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224049_tn?1204594715 In both studies where naltrexone was shown to be effective, it was combined with treatment from professional psychotherapists. 5. How long does naltrexone take to work? Naltrexone's effects on blocking opioids occurs shortly after taking the first dose. Findings to date suggest that the effects of naltrexone in helping patients remain abstinent and avoid relapse to alcohol use also occur early. 6. Are there some people who should not take naltrexone?
Avatar_f_tn I don't know if anyone else in here is on either Suboxone (Naloxone) or Methadone or on a lot of morphine based pain pills... But this is a very interesting article to read regarding the Interferon being interrupted during treatment. I have wondered if perhaps the basis of Suboxone was whacking out my treatment at I am going to be looking in to this to see if perhaps it is blocking the Interferon at all and that may be why I have a few errant virus's floating around. http://www.
717440_tn?1292747342 I cant click a button above cause its really not that simple. Does suboxone work - yes for most people it does WHILE YOUR ON IT. When taking suboxone I did not crave or worry too much about relapse. I had some side effects (headaches every day, dizziness and nausea for the first two weeks) and yes it took any and all withdrawal pain away instantly.
484378_tn?1209909492 Okay, I ave read all of this s**t and I am very worried that alot of you do not know how the subx doctors work... I was on 40/50 Norcos' 10/325 a day and the doc started me at 8mg of suboxone fo rthe 1st week, than he lowered the dose by 1mg every week. At the end I was taking 1/5 mg every other day and just stopped. I had no withdrawls and was not on subx for a long time...AND AS IT WAS MENTIONED.....While I was on the SUBX it allowed me to concentrate on MEETINGS and getting a sponsor.
Avatar_m_tn The withdrawal has not been bad but I am losing patience. How long does this last? I sure would appreciate any info. Does anyone know a time line for withdrawal. Thanks.
Avatar_m_tn suboxone and subutex are the same, only suboxone has naloxone in it, subutex does not. they would both block any opiate taken depending on your dose of sub though. regardless, i am sure you will have to be off either one for this procedure, although you will have to discuss this with your oral surgeon and suboxone doctor and make sure you do, it is possible you could end up really ill if this is not handled properly... are you getting general or local anesthesia?
Avatar_n_tn Will there be withdrawal when you go off the Burpunex like other opiates? Does this come in a pill? Schlub, keep up the great work. Your gonna do it! So am I!
Avatar_m_tn You most certainly are at a point that's reasonable to jump off. You may experience some w/ds, but they shouldn't be horrific. The doc I worked for at a sub clinic recommended pts tapered down to 0.5mg before jumping off completely, and most who did it that way did fairly well. They usually experienced some level of w/ds, but most managed pretty well. What kind of "work" have you done on your recovery? Attend meetings or any kind of addiction therapy?
Avatar_f_tn a friend used the morning she went to the sub doctor and he started her on subutes immediately as it does not have the naloxone in is possible u may have to miss work the day of ur appt with the sub doctor but many do not and go in afterwards...but i would take that day off so u can see how it will affect u...try to start out at the lowest dose possible of sub as many doctors will want to put u on a large amount and it will make u drowsy and unable to work...
Avatar_n_tn How come that stuff doesn't counteract the opiates themselves in suboxone? How come those opiates work when anything else will not? Any help would be appreciated especially about me having taken it too early. I am still sitting here waiting for it to kick in. What should I be expecting?? Also...should I just take one pill in the morning or is it better to split it in the morning and one in the late afternoon or evening?
Avatar_n_tn If you can stay disciplined, this will be a hell of a lot better than going cold turkey. What is your tolerance at now? How many pills does it take to make you feel just 'normal'? Just so you know, I am a pain patient. I am prescribed ms contin for my pain. And, I am on quite a bit of it. You can either take the taper plan, or do it the hard way. If you have tried time and time again with no success, then methadone might be something you might want to look into.
Avatar_n_tn suboxone does work, but if you are doing transition from methadone to suboxone it is a totally different great for short acting ipiods, percs, vikes,and even heroin...methadone stays in your system for weeks and weeks, i waited almost 5 full days from my last dose of methadone which was always 20 mg., i THOUGHT i was sick enough to start suboxone, BOY WAS I WRONG!!! it put me into immediate precipitated withdrawals for 4 days...
Avatar_f_tn when taken orally it is subject to 'first pass metabolism' at the liver, and so it must be taken 'trans-mucosally' or through the lining of the oral cavity. It is often combined with naloxone and taken in a medication called 'Suboxone'; it is also available as 'Subutex', in a form without the naloxone. The two medications are indistinguishable when taken properly. Buprenorphine is a mu agonist, meaning that it works at the exact sites that other narcotic pain relievers work.
