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Hi, How long has it been since your hernia surgery? Recovery time following herniorrhaphy depends on the hernia, the type of surgery (plasty?) and individual factors. The abdominal wall at the site of the incision is bound to be alittle week in the months following the surgery . Any undue exertion, raised intraabdominal pressures due to chronic cough, etc., can result in injury and recurrence of the condition.
Currently my grandfather who is nearing 100 years of age has a hernia near his groin and has made 2 trips to the emergency room to massage it back in. He says that he ails in pain when the hernia pops out and is nearly immobile. Apparently after having a long talk with my father, he has had this problem for about a year and has been pushing it off to see what it leads to.
A male lower abdominal hernia? I am no doctor, paramedic and I am no longer a combat lifesaver. I work around a lot of steel. At times I have to hand pull 400 foot lengths of cable threw that steel. The big cables weigh in at least 5 pounds per foot. So a lot of people around me tend to get a hernia in the same place amoungst all the other straining injuries. I have also got a straining injury myself, from not wearing the proper underwear of all things.
Hello - I had an 8cm endometriosis removed along with my left ovary through laparotomy (vertical incision) at the beginning of January. It was my first surgery too, and while I was nervous about it, I must say having that monster out of my body was worth it. I was in the hospital overnight, went home the next day and was in quite a lot of pain during the first week...it took a lot of coaxing from my mom to get me to stand and walk, but everyday was significantly better than the one before.
I would suggest avoiding abdominal exercises that increase the tension around the region of hernia repair for sometime. For groin hernia/ repair walking, swimming, pushups are considered the best exercises. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
An inguinal hernia can extend from the groin into the scrotum, interfering with the normal position of a testicle. Scarring from surgery to repair an inguinal hernia also can contribute to a retractile testicle.
Doctor advised me to do surgery. My report is found negative and I feel I don’t have hernia but I know I have some problem. Looking for second opinion 1. If this is hernia then should I need surgery? 2. What kind of doctor I need to consult now. 3. Can I concern a specialist doctor for Intestine?
So Maks had his hernia surgery today. He had 3 hernias 1 one each side in groin area and 1 umbilical. The doc said the one on his left groin was so big that his intestine was moving in and out of the hole (hernia) she gave me pics of what the hernias looked like and you could see his intestine. Doc said cause the hole was so big and it was there for a while that it weakend the muscle there so since they did alot of repair to the area that his groin area will be swollen for a few months!
Six days after the procedure, I started to get very strong groin pain on the left side of my groin. The pain often radiates up the left side of my penis and into the head sometimes and also radiates down the inner portion of my left thigh. There seems to be some sensitivity in the testicle as well. The overall pain is much worse when I am sitting than when I am lying down or walking. It does seem like bending or activity will make it worse later.
Doc told me I had a Inguinal Hernia, ok lets fix it, what a mess, after surgery right testical pain, groin pain very bad, could not stand up straight, was dragging right leg, stomach pain very bad. He tried Motrin, ruined my stomach, wanted to cut nerves out, sent me to 2 other doctors, they wanted nothing to do with me. I called Insurance company told them this so called doctor was going to kill me and I wanted to go to the University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah.
I have read plenty of testimonies of those who suffered from scrotum/testicle pain after an inguinal hernia surgery. Many of you have described the symptoms that seemed so similar to mine, but seemingly you all wound up fine, or perhaps the same thing happened to you, but I'll never know, because the majority of testimonies are never followed up.
I have read plenty of testimonies of those who suffered from scrotum/testicle pain after an inguinal hernia surgery. Many of you have described the symptoms that seemed so similar to mine, but seemingly you all wound up fine, or perhaps the same thing happened to you, but I'll never know, because the majority of testimonies are never followed up.
I'm not sure if he just inserted it wrong but since I'm so desperate for relief, I still agreed on surgery. What the surgery does is they open your spermatic cord and they cut all the nerves that run into your scrotum. I THINK this also includes the perineal nerve, which is a branch from the pudendal nerve. I too thought it was my pudendal nerve but at physical therapy they told me it wasn't that, but I still continue to have my doubts about everything these stupid people tell me.
I’ve been checked for kidney stones, gall stones, kidney problems, liver problems, gallbladder problems, hernia but so far, everything is normal! I did go to physical therapy for a couple of weeks, but it did not help, it only caused me more pain. Same thing with a chiropractor. I have also tried acupuncture and injury massage therapy with no luck.
I am staying on the Elavil for the time being, as well. At his recommendation, I have now scheduled a second hernia surgery for mid-December. Besides, I 'm sick of this and really can't bear any more groin injections. That is just almost inhumane. Find where it hurts worst, then stick a 3" need in it. Right.
