How long can you have contractions before you go into labor

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I'm a FTM and I just wanted to know when did you ladies go into labor with your first? Was it painful? Does it hurt when they're coming out? Does the IV hurt? How long was it before you were up and walking? What pains did you have after? It would be really helpful if someone answered.
I lost my plug a few hours ago but I have had strong contractions since last night (some of which woke me up). Can you go into labor before loosing plug? Or how long after do you typically begin labor? Im 35w2d & ready to see my lil guy but scared im gonna have him too soon. Or that ill have to have an emergency c-section with him also.
It really sounds like just from the membrane sweep, the mucus blood is just the discharge if you are getting contractions i would say you might go into labour soon or the next couple days. But really it is hard to say. When they do the membrane sweep they irritate the cervix so that it starts to contract and you start to dilate. SO that is why you bleed.
If i Go into labor before Scheduled csection. 3rd preg 2 prev csec. Possible to have bby vaginal? or what happens? Anyone have gone through this?
Every woman is different and gets different cues from her body that she is in labor. If you have had a baby before, what were some of the signs that you were in labor? Do you get sick? Did you have to go to the bathroom more? Did you abdomen start tightening? Also what tips helped you in your labor? Did walking help? Did a warm bath help?
I am 31 weeks and found out I am 3 cms dilated and have lost some of my mucous plug. So what I am wondering is how long before labor starts can you be dilated? I never thought to ask when I was the doctor as I was kinda surprised.
I'm 37 weeks but my son is already 7 lbs and I'm beyond ready to have him already I know you won't go into labor until your body is fully ready but does anyone know of anything I can do to jump start it a Lil ??
When you start having contractions, can that mean you will go into labor soon or within a couple weeks? I'm 34 weeks, 35 Monday & I have been having what they called 'mild' contractions for the last week.. can I expect to go into real labor soon or no?
It depends, you should be feeling pain if they're contractions, sometimes when its early labour it may feel abit like period pain in conjuction with your tummy going hard, I would hop into a warm bath or shower and see if this settles them down some what,m if it does then its more than likely that they're b/hicks, if not you maybe in the early stages of labour, if so they should be regular, and as long as you can still talk through them you shouldnt need to go to the hospital, its when they are
Unless your cramping starts coming and going, going to your back (in a regular, timeable pattern) or you get painful contractions/your water breaks, it's not necessary to go to the doctors. You can still work, the more active you are, the better chance you have of dilating more, and losing more of your mucus plug & getting started with labor sooner! If your discharge becomes very bloody you should also contact L&D. Good luck!! Hopefully labor comes to both of us soon!
You can have back contractions/labor but what you are describing doesn't sound labor like...One hint that you are having contractions will be the tightening of the stomach/it getting hard. Good luck!
first of all have you timed ur contractions? (how close together and how long they last) - i was induced with my first and second just happened. Have your waters broken or have you had a show and have you phoned your midwife or nearsest hospital? (sorry lots of questions) This is all you need to know really also are you due or are you early as this is important.
So my best friend in 22 weeks pregnant and due in the middle of Feburary but wants me to be there for the birth. I live 45 minutes to an hour away depending on traffic. How long did you labor with your first baby? I don't want to miss it and she is worried I might. If I am at work it maybe closer to 2 hours since I will have to have the parent of the kids I'm watching come home from work so I can leave. Was your first labor fast?
Some women could be dilated and take forever to get into labor, others go into labor when they aren't even dilated. Walking and sex are the big ones. We have an exercise ball that I used when I was pregnant, at about 38 weeks that was the only thing I could sit on that was comfortable. You can get them pretty cheep if you decide you need/want one (Many also come with DVD's that can help get you back in shape after the baby too). Good luck!
Labor contractions terminate with birth, BH contractions don't. Yes, it can go on for a long time. If you are only 35 weeks, let your doctor know if you are getting more than 6-7 in an hour. The problems of the birth of a near term infant, while not life threatening, are often avoidable. A 35-36 weeker can have problems with feeding, jaundice, blood sugar, breathing, and temperature regulation.
Thank you. I know it is different for everyone, thats why I like to hear a variety of ladie's experiences. So thank you.
I ended up with an emergency c-section after 20 hours of labor (at the hospital) because I'm too small to deliver a baby vaginally, so with my second I was scheduled for a c-section at 39 weeks and that night I was uncomfortable and couldn't sleep all night but I thought it was because I was nervous but when I got to the hospital and was being preped for surgery the nurse goes did you know you're in labor, and now I'm 33 weeks with #3 and have been contracting on and off for weeks and my baby i
They were concerned at the rate the contractions were coming so i had to wait around and see my Dr. She did some test to check and see if i was going to go into labor in the next two weeks. They had to send it to the hospital to get the results, so they won't know anything on that until tomorrow. Then she checked my cervix and there wasn't enough going on down there to send me to the hospital (thankfully!!).
the one thing that the doctor did say is that if i go into labor after 34 weeks they will not stop it. she said it was a major developmental turning point and the baby will come out with only small problems like jaundice and having a hard time eating but would only spend a week or so in the hospital. i cant wait for the next 4-5 days to pass to get there...just in case. Good luck to you.
you can try eating fresh pineapple to induce labor i read that it helps start it but it has to be fresh :)
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