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Avatar_n_tn Normav, I'd encourage you to ask your father's doctors these questions. I know it's often difficult to get them to spend 5 minutes with you answering questions in language that you understand, but insist on it. An ammonia level of 400 is extremely high. If your father has been in the hospital for 3 weeks with liver failure and his ammonia is still this high, it sounds pretty grim to me.
Avatar_n_tn When ammonia levels go too high in liver patients, they are given "Lactulose" (also called "Enulose"). Lactulose is a liquid laxative that binds with Ammonia to remove it from a person's system. High ammonia levels can cause everything from dementia, drunkenness, slurred speech.....to coma, and even death. Ask your doctor about LACTULOSE or ENULOSE for your mother!
Avatar_n_tn In one week my ammonia level has gone from 68 to 93. Only numbers off on liver function on 10/29 were ALT @ 61 (5 high). ALT on 10/21 test was 53. I've read all I can find on this but nowhere have I found anything mentioning high ammonia levels and "normal" liver functions. I'm having many symptoms associated with high ammonia. Last 2 months I've had a major problem with abdomen distentia. Abdomen and pelvis CT was performed on 10/30...
Avatar_n_tn Surprisingly, the level of the ammonia does not always correlate with the severity of someones hepatic encephalopathy. Some individuals tolerate high ammonia levels with little confusion whereas others will have severe problems with only mildly elevated ammonia levels. I think the most important thing for you to realize is that hepatic encephalopathy is a serious complication of advanced liver disease.
Avatar_n_tn She is going to have a liver biopsy next week. My question is how high can her ammonia levels be before it will put her into acoma or worse?
Avatar_n_tn I believe I had a problem with high ammonia i nite as I started seeing double & went dillusional.Didn't remember anything about it but the wife told me the next day.I'm getting the impression this usually only happens with decompensated liver disease.My liver is still compensated & am on pegasys/rib tx.Doc didn't test me for high level of ammonia as this seemed to be an isolated incident.Is this possible & what exactly is the difference between compensated & decompensated?
Avatar_n_tn The doctors stated his ammonia levels were too high. He is taking a medication to pass the ammonia in his stool, but it doesn't seem to be helping much. Are there any other medications we should ask the doctor about? I know he will die form this disease, but I wish I could help him be more comfortable. Please help. Also, are these the signs of the later stages of the disease (he also has the swollen abdomen and legs also).
Avatar_n_tn I consider myself lucky because they told me I would die within 5 years of that operation that was done in 1980 and here I sit with a smile on my face.
1391441_tn?1333851561 He presently takes Lactulose, but has been hospitalized in the past to help with the high ammonia levels. A low protein diet sometimes helps with ammonia levels, but not always. The only thing that has recently helped my brother with symptoms is the "Alzheimer's patch." I won't mention the name of the medication or the pharmaceutical company, and no--I'm not a rep for the company. It is being used off-label by my brother's doctor and his quality of life has improved dramatically.
1391695_tn?1298143389 Ammonia also plays a role in both normal and abnormal animal physiology. Ammonia is biosynthesised through normal amino acid metabolism and is toxic in high concentrations.[51] The liver converts ammonia to urea through a series of reactions known as the urea cycle.
29837_tn?1414538248 I had high ammonia levels from cirrhosis. It does make your brian foggy. The thing is, its all so insidious, it happens slowly. So I didn't know how out of it I was until I started taking lactulose to reduce the ammonia. And then, surprise, I stopped taking naps, my brain was working better. Don't deny yourself the possibility of feeling better.
Avatar_m_tn so they had to put him on a ventilator and into ICU where he's been for a week now. He developed pnemonia, his ammonia levels remained high (his liver wasn't clearing the medication out of his system), and he didn't have any bowel movements in 5 days. My question is, should it even have been possible to push his PCA button "too many times" if the dosage on the PCA was correct/safe?
1916673_tn?1420236870 Severe dehydration can also cause BUN levels to become high, though this is easily determined, because Creatinine levels tend to remain normal. Congestive heart disease, Cushing's disease (and cortisone-like medicines that mimic it) and Addison’s disease all have a tendency to produce moderately elevated BUN levels, as do many other illnesses, conditions and medicines.
Avatar_m_tn The liver which is decompromised cannot metabolize the waste products hence there is an elevation of blood ammonia levels resulting in encephalopathy. You can have these levels checked to know the status now. If you have jaundice or if you have clay colored stools or if the liver enzymes are persistently raised, you will need to consult your doctor for an assessment. Take care.