I strongly believe that a penis injury has affected my hernia recovery. The hernia surgeon said to go see a urologist, and the urologist says to go back to the hernia surgeon… Previously, a very healthy and very active 32 year old male. In fall 2012, I felt a pull/stretch on the side of my penis during sexual activity. The pain was only mild, but something felt different. For the next few weeks, it felt like my penis was not attached properly at the base on the left side.
What if you have had hernia surgery already? Can you do situps then? I had hernia surgery Jan 23 2009 and now I have mesh around my whole abdomen.
I'm trying to determine if it's high or low in the groin area. I've had inguinal hernia surgery performed twice and on both sides with mesh installed on my right. I'd say that the surgical sites are up high, but I don't want the mesh to be disturbed.
We saw a Pediatric Urologist this morning and he requires surgery to repair 2 hernias for sure (1 in the groin and 1 under the belly button) and the Dr. suspects a 3rd hernia, also in the groin (on the other side). In addition, the foreskin on the penis is very very tight and they are more then likely going to have to circumcise him. Its currently causing him quite a bit of discomfort.
My husband had Robotic Prostate Surgery in April 2012. After the surgery he continues to have pain in the pelvic, groin, back, and also under his testicles. He takes Aleve or Tylenol to see if he can find relief, but these do not work. He told his doctors, and they do not care or just don't want to help him. There has to be something wrong with him. Where is this all this pain coming from? He was not like that before his surgery. Can someone give us advice or suggestions.
When performed by Dr. Elliot Goodman, an expert in gastric disorders and bariatric surgery at Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan, NYC, GERD from a failed gastroesophageal (GE) valve can be reduced or stopped altogether. EsophyX is an incisionless procedure that recreates a functional GE valve. An endoscope is run down the esophagus where suction pulls a flap of tissue down in order to guard the esophageal opening from the harmful effects of stomach acid.
I am due to have major surgery for a giant paraesphogical hernia very shortly and am very worried over how I will do in the recovery room. That surgery will be over three hours and I will be under a lot longer and have a higher dose of anaesthetic. The nurse asked me if I had Reynards, but I didn't know what she was talking about. I later read the symptoms of it, but don't think I fit that category, although I have been known to have cold hands before.
So I bled away during the surgery, I think the nurse was a bit surprised when I finally got up in the recovery room,,,she was like you'll probably bleed a little....or a lot. I think at the time I was a bit more concerned about flashing the rest of the recovery room patients due to my gown starting to fall apart on my way to the restroom. I've continued to spot after my surgery until my period last week and two days post-period I'm still spotting, so much for my supply of nice undies.
I had the surgery and the recovery was very long and hard. I was 19 at the time. I am 22 now and live in constant pain. After everything with my accident I had been on pain killers so long that I have at this point discontinued them. I feel that they are too easy to become dependant upon and that I cannot function as well mentally with the narcotic fog over me. That said I'm on flexoral and naproxin for inflammation and muscle relaxation.
When I started feeling better from the surgery, that's when the groin discomfort came back. It was not as severe as before but I could still tell that something was wrong and the surgeon claimed this was just me getting over the surgery process. I started getting anxiety and stress over the fact that I still was not cured and that created some other issues in my body but I have since been able to overcome the stress and anxiety.
( I have had hernia repair surgery but not that kind so I have know clue on recovery time and what not:( I will keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers!!
Come to find out, I did have a ingual (SP?) hernia. Surgery/recovery was a breeze. It definately helped get rid of that pain. Now if I could only get rid of the adbominal pain.
(back pain, testicle pain, groin pain, what seems like butt muscle pain especially when you sit for a while, bend over, or warm up before the game, all associated with the same side of the body usually), let me guess, when you play soccer/football you are right footed : ) ? my advise see a hernia specialist as soon as possible because it could get serious....
1- Go for a good urologist and surgeon using laparoscopic surgery which provides faster wound recovery and leaves no scars, as opposed to regular surgery which takes longer to heal the wound, and leaves a 2-3 inch c-section like scar in your groin area. 2- If money is an issue, get it done at an outside surgery facility not in a hospital, its cheaper, and has a lesser chance of infection... some hernia centers/ OBGYNs/Urologists and such have their own surgery facilities.
It would seem my nerves are not quite where they should be, and rather than making the incision where they said they were going to, they ended up cutting open the scar from hernia surgery. Apparently my nerves are lower and extremely condensed, which may explain why Dr. hernia in the first place, and why both nerves were impacted. Recovery is not quite as bad as the hernia surgery, though it is somewhat more frustrating.
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