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Has anyone ever used oral metronidazole for a vaginal bacterial infection? I'm on my 5th of 7th day and have developed a very thick clear to cloudy mucousy discharge. Is this normal. I know the gel form will pull everything out in a thick white chunky discharge but does the oral pill.
It has to be treated with an antimicrobial. Flagyl works in some cases. It needs to be monitored to make sure it clears so work with a doc who knows what they're doing when it comes to C. diff. Not all docs are familiar with its treatment.
The symptoms of burning sensation were less as the days go, but now it's the 5th day, and the sensation seems to be coming back, and I didn't do anything. So... How long does it take to cure Chlamydia and Vaginosis? Could I be having other STD instead?
Otherwise, she is behaving completely NORMAL. All blood work and stool sample tests are negative. ANY IDEAS?? How long should this medication take to work? Can she have parasites that they did not find in their tests? I don't want to go crazy treating only symptoms...hoping to find the actual cause.
Try this in conjunction with the Immodium /Lomotil - (you may want to increase the dosage of that) and see how you feel - give it about 4-5 days. That's how long it takes to recover (for me, at least).
I used the garlic trick and honey. Idk how long it's gonna take for it to work but I just hope it works fast bc idk if yeast infections make you smell werid bc I take a shower every night and I still smell werid at school even when I put a bunch of scented lotion and some body mist. So does anyone know if it causes you to smell and if it doesn't..then what's causing me to smell werid down there....I shower daily...and still smelly...why...?
Then I wonder how the lab techs know how to report it to the doc ... y'know? "New unnamed disease carried by mosquitoes and flies: POSITIVE" Seems odd. Do you have a copy of the test results? If so, what do they say?
how were you originally diagnosed? do you have hsv1 or hsv2 genitally? odds are what is going on isn't due to your herpes. very few people don't get a 70% reduction or more in ob's while on daily suppressive thereapy. are you male or female? i know you picked male but many folks don't pick the right gender hence why I ask. have you followed up with an urologist at all yet? have you had your prostate checked?
Thyroid-Fine Diabetes-Negative (Although blood sugar slightly out of range) General blood testing- Ok (neutrophils that fight bacteria 2 points out of range at last blood test), overall white blood count within range CT head scan-Normal Food allergy testing shows no allergies Doctor has tried (Metronidazole)Makes symptoms 10x worse Nystatin and diflucan make symptoms feel 10x worse GP a while ago said i had a sinus infection.
Wednesday morning I went to a clinic in my town and saw a nurse practictioner. I had a temp. of 99 and they did blood work and said it looked like a bacteria infection. Since I have been bitten by several ticks over the summer they also sent off some blood to test for lyme disease but said it would take 4-5 days for the results. Any way she gave me diphenoxy/atrop 2.5 mg for diarrhea and promethazine 25 mg for nausea, which i really hadn't experienced.
) I am impressed with this book because of the thoughtful and thorough discussion *explains* how the various herbs work, how to take them, what for, etc., giving *context* for each one. Most of the other herbal books seem to list what to take but without any coherent explanation, and it sounds like gossip. In this book, however, for example, in the section on Babesia, there is a brief description of the disease, then moves to three possible herbs, the first being artemisia.
I have had C-Diff for close to a year, have taken the H-pac, and am on 3 dose of metronidazole, that is not working either, i was told by my doctor that i most likely got it, at a restaurant where the person who prepared my food did not wash their hands after going to the bathroom... I am scared because i have read that it can lead to death if not cured...
I just found out that this man recently suffered from mouth pain so severe that it kept him from work. I have been totally monogamous and had not had sex for at least a year before my wife. I have never had symptoms that even resemble what I presented to the doctor recently. My wife has not symptoms that I can tell. She was diagnosed with HPV when we were first married but nothing else. Recently she was prescribed: Aldara 5% Cream, Metronidazole .
Good morning, You are likely sleeping now. Well, I have not slept a good night sleep since the burning began on or around the 6th. And this throughout the night and this morning it still continues. I have been repeatedly trying to look down my urethra to see any signs of anything without success. I see nothing. And, it is strange that I really feel the burning down the bottom center line of my shaft but in only one spot "about an inch down from the opening.
