How long can contractions last

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If the pains come with the tightening it is contractions an you should time how long it last an how far apart it is till it happens again.
How long do these usually last for ? Feels like my son is up against my stomach it does t hurt but is uncomfortable.. im 37 +5 ... and im feeling pressure on my bone down there alot especially when im standing...and feeling pain down there.
Its been about 10 mins and havent had it again. How long can it be before I should possibly expect another one? And what did yours feel like first starting out?
Honestly stay in the squatting position as long as you can physically. Especially through the contractions. This is exactly how I was for days until I did squats. My son was born that night.
I had false labor saturday night,at 10 started like period cramping that would last between 50 to 60 seconds long every 10 mins.
What do contractions feel like when they are just starting? How long do they usually last when they first start? Are they extremely painful when they first start?
how far apart are they ? if the pains are 5 minutes aprt you need to go to the hosp.
What do your first real contractions feel like? Do they start before or after your water breaks?
(how close together and how long they last) - i was induced with my first and second just happened. Have your waters broken or have you had a show and have you phoned your midwife or nearsest hospital? (sorry lots of questions) This is all you need to know really also are you due or are you early as this is important.
Start timing how far apart they come.. And how long they last.. If it continues if contractions.
Okay this may have an obvious answer but what do contractions feel like? Last night I was in labor& delivery for four hours hooked up to the monitors and was having contractions but all I was feeling was a dull back pain I wasn't feeling any of the contractions so I'm not sure how I am supposed to know when I am having them or not my stomach its pretty tight already.
Chances are its ur labour starting. Hopefully they quit stopping and just continue. U cant always judge it by how long they last or how far apart because that maynot b consistent but they shoud get more paiful and not stop. An just remeber that not all contractions are picked up on the monitors. When i was in full labour with my first they were only picking them uplike every 10 mins but they were one after the other so theywere going by my reaction instead. Good luck!
How are you doing? Is your back feeling better? I know the last couple of weeks during pregnancy are especially difficult, and uncomfortable. Back pain is also quite common....hauling around a full term fetus can do a number on your back....good news soon as that thing comes is allll better! I know this sounds stupid, but enjoy these LAST QUIET MOMENTS as much as you can.
then i got my 5th one about 15 minutes after the 4th one which would put me at 5 contractions last 20 seconds each in about a 55-60 minute period. i remained in bed and drank my water and had about 3-4 more of the sharp stabbing pains in my vagina but no more contractions. after an hour of laying in bed and no contractions i decided to get up and start doing things (dishes, laundry...etc.) while bouncing back and fourth to the computer ..the usual. that brings me to now...
How exactly do you time contractions? Ive been having contractions since last night. i Left my bfs house and had two really really painful contractions but they stopped. Today we went to target, which practically killed me, and i had a couple of contractions there. that was earlier today and they stopped. then i woke up from my nap and had 1 long painful contraction. i dont kno wheter its real or not. im 38 weeks. i heard your whole uterus balls up...and it has.
I really understand how you feel, im 24 wees and ive been having them too and they have really scared me at times. I'll get them on and off one day and then not at all the next. I have been drinking lots of water though and i think if you are bent or hunched over doing somthing it doesnt help. I've just tried to lie down when i get them and stretch out.
Ok ladies I went to class tonight feeling fine about the time class ended I got really cramppy feeling like with my period then my stomach got super hard. I started having some contractions on my way home and started to time them. They didnt get into a regular pattern until 8:17 and so far its 9:10 and every 10 minutes I have a contraction lasting about 1 min. I was wanting to know could I actually be in labor? I dont want to get too excited but its a little hard not too.
im getting pains above my bikini line i guess u would say my lower abdomen at first when i said to the doc on thurs i get them every now and then she said yea its just stretching or engagement but tonight its happening alot it doesnt last long tho only a second or few its almost like a sharp tightening pain but sometimes i feel bub moving so i thought maby its just him moving in a tight spot down there that hurts?
That stinks that your contractions stopped. Has your OB's office called you back yet? Hopefully they can get you in soon!
I was so bummed out lol BUT even if you weren't much dilated on Sunday means nothing...labor can come on very quickly and things can change very quickly. Contractions don't hurt your stomach...more like your the worst period from hell cramps. You can have back contractions/labor but what you are describing doesn't sound labor like...One hint that you are having contractions will be the tightening of the stomach/it getting hard. Good luck!
I hope you're not having them now! They are a regular tightening that don't last very long (10 seconds?), getting longer and spaced closer together as time progresses, accompanied with pressure near your cervix. I think when they started, I felt more up high and later, felt them more down low. I'm not sure how person-specific they are since a friend of mine described them as what sounded like back cramps!
Then she checked my cervix and there wasn't enough going on down there to send me to the hospital (thankfully!!). So she called me in a perscription for terbutaline to stop the contractions and as long as the contractions stop i go back in on Wednesday to get checked out again. Until then I am on bedrest just to make sure everything stays where it should!!
Mine can be quite painful at times, and I was told as long as I don't have anymore than 6 and hour as well. They also told me they should be regularly spaced and lasting one minute before having to goto the doctor. Also, a full bladder will make you have more BH's and they will be more uncomfortable/painful.
Braxton Hicks contractions are real contractions; they just aren't labor contractions. All contractions consist of the uterus hardening up for a period of time, from 20 sec to a minute. Labor contractions terminate with birth, BH contractions don't. Yes, it can go on for a long time. If you are only 35 weeks, let your doctor know if you are getting more than 6-7 in an hour. The problems of the birth of a near term infant, while not life threatening, are often avoidable.
How many of you are experiencing extreme BH contractions? Mine have been getting painful! Not just in my belly either. My back is killing me because of them!! I am finally 33w 2d, and I know this started like this about a month before labor with my other two, but it is so annoying already!!
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