How can i start contractions at home

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(Better than it was last Monday at 1cm) I really want to avoid a c section if I can,and the whole inducing thing has me on edge for it
so after you start having contractions how long before you go into full blown labor i was having contractions 5 mins apart yesterday they sent me home because i was only at 1 cm and i was told to come back if they get worse or closer togeather i was still pretty thick he said still having them today some strong some not so strong just kindof woundering if this can take days or weeks i'm only 34 weeks?
Yep thats how mine felt too. Start timing those! Good luck!
That's exactly how I was Friday... I had contractions every 5mins at a 10 on the scale for 12 hours nd they confirmed they were real contractions... But as you know I was sent home because I was only 3cm..Went back the next day for dame thing for them to tell me its false lab or..... I was hurt knowing how bad I was hurting...
Getting really eager to meet baby but also quite nervous as I approach my due date!! Can anyone tell me how their contractions felt, I don't know what to expect. Ive been told it feels just like when you get diorreah cramps or gas cramps, which ive been feeling both a lot of but nothing is coming out! Ive no idea if I'm having contractions or just an upset stomach :S my mum says "oh you'll know!
def keep moving then as the movement will help with the pain, you can try squats when your have one, get down and bounce, just try different positions until you find one that works, try on all fours rocking as well, how far apart are the, how long are they and can you talk through them or do you have to stop what your doing and concentrate, you do need to try and relax then your body will work for you, if you tense up it will make the contraction feel worse, just let it roll over you
So I had about 6 contractions last night between 2:00 and 330 ish. At 4:30 I went to triage.. they confirmed contractions. .But then they just stopped (I've had a couple since then about a 4 hr span) I'm only 35 weeks so I'm not ready cause I know he's not ready. My question is: I'm just gonna have random painful contractions until the big day? Has anyone had this and how long till your big day once they started?
d because of the pain and she said not to come in and to stay at home for as long as I can. The pain is awful!
The more early laboring you can do at home, the better, because it can take awhile to get up to 4 centimeters. You are probably doing all of that work right now and I'll bet you will be at the hospital before the end of the day today. Let us know when you leave, ok? Good luck!!
Wow, I'm sorry to hear about that... a little late, I know... but I am just wondering about the contractions. I have been having some BH contractions for a while now, but obviously very sparatic... they don't hurt at all, just gets really tight and kinda hard to walk during them. Sometimes though, I can't tell if it is Asa stretching in there or a BH... it will last for like 30 sec. or more, but he just moves so much, that it is sometimes hard to tell the difference...
That's what happened to me. . At first I didn't know I thought I just had to poop so I kept sitting on the toilet n pushing a Lil came out but it was a constant feeling. Then I finally realized I was in active labor. I felt like my babies head almost coming out lol. I got to hospital at 9cm dilated n my water broke at 10cm. Then I pushed like 4 times n he was here..
The contractions were not bad at all at this time but I figured I should go because they were so regular and my dr asked me not to wait since I wasn't feeling the severity of them at my last visit. The L&D nurse even tried telling me it was "just cramping" because I told her the pain was that low in my pelvis and that if I was in labor, it was very early labor and my dr would probably be sending me home.
When I began to throw up, I called my DH to meet me at home so we could go. I have no idea why I thought I could drive as I had to stop in the parking lot a couple times to wait out the contractions, looked like a little old lady hunched over. My boss freaked a little and took me home, they were bad enough in my back that I could not talk through them, but by the time DH got there, they were spreading out and then stopped. Did this a lot the last weeks before I was induced. MY Dr.
But I'm pretty sure they are real contractions (not b.h) I'm just not sure if I can keep expecting this for the next 5 weeks? or if some people feel this a few days before active labour starts. - basically I'm asking cause I was stupid enough to tell my husband what I was feeling. Now he's been checking on me every 10 minutes (literally). I just want to be able to tell him not to worry, calm down and not back the hospital bad.. just yet!
low back pain and pressure... contractions start at the front and now I'm getting a bearing down feeling... Coolest thing though - my sister is probably in labor right now (she's at her due date!).
It feels like you're doing a crunch using only your stomach muscles....or it feels like you're tightening a belt around your belly from the back. It can be sharp and painful, or it can just be a lot of pressure, generally radiating from your mid-back, down across to the lower-mid part of your belly. after awhile, you'll be able to see your belly harden if it really is contractions. If you think you are having them, call your doctor and they will advise you. Good luck!!!
another sharp vagina pain just happened ( i think those hurt more than the contractions but are much quicker at like 10 seconds) please help...trying not to freak out DF isnt home and he's so much better at the contraction thing than me!
I'm really starting to feel it. HAHA, I'm at the end of the pregnancy and I can actually say that I really feel the pregnancy out of the whole time of being pregnant.
Mine can be quite painful at times, and I was told as long as I don't have anymore than 6 and hour as well. They also told me they should be regularly spaced and lasting one minute before having to goto the doctor. Also, a full bladder will make you have more BH's and they will be more uncomfortable/painful.
I would be interested to hear others stories since I think it can vary lot! A friend of mine had them for over a day, spaced something like 30+ minutes apart before progressing substantially (she still napped and slept through them to some extent until sometime during the second day). She was 37 weeks. For me, my water broke first (think movie scene - it does sometimes happen!
how far along are you? def. sounds like contractions..
The contractions went away with a help of medicine....... but why do they start? I was taking good rest at home . How far can I make it now?
The contractions went away with a help of medicine....... but why do they start? I was taking good rest at home . How far can I make it now?
Any tips on how to labor as long as possible at home?? I want to give birth with no interventions and I know that's a great way to start off the process!
I stay home until my contractions are 3 mins apart for about 15mins at that point I start getting everything by the front door so my husband can load up the car and I make sure all my lights are off. I just try to stay home as much as I can I usually get to the hospital by time im 7cm and im usually there maybe 2hours before my baby arrives. Once my water gets broke i dilate to all the way with in 2-3 mins.
( I'm just soooooo thankful my husband has the night off tonight cuz i have to start dinner and he's taking over so i can get off my feet he's so worried about me and the baby this time around he keeps saying he thinks something is going to go wrong bcuz everything hasn't kicked in yet anyways I'm rambling sorry ladies i just really hope they stop very soon so i don't have to take a trip to the hospital :(
All full term and all healthy normal births. I am now 19 weeks and I have had contractions all day yesterday. They started so suttle to where I was not even sure that was what they were @8am. By 10am they were getting stronger and taking my breath away. They were coming almost every 10-15 min. But not regularly. I immediately called my dr. and she told me to go to the ER. Got to ER and they would not see me in OB - Observation because I was stil 6 days away from being 20 weeks.
Usally I went to the hospital and my ob met me there. I was kept while I got a shot to stop my contractions, and i wasnt allowed to leave until the contractions stopped. Based on that this time I am getting a weekly progesterone shot to prevent the preterm contractions and labor.
They have been 3 to 4 minutes apart..I cannot sleep. and every little move I make hurts so bad..I can feel the baby pushing down really hard..sometimes it feels like shes going to make my water break. Although with my son they had to break my water so i dont know what it feels like when a baby causes it. I try to walk around every day..most of the day because the dr keeps sending me home because i've been 3cm for a month and not changing..i am 100% effaced[or however it goes]..
Last night I had the worst contractions had to take two doses of my meds to get them to slow down. Now this afternoon it started back up again. So annoyed I don't want to take the meds because it makes me feel so icky. I get the shakes and my vision goes a little fuzzy. 5 minutes apart dang! Guess I'm taking the stupid pill now. I wonder if I didn't take it would they stop on their own?
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