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I had a hysterectomy in 1993 and have been suffering varied symptoms such as fatigue, cold feet and hands excessive hairloss, insomnia, low libido, excessive urination, excessive thirst, etc. I've been on bio-identical hormones for 9 years along with progestrone capsules 100 mg. at hs. Is the progestrone responsible for the hairloss?? My TSH level was 3.188 and considered normal. Any help ,would be appreciated. Thanks. I'M 51 years old.
I know i have a hormone imbalance as i have been feeling tired, bad memory, low iron levels and very low libido. Is there somthing natural one could use to get back to normal? Also since pregnancy i cannot consume any diary products at all i get bad headaches and sinus build up any suggestions.
For days 2,3, 4 and 5 after an injection, my libido and interest were low. For days 6,7,8,9 and 10, my libido increased every day. This always puzzled me because it contradicted expectations. My last injection was early Oct 09 and my last test level 10 days later was very low at 216 but I was horny. My libido stayed very high for at least 4 weeks with no injections. My normal test level is quite low at around 240 without supplementation.
I found that the intensity of the ED fluctuates. I feel like my libido is at about 50% right now. Having low testosterone has not diminished my muscle mass or motivation. Its just my libido. Girls are completely different now. They look pretty but never sexy. I don't feel any passion or desire. I had a ton of bloodwork done recently. My Endo is doing his best but he doesn't specialize in this sort of thing. He is used to dealing mostly with diabetics.
I'm starting to think my issues are more hormonal in nature and not thyroid.. My doc told me last time that even tho my TSH was a little high (11) and my FT4 was normal 1.2 (0.7 - 1.4) that she doesn't feel my symptoms are thyroid related.
I remember reading on one website one of the symptoms of low t is hypochondria or a feeling of not being well. The three weeks that led up to my hormone test were hell. I originally thought i was having a heart attack then I thought I might have male breast cancer got an ultrasound and they said it looked suspicious.
First, it difinitely sounds like a hormone problem. Second, I have a hormone imbalance several years ago and traditional doctors kept testing me and telling me I didn't. It wasn't until I went to see a doctor that treated with bio-identical hormones that the hormone imbalance was found and treated. Now I'm fine. Good luck!
I have to wonder if this isn't much to do with you at all. Hormone imbalance comes to mind (over years) and I have to wonder if it's not herself that doesn't feel deserving. How does she really feel about herself? Sometimes men change very little (only in my opinion) and well women change and age a little more sometimes. Only my perspective. The body changes with kids and life. Can be hard sometimes. I really think you guys need to talk.
I had the implant in for a year and 3 months, all this started on April 28,2014 and had it removed may 22,2014, it's now June 22,2014 and I did finally get a doctor to verify it was a hormone imbalance but I'm wondering how u feel now and what all u had to do to fix this problem thank you so much
I really hope the doctors can figure out if its LOW T or LOW S that is causing this, because if they make a mistake and say its LOW T and its really LOW S, I could be headed down an even worse path full of SUPER SEVERE panic attacks to the point where I might have a heart attack. Thats why im scared man... Please when you get back from your hormone specialist, please inform me of everything that was said - it would help me and possibly others.
Incidentally, the reason I was looking around was because I suffer with a reasonable crop of hair on my breasts,nipples and chest as a result of my hormone imbalance. I am trying to find out if I went for Laser hair removal - could this leave me more prone to cancer in this area or of the skin in the future?. Have you or has anyone heard anything? as there's not a lot to be found. Hi by the way!
I love working out and weight lifting but I just don't see gains anymore and when I stop I lose muscle pretty fast. Along with that I have low libido and no sex drive. My question is, will my testosterone levels return after treatment is over?
Myself right now, I just had a very low beta result on Thurs of 5, and a very low progesterone level of 4.25. I have been supplementing like mad with natural progesterone (varies with either Prometrium or progesterone vaginal suppositories or natural progesterone cream) but I don't think it's helping. My OB/GYN didn't sound at all hopeful when he said for me to go ahead and start supplementing.
BHRT= bio identical hormone replacement therapy., my adrenals are out of whack because of severe hormone imbalance. they are not diseased. I was overtraining and in denial of my hormone status, plus my GP ruined me by placing me on a very high dose of artificial hormones which made the imbalance even worse! Yes I had to go to a lab out of town to get the acth timed test as my local doesnt have the special tubes and freezing etc. the Endo was a jerk. she said I wasn't sick enough to treat.
