How long does clonidine last

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Avatar m tn It is really amazing my pain is completely almost gone, with the exception of a little soreness. I have starting weaning myself from the oxy and was going to ask my doc for some clonidine. How much does it really help with the w/d symptoms?
656243 tn?1231291652 I was recently put on Clonidine to help with anxiety and I am currently on Effexor. Does anyone have any past experiences with Clonidine? Does it work? Do I have to build it up in my system? Thanks C.
589824 tn?1238800413 Long term use of Clonidine should be tapered. BUT it does not cause the same type of W/D as opiates. If you suddenly stop Clonidine, you can suffer what is called "rebound hypertension" In otherwards, your blood pressure will go up. So it is not a huge deal unless you have underlying cardiac issues or existing high BP.
Avatar f tn How long do you normally take clonidine for withdrawal symptoms from Oxycontin and Percocet?
243614 tn?1266201137 How much clonidine to help with cravings for percoset? To use as a taper. thanks.
198154 tn?1337790865 but when your in WD's it does not stay low, thus purpose of clonidine, used often for WD's but only a caring doctor will give it, most would rather see you suffer....i took .1 mg of clonidine 3 times daily...worked tremendously well...if taking clonidine will help get you off your d.o.c.,...take it as your doctor has prescribed it...regardless of what you think MIGHT does help more than i can describe, i think it is a miracle drug for wd's.
3119293 tn?1342054132 First, can someone point to a reliable web site where they list the symptoms? Second, how long I can expect this general lousy feeling last? And last, how long will it take to get back to a feeling where I want to do more than just lay around all day? Thank you all in advance for answering my questions.
222369 tn?1274478235 Hi has the clonidine done for you so far? I used it myself and have suggested it many times on here. I saw that you were using it and was womndering if it had done as well for you as it had for me??
Avatar f tn Long story short. My doctor switched my Ativan to Clonidine 0.01 for my PMDD night sweats. Has anyone ever taken it for this reason? Did it work, and is 0.01 a low dose. I am afraid to take it because I don't have high BP. Just curious and nervous about taking it. thanks, Nauty......................
Avatar f tn Taking 10 30mg per day for 2 months, 6-7 30mg for two months,prior to that using 5-10 Norco 10/325 for 18 months. Can anyone estimate how long the major withdrawals will last if I go cold turkey? I am so terrified but have GOT to do this now. I have Clonodine, Clonazepam, Ambien, Neurontin and Lyrica to help me through. I am scared I will die. I've heard anywhere from 5days of hell to a whole month. Can anyone who's been on a similar dose help me with an estimate? grateful to hear from anyone.
557230 tn?1269433429 For me the nausea, diarrhea and restlessness are really bad. How long will this go on? This is my second (and last) time quitting. I have even opened up to my husband about my addiction and he is helping me get through this.
Avatar m tn I am feeling kind of sad and depressed and having a hard time dealing with all of this and the kids. Is that normal? Did any of you experience depression? How long did it last? Thanks again, like I said, it is nice to know someone cares!
Avatar m tn 90 days is a common turning point, but it doesn't stop there. Yes, methadone can take a long time to recover from. I was on twice as much as you and it took me 10 months to feel good. It is rough, but totally worth it. Hang in there. Are you taking vitamins and getting enough electrolytes and amino acids? That really helps. What are your other symptoms, maybe we can help with supplements to get you through.
351846 tn?1273619144 I have been on opiates for 10yrs and now suboxone for the last 3 my question is HOW LONG till my body stops wanting this stuff???!!!! Mentally I'm soo ready to stop but I cant without going through the usual: runny nose, chills, the runs and all the others.. I have weened myself to 1mg suboxone a day but that doesnt seem to be enough.. What do I do next??
222369 tn?1274478235 For me, the difference is unbelievable. I tried the whole CT thing before and had massive aches, anxiety, etc. This time, instead of a 10..anxiety, aches, pains have been maybe a 2-3. The diarrhea was terrible, and the occasional anxious feeling was bad, but tolerable. Nothing helps the tiredness and fatigue (in fact, the clonidine makes that part worse), but it's worth the trade-off.
Avatar f tn What does this stuff do? Like how does it help.....I take it once a night with some TARAZADONE and some VALIUM and I wake up feeling a bit weird but fine. Anyone know how this stuff works and what one should expect from it?
441267 tn?1211690601 old post i know but at what point do you start taking the clonidine- i know my dr told me but i don't remember...