It is now Monday and the symptoms are still bothering me. How long does it take for this to completely work? My biggest concern is if the dose I received was enough to cure the infection.
The more you get her out in the world, the more socialized she will become and the less anxious she will be. How long is she left alone on a typical day? Does she have a doggy door so she can get outside? Another solution might be adopting another dog to keep her company. I couldn't imagine having a one-dog household after seeing how much better my mutts do with another dog to play with.
What is the relationship to H-pylori to the rest of the digestive system? What effect if any does H-Pylori have on the emmune system How does one contract the bacteria. Can H-Pylori cause toximia in the system, and if so how? Is H-Pylori the beginning of cancer? Does H-Pylori cause cell proliferation.
I felt a lot better from the dehydration but my diahrea didnt go away so my doctor prescribed cipro on Tuesday(3days ago) and today(friday) my diahrea still pretty bad. How long does it(cipro) usually take to work or may I have something more serious?? Please help.
Does that mean that my STD will be cured before i get my results back, or HOW DOES IT WORK? He has insisted for me to come back on 6/13. 1.if i am positive with an STD, will my doctor prescribe me with something for me "AND" my partner for a cure OR just for me? 2.can chlamydia be transmitted by oral sex?
Hi I have been using manuka honey and I feel so much better and no 20 pills a day,it really does work get active umf manuka honey 16+ or higher.
He says, based on some research that was being done at LSU when he was in vet school there, that fenbendazole for giardia just doesn't work. He uses metronidazole (Flagyl). We treated my dog with that, and she hasn't had a recurrence. The Merck Veterinary Manual states that "Metronidazole (25 mg/kg, PO, bid for 5-7 days) is ~65% effective in eliminating Giardia spp from infected dogs.
I just found out that this man recently suffered from mouth pain so severe that it kept him from work. I have been totally monogamous and had not had sex for at least a year before my wife. I have never had symptoms that even resemble what I presented to the doctor recently. My wife has not symptoms that I can tell. She was diagnosed with HPV when we were first married but nothing else. Recently she was prescribed: Aldara 5% Cream, Metronidazole .
I usually treat it with topical antibiotics like metronidazole and one of the oral cyclines, though erythromyin does work for some people. I therefore have no explanation for the apparent hormonal correlation. and also none for the mood swings, etc. For those I would consult a gybecologist or hormone specialist, but the perioral dermatitis condition should be treatable even without changing your hormones one way or another. Best. Dr.
Since I started the doxy my condition has improved, but not much. Wondering if the treatment is adequate? How quickly should this improve? How long can the burning pain last? At what point should I return for evaluation? More generally, how easily are these diseases spread through oral sex and mutual masturbation? I thought these behaviors were safe?
In my country i didnt find any lab to make anaerobic tests. What antibiotics can i take for this???? I tried many but doesn't work! Is anyone with this bacteria??? :(( PS:this infection is burning me and make my internal skin dry :((( Please help!
I have extremely itchy bumps at the top of my vagina and also have a large amount of discharge. It does not have any funny smell and its clear. It usually gets worse when I am stressed out at work or after i have a difficult day. I never have it during or after sex. What could this possibly be??
So, if that worked for you that is great. I am a big believer in probiotics too. It does depend on how bad the infection is and what bacteria it is. Sometimes you can't heal bv by probiotics alone sometimes you can. Some UTI's you can heal by cranberry juice there are some that might not respond. Thanks for bringing that up.
My problem started 6 months ago when I was on an antibiotic (metronidazole) for 1 week. The antibiotic did its job but caused this condition called "hairy tongue" as a side effect that seems permanent. My tongue looks like it has a white coating of thousands of little elongate papillae. Almost like my once healthy pink tonge now has a 1970's shag-carpet growing on it. These little papillae act like a sponge to trap all sorts of bacteria and food particles.
When she sleeps, she is bit fluffed up and her body is very close to the perch. (Almost horizontal).She does not sneeze, does not have watery discharge, droppings looks normal. At the daytime she is a very social bird, very active, always plays with her toys. Actually she is more active than other birds. The other birds live with her for months do not show any signs at all. Is my budgie sick or is it normal?? What can I do at home to help her?
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