Female hormone imbalance The ovaries produce many hormones. Chief among them are estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. The ovarian hormones estrogen and progesterone interact to coordinate a woman’s menstrual cycle during her reproductive years. The brain produces the hormones follicle stimulating hormones (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) which trigger hormone production from the ovaries. When any of the hormones coming from the brain or the ovaries are imbalanced, symptoms may occur.
Are there any males suffering from high estrogen levels or say an imbalance of estrogen hormone vs. testesterone? If so, what symptoms are you experiencing? I read that this imbalance can lead to or trigger many problems including even diabetes, lupus, thyroidism and cause associated symptoms such as hair loss, aches, candida, frequent urination etc. I am suffering from these symptoms and just want to know whether high estrogen can be a factor.
I'm a college age male with abnormally low libido. I saw an endocrinologist about it a few years ago but he seemed to think I didn't have any sort of problem (he didn't do any tests). I think I do have some sort of hormone imbalance because, despite not having been sexually active in over two years, I really never have any desire for it. Even when I was sexually active, it was only because I was in a long-term relationship...
Female hormone imbalance The ovaries produce many hormones. Chief among them are estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. The ovarian hormones estrogen and progesterone interact to coordinate a woman’s menstrual cycle during her reproductive years. The brain produces the hormones follicle stimulating hormones (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) which trigger hormone production from the ovaries.
Hello, Loss of libido is very commonly found in women and mostly the cause is psychological in nature. It can be due to stress and anxiety or relationship problems with your partner. However if there is no stress and anxiety then the physical causes need to be ruled out. These include anemia, diabetes and hormonal imbalance.
I'm 30 years old and still get my menstrual cycle every month so I don't think it could be menopause? I also get like a shock sensation in my neck at the left side. I also have low libido. Please any advise?
I have loss of hair, irritable, periods are all screwed up,cant concentrate, mood swings, dry skin, very very low libido and plus all the other stuff mentioned above, has anyone out there experienced anything like this and it be a hormone imbalance??? I had my thyroid checked and it was ok. I just wish i had some answers!! Thanks for any replys!
Hi, I'm 26years old. Since I had my lil girl my sex drive as been extremely low. No interest in sex whats so ever, I think my depression/Anxiety is part of why its so low but I am on medication for it. The Med are helping my depression/Anxiety, I worry about things less. The meds which I'm on (Sertraline) can effect your sex drive also. I wondering what I can do to get my sex drive back. My boyfriend is not so happy about. I keep tell him to get lost. Lol please help.
Common symptoms of low progesterone are heavy periods, clotting with your periods, menstrual cramps, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, and fibrocystic breasts, mood swings before your cycle, premenstrual headaches, bloating, infertility, osteopenia/osteoporosis, low libido and premenstrual breast tenderness. You have symptoms of low progesterone. It is likely that your low levels of progesterone or "estrogen dominance" lead to your breast cancer.
Both of these levels are measured, as well as levels of other sex hormones. If they are persistently low, an endocrinologist (hormone specialist) should be consulted.
I have had bloating, waking up with puffy eyes/face every day, low libido, gluten and food intolerances, etc. I have been off gluten for a year. I don't eat much "gluten free" foods. I try to stay away from pre packaged food. I feel low stamina. I am 36. I am about 5'8". Around 130. I exercise about 5 days a week, but losing stamina and endurance. I try to eat many veggies per day, etc. Neither of my parents or family have high cholesterol.
I am a 25 year old woman and have been married to my 26 year old husband for four years. For as far back as I can remember, he has had a VERY low sex drive for such a young guy. I had very little sexual experinces before him, so I didn't really realize it until later on. I have gently approached him about the issue, and he said that he has never had a history of any kind of abuse. He also confirmed that he finds me very attractive. What is going on here? Could it be some sort of imbalance?
I'll give it 3 months, if it doesn't help I will discontinue them, of course. Yes too much of a hormone (imbalance)can cause all kinds of issues. I've developed sinus issues that I never had before. Too, my pain thresh-hold is low. I did read sensitivity to pain can be greater with a hormonal imbalance. I hope your issues resolve. I would give your body some time without the pill before determining how you will truly wind up feeling.
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