Avatar_n_tn Went in to hospital and said had arterial fibrillation,low potassium, high blood pressure. Ran all tests, EKG,MRI,etc. Found no cause of passing out. Changed blood pressure medicine, took off diaretics. Having pain occur randomly in foot, goes away after few days, has reoccured now behind knee, painful and cannot walk on it. No explaination from Dr.'s. Liver blood test came back high, red blood count low, low iron. Also on Coumadin and blood pressure medicine, Coreg.
Avatar_m_tn nothing), so i took him back on Friday and his ALKP level was 2000 on Friday and today when I took him back for another round of blood after a weekend of IV, denamarin and ampicillin, his levels were so high they could not be registered. Im so confused because the doctor said this is all so very serious, however, he seems to be in very high spirits and has been in a great mood for the last two days. His normal personality has come back and he's acting completely like himself again.
Avatar_f_tn Can my mom take Xifaxan is a new medication that may help hepatic encephalopathy and allow less lactulose. She is taking Lactulose now for high ammonia levels, it helps but she is tired of of the free bowel movements.
Avatar_n_tn Hello, I have been ill for years, but recently I was told my Ammonia level was high. At first it was 59 and now it is at 122, I am tired and throwing up all the time. I have 3-4 ulcers, Fibroymalgia, Anklosying Spondilitis, and more, I am also on Enbrel, methotrexate, Roxicodone, Avinza, and more. What it the highest your ammonia can go before you die? What do you think this could be. Help?????
1481758_tn?1287642243 feet ,shaking,short breath,cold tingel all over my body,up set stomch,blacking out,panic. they treated me for high ammonia levels,does this sound right?
4043517_tn?1374010173 First get my bowels working and my ammonia down. I'm out for a few weeks right before Xmas, that figures.
Avatar_f_tn The condition that happens when ammonia levels get too high. His doctor prescribed Lactulose. The liquid medication that does indeed increase the need for the bathroom. He is taking 3T. three times a day. In the beginning he would find himself rushing off the bathroom pretty frequently. Once the meds became established in his system (a month or so seems to be my recollection of how long it took) he now has 3-4 soft BM's a day and no longer feels chained to the bathroom.
433263_tn?1204110037 which hopefully I do not need it but I sometimes have spells of high ammonia levels and have to be taken to the er and if anyone without health insurance has been there we both know its very costly.... Any ideas?
Avatar_m_tn Not all patients have high ammonia levels when they have an HE episode. I hope this helps. Best of luck to you and your husband!
Avatar_f_tn But USG says No portal hypertension. -What could be the reason of high ammonia? Will long term smoking cause ammonia to increase? -Do High ammonia levels not reflect/ co-relate in associated blood reports of kidney and liver? All my other blood tests are normal. Symptoms present: Minor fingers shaking (occasionally)/ Minor dizziness (occasionally) Sonography reads the following: LIVER: Size: Enlarged, 17.
Avatar_n_tn although the pressure was slightly high. He has recently given me numerous trial medication to see if my current state and headaches would improve including apo-acetazolamide (250 mg) and ratio-topiramate (25mg). With acetazolamide not working, and topiramate worsening my state. After being on topiramate for 3 days, I had a general feeling of confusion, disorientation, trouble with my memory, and trouble concentrating.
144210_tn?1273092382 To help keep serum iron levels in the low normal range of 30 to 80 ng/dL, high doses of green tea polyphenols and high-allicin garlic may be beneficial. Lactoferrin, a subfraction of whey protein, may be especially beneficial as an adjunctive treatment for serum iron overload in hepatitis patients. Lactoferrin is a potent antioxidant, antiviral agent, and scavenger of free iron.
Avatar_n_tn I later noticed the smell of amonia when I would tear up. I have high amonia levels in my blood. The doctors have yet to give me a definitive answer since after treatment my liver enzymes are good, but I have high amonia content??? Don't know why, but I am going to take lactulose, which will clear out my digestive tract where it could be coming from....I'm still investigating and really disgusted with the lack of care or concern on the part of the doctors. Basically....
Avatar_n_tn A recent routine blood screen (I had been feeling tired) showed elevated ALP and Gamma GT levels. I was told that they weren't alarmingly high, but high enough to warrant further investigation. Historically I have been a heavy drinker on and off, enjoying more than the recommended limit on a regular basis. The doctor told me to cut down drastically on the alcohol intake, preferably abstain altogether, and he would refer me for a liver scan and then repeat the blood test in two months.