Avatar_f_tn I am on the pure form without naloxone, I think possibly because of the amount of Oxi I was using the Subutex jsut did not work for me I don;t know why, but within 1 hour of taking Subutex I felt so much better I had a big smile on my face, because I was sick for so long. Again it's not going to get you "high" it may give you a short buzz, but that's about it. Good luck and I hope this helps you out.
790230_tn?1239062520 Yesterday I thought there was a turning point so I tried to get up and do a few things, ended up with a fever and back in bed. Can someone please tell me how long this should last??? my husband is so tired from having to do everything & that's what makes me want to cave. Please answer me soon, I really don't want to turn back now. Any suggestions on a time frame or what I can do to get energy back? Please dont tell me to call my dr bc everytime I do he tells me to take more!!!
Avatar_n_tn I keep thinking bout them but refuse to go back again. Take one day at a time. it does get easier. They all told me that on here when i first found this site, i didn't believe it, but OMG it does. and talking on here is what really helps me, just to know others are going through what u r going through really makes a huge difference. Take one day at a time, think positive, and it does get easier, just please be patient......
Avatar_f_tn Yeah that's how it starts for most of us, just for the pain. I got up to taking 12 a day. I would always run out, then unfortunately would by off the street until I could re-up my own. This lasted over two years. You will fell like dieing for the next few days, but you will survive. Look around on the site and you will find ways to get some relief from the runs, leg tremors, headaches etc. Now is the time to consider other alternatives and maybe stay off the hydro's.
Avatar_n_tn Can someone answer this. How long does hydrocodine show up in your system for a drug test. I take this drug for the pain I get with Lymes Disease. I'm starting a new job and they will ask for a drug test. How soon do I need to get off of them so it don't show up on my test. Thanks.
Avatar_n_tn and it was silly now that i look back on it and i definitely DO NOT ever recommend doing this...subutex does not have naloxone in it like suboxone the risk of throwing you into wds is probably not as high i would guess...altho using after taking it is a waste of time because both stick to your receptors and cover them up so no other narcotic can find a seat to sit in...
Avatar_n_tn Coming off of Suboxone can become a nightmare for those people who get hooked on it, because of its very long half life and its very high affinity to the opiate receptor, tapering down to micrograms can be significantly painful. Having said that it is still a viable option and does work for some people as a tapering tool off of other opiates. Please click on my name and read some of my blogs especially the one about options for detox.
220617_tn?1292034642 Also there is a member of this forum FLaddict she has a lot of info on suboxone and how to taper off meds. She is probably at work right now but she will be here later. If you see her give her a yell, I will be here a while if there is anything I can do for you just ask.
Avatar_n_tn ( May sound silly but I have heard that many times !!) Actually, how long does it stay in the urine ? How controlled is methadone ? I thought it was very hard to get on the street... now reading here it seems it's not so hard afterall. ( ?? ) Thank you for your comments which shed positive light on a drug that many of us are not well informed about. Patrice made a comment about her husband being on the stuff years ago and he was like a zombie.
Avatar_n_tn I'd love to know what ever happened to you....did it all work out and how long was the whole process? I understand that it varies from person-to-person. I'm in Vancouver, Canada where the very mention of methadone generates a puff of smoke from where a Doctor waltzes out asking, " so how many mls shall we prescribe you"? I'm a more drastic case...not in terms of dosage but in terms of lifestyle. My reasons for ending up on Methadone was because of my Heroin addiction.
230262_tn?1316649534 theyre are two types of subs, theyre is subutex which is purely the opioid drug--buprenorphine and then theyres suboxone which has buprenorphine then a small amount of naloxone, which is used as a way to deter ppl from abusing suboxone,cuz if they do try shooting it up the naloxone will become effective and naloxone is an opiate antagonist which is used for opiate overdoses in hospitals, but if taken properly sticking it under your tongue and let it dissolve which takes about 5 minutes only the
Avatar_n_tn Brian, Another thing... if buprenorphine clings to the opiate receptors then would that mean it could "awaken the beast" for an opiate addict? If it does then I wonder how it could be considered better. That really was the purpose of asking about alternatives to narcotic pain killers.. the possibility of relapse. I hope you see why I have had so much interest in this TIQ...
182493_tn?1348056515 Suboxone has a added ingredient called Naloxone. This was added to prevent abuse, and the Naloxone in Suboxone will allegedly cause immediate withdrawal if the Suboxone is injected or possibly snorted. Naloxone has also been known to induce withdrawal (wd) symptoms when some people are initially starting treatment, therefore some Drs will initially induct patients with Subutex which is just Buprenorphine without any additives.