How does temodar work

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They repeated his CT which is better. All bld work is fine. At least no fevers now. He is on anyti biotics until cultures come back. But still very is so frustrating and baffling....
Often I'd be told to go to the ER to get IV meds to stop the pain, which one weekend, didn't work. They did a scan and found a tumor, and that night I had brain surgery to remove what turned out to be a stage 4 Glioblstoms zzzzzzzzzzmultforme tumor. Told I had 2 to 5 years to live. I keep wondering why they let me go that long with such severe pain without an MRI. Would it have made a difference if we found it when it was smaller?
does anyone know where I can get help with getting free meds for hep C? I live in kansas city,missouri now. I am getting ready to move to boise, idaho and i do not have insurance to pay for meds or treatments. my email address is michael_mcgee2000***@**** I also have diebetis type11 and need help getting meds and teatment for this also.
The lump my Mom had on her neck did indeed get smaller - in fact, it went from being big enough that her chin hit it when she turned her head, to virtually invisible. All of her blood work has looked fantastic. She was feeling great. But about 4 wks ago, she started having minor memory problems, mainly having to do w/ keeping her checkbook straight. I urged her to see her family dr (I suspected perhaps it was a TIA or something), which she did.
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