywhere from 250mg to 500 mg depending on how your body responds to naproxen. ( if each aleve is 100 mg taking 5 is the same exact thing as taking a 500mg naproxen. It is the exact same drug just a lesser dosage per pill since it is over the counter) I really hope this helps. Let me know if you need anything.
OOOOk let me just start by saying denial is the first indication of a problem ok say you do take as perscribed how long befor you relize that ur body is becomeing ammune to that dose as with any meds to include antibiotics your body builds up a resistance say what u want but sat your script says one erry 4to6 hours for pain fact is any codone-oxy-hydro-any pain med is gonna stop working as well within 2 to 3 hours then your back in pain and if your like me I go to pain management so I get my scr
Are you taking your medication on an empty stomach? It's very important that you do this. I'm not sure how these medications compare to each other. I do know that we're all different and can respond to these medications differently. I take it you made the change because the Fentanyl was not working for you? Your Dr could very well be right. It may take a few days for this medication to start working. How many days has it been since you started it? I'm sorry that I was really no help at all.
There is a long acting opiate which is extensively used in Europe but which for various reasons is out of favor in the US. It is called Contugesic and Codicontin (I'm not sure which is generic and which is brand). I have used both and I think that Codicontin (Dihydrocodeine Tartarate) is more evvective than Oxycontin. It is available through certain off-shore pharmacies. Not being sure of the rules of this BB, I will not mention names. Just a thought.
The oxymorphone has a relatively long half life 13-14 hours so it should be in your system it just may be that the urine test is highly inaccurate, which happens A LOT to many chronic pain patients all the time so know that you are not alone. Everyone is different in how we process and metabolize medications. It sounds like you have a great physician on your side that is willing to retest until the right test shows the oxymorphone levels in your blood.
Compared to many of your stories, this may seem insignificant but in my mind, it is huge so please bare with me. I have been taking Hydro-acetaminophen 5-500, 1+1/2 pills per evening, about 5 times a week to deal with chronic neck pain and tension. It literally melts away the pain. I do not like taking any more than that and never take it during the day.
Hello Friends. This is disturbing news. Do you want the FDA to regulate your medications? Well, they are trying to do so. Please read....... Background on Opioid REMS........
Are you under the care of a prescribing provider/pain specialist? It is extremely important for you to work closely with your provider in optimizing your pain management. Opioid treatment regimens are very complicated, especially with dosing conversion and extended release formulations. Opioid therapy conversion needs to be very conservative, because opioid overdose can lead to respiratory depression and may be fatal.
but I am so afraid that I am going to let the thought of constant pain allow me to give in to the monthly scrips I get. How long until I am really free of the opiates in my system? Thanks for all who have helped, read, and commented.
I'm not sure how potent the Oxymorphone is? It just says,like Oxy,that it's an abuse drug,so I'd tend to think it's close to the same thing as Oxy,but I could be mistaken. I'll put a new thread up,to see if anyone knows. Thanks.Feel Better.
Yeah, it hurts something awful in the beginning, but the more muscle you can build up the less stress is put on your skeletal system and the less pain you'll have. I managed to weightlift my way out of severe neck pain following two nasty neck surgeries after meds and mild PT did nothing. Not that I recommend anyone do such a thing without a doctor's input mind you. Then there's psychotherapy. That was another surprise for me in dealing with chronic pain and it's helped more than the meds.
if your doctor wants you to try methadone you absolutely DO NOT want to double the dose of the medicine. It takes a long time to build up in your system and the double dose may not start working for a couple of days and collide with your normal dose and cause you to overdose. Methadone requires a very slow and cautious titration because of its extremely long half life. Many have attested that it is a very powerful pain reliever but I was too afraid to try it when my doctor recommended it.
You just have to push thru honey i know it is hard. In the beginning ariley told me fake it til u make it. Everyday i told myself think positive and be proud of being clean because if all i did was take care of my kids and i was clean i was proud of that! Everyday will get better you can and you are doing this!
Hi Tramadol Warriors! A new thread. New Day. New chance to take your life back. Welcome ....
well then I guess your route will be CT. It really is the best way in my opinion. Keep up your nutrition and hydration, and post often. When do you plan to start?
you take 8mg, then by Tuesday P.M. you still have 4mg. in your system, then Thursday A.M. you still have 2mg. in your system,then Friday P.M. you still have 1mg in your system. Every 37.50 hours it cuts in half. So approximately five days duration for an 8mg tablet. Does that make sense??
(funny thing is, I NEVER DID METH!!). It's ALL FROM SUBUTEX and how it just sits in your bones and builds up over time and seems to EAT away your bone marrow and rapes your body of calcium. And the refuse of medication that just sits rotting your bones makes a later "appearance" in the show whenever it is you decide to detox. That's when it comes PURGING out of every single pore of your body as well as through your TEETH!! (just like the bones in your body).
So, he simply replaced one for the other. Although a lesser amount, it is still an opiate in your system and is essentially tricking you. He is putting you on Suboxone on Monday? Did he tell you that and tell you how to prepare for that the day before? Let us know.
I know Percocet has both Oxymorphone AND Acetaminophen in it, and Oxycontin has Oxymorphone only. I'm not certain what the Acetaminophen brings to the table as far as drug-interactions go, but your statement that the Perc and the Oxy are the same (2x5mg vs. 1x10mg) sounds about right. Maybe someone in the Pain-Management Community would know. They're VERY familiar with narcotic pain-meds over there (as it's a part of their daily lives), so they might know better.
The symptoms you are experiencing is probably your system adjusting to the new, stronger opiate. Once your body adjusts, these symptoms should greatly reduce if not cease. I wish you well and hope that your new meds will be effective in controlling your pain. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.
Hey .. what is Opana? I know its new, but what are you taking it for and how long have you been doing the pain mgmt? So, what did the new dr say about all this? Some dr's just don't have any bedside manner .. i can't believe he would say that to you ... i probably would of knocked him on is, you know what ...
If you're prescribed a hydrocodone drug for minor pain, or your friends or family members are taking pain medication, ask your doctor for a different prescription and remind your loved ones of the risks of taking these drugs. Please share any solutions in the comments that you've found effective in preventing your friends, family members, or even yourself from being prescribed hydrocodone so we can do the same.
Ronald Siegel, a psychopharmacologist at UCLA said 'The widespread testing and reliance on tell-tale traces of drugs in the urine is simply a panic reaction invoked because the normal techniques for controlling drug use haven't worked very well. The next epidemic will be testing abuse." Byrd Labs has in its possession an internal document from the Syva Company, makers of the widely used EMIT test.
Such a view is consistent with the ‘hierarchy of needs’ put forward by Abraham Maslow in 1943; there can be little interest in higher order traits when one is fighting for one’s life. Other Questions (and answers): -Should Suboxone patients be in a recovery group? I have reservations about forced attendance, as I question the value of any therapy where the patient is not an eager and voluntary participant.
When you take opiates for a prolonged time like you have, your body's physiology has been altered. Your central nervous system has created a multitude of opioid receptors that all were screaming for endorphins (opiates) to fill them, but your body has now forgotten how to make them by itself. It takes time for your receptors to down-regulate (for the brain begin to heal) and to start making its own endorphins.
So again it's not the strength of the medication but how your system responds. Please let us know how you tolerate Opana. We all learn from one another.
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