How long can contractions last

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Avatar_f_tn If the pains come with the tightening it is contractions an you should time how long it last an how far apart it is till it happens again.
377493_tn?1356505749 What does that mean exactly, and how long can this last for? I am having frequent contractions, and they hurt!! There is no pattern to them, they just sort of come whenever. Favorite time seems to be late at night/middle of night..sleeping is becoming a problem and I am getting grumpy!! lol. I somehow think lack of sleep will be easier to deal with because I am taking care of my baby...that's a happy thing! This is not. Anyone else have this go on this long?
Avatar_f_tn How long do these usually last for ? Feels like my son is up against my stomach it does t hurt but is uncomfortable.. im 37 +5 ... and im feeling pressure on my bone down there alot especially when im standing...and feeling pain down there.
Avatar_n_tn When measuring how long your contractions last do you time how long your belly is hard or how long the crampy feeling is? And when timing how far apart they are are you timing from start to the start of the next one or the end of the first one to the start of the second one?
Avatar_f_tn How long will I have contractions before the baby comes?? I'm 38.5 weeks and I've had contractions on and off for the the last 2 weeks. They are driving me insane. I'm still working and I'm getting on average 8,000 steps on my Fitbit a day.... How can I move this along faster??? He has started putting his head between my pelvis as well and it is pretty painful.
Avatar_f_tn Its been about 10 mins and havent had it again. How long can it be before I should possibly expect another one? And what did yours feel like first starting out?
Avatar_f_tn That's how mine were for most of my labor as well. I did get an epidural about 11 hours into my 27 hour labor, but I had contractions long before I was induced. It just felt like a tightening up until the last hour before I could push when the epidural wasn't covering them anymore.
Avatar_f_tn ) I've never confused them, somehow I could just tell it was labour.
Avatar_f_tn Honestly stay in the squatting position as long as you can physically. Especially through the contractions. This is exactly how I was for days until I did squats. My son was born that night.
Avatar_f_tn I would wait to go in until you have them happening more frequently again. Go for a walk. Labor can last a long time, and it's nice to do it where you are comfortable for as long as possible.
Avatar_f_tn If you are able to time about how long they last and if they are close together it's the real ones .
Avatar_f_tn I had false labor saturday night,at 10 started like period cramping that would last between 50 to 60 seconds long every 10 mins.
Avatar_f_tn How far along are you.
3197047_tn?1345772494 What do contractions feel like when they are just starting? How long do they usually last when they first start? Are they extremely painful when they first start?
Avatar_f_tn It can be Braxton Hicks
Avatar_f_tn how far apart are they ? if the pains are 5 minutes aprt you need to go to the hosp.
Avatar_f_tn Write down what time they happen and for how many seconds or minutes.that way you can tell how far apart they are and how long you're having a contraction. The beginning of labor isn't usually painful. You usually start out with contractions that arnt to far together that arnt to long and that don't have pain. As labor progresses the contractions get stronger and longer and painful. If you're ever in Question though it's best to call your obgyn. Always better safe than sorry.
Avatar_f_tn What do your first real contractions feel like? Do they start before or after your water breaks?
Avatar_n_tn Im 39 weeks me and my boyfriend has sex at 9pm and its 1am and iv had contractions since 9pm and I'm not sure if its bh contractions or real. Its painful comes and goes and last about a min and come every 5 min any thoughts?
Avatar_n_tn (how close together and how long they last) - i was induced with my first and second just happened. Have your waters broken or have you had a show and have you phoned your midwife or nearsest hospital? (sorry lots of questions) This is all you need to know really also are you due or are you early as this is important.
9309926_tn?1405450656 @mybaby1995 that's how I started to but once the contractions get stronger I felt the pain in my lower stomach waist and thighs ugh does it hurt but don't be scared everyone's different(:
Avatar_f_tn Start timing how far apart they come.. And how long they last.. If it continues if contractions.
Avatar_f_tn Okay this may have an obvious answer but what do contractions feel like? Last night I was in labor& delivery for four hours hooked up to the monitors and was having contractions but all I was feeling was a dull back pain I wasn't feeling any of the contractions so I'm not sure how I am supposed to know when I am having them or not my stomach its pretty tight already.
Avatar_f_tn To any already mommas, once contractions start how long will they last? Are they short, long, mixed? Ftm getting close to due date and super curious!