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Avatar n tn Hello - I had an 8cm endometriosis removed along with my left ovary through laparotomy (vertical incision) at the beginning of January. It was my first surgery too, and while I was nervous about it, I must say having that monster out of my body was worth it. I was in the hospital overnight, went home the next day and was in quite a lot of pain during the first week...it took a lot of coaxing from my mom to get me to stand and walk, but everyday was significantly better than the one before.
Avatar f tn Hi , I had a hiatus hernia for 10 years and am in recovery from a repair ( key hole surgery ) to the hernia. Prior to the surgery I suffered with heart burn, waking up coughing acid reflux vomit, pain in my stomach ( over the diaphragm), bloating to the stage where I looked like I was 7 months pregnant, weight gain, wind and gave up alcohol, spicy foods and chocolate due to acid reflux.
Avatar f tn They also previously checked me for celiac disease and I don't have it. I have to have surgery for the very large para-esphogical hernia. The pathology report on my breast abnormality came back cancer free as well, so I have have much to be grateful for. However, I did not do as well in the recovery room after my minor surgery. I was in there for over three hours and they had to put me on oxygen and cover me with heated blankets. My hands were icy cold and I could not stay awake.
Avatar f tn I am suppose to have the Sleeve surgery, because of the stomach problems.
Avatar n tn (Did no good) The uroligist checked me out and said it was from the hernia repair surgery, more pain meds. I don't want no more pain meds - Just fix me!!!! The PAIN is bad, a dull pain on the right side in between my testicles and leg, bad pushing pain when I deficate and inscruciating pain in my testicles. I don't know where to go or what to do!!!!!
Avatar m tn I am scheduled to get an open surgery for an umbilical hernia on the 25th. The surgeon specializes weight loss lap band surgeries. I found a highly regarded hernia specialist that I could use but may be a longer wait. Is it worth it?
Avatar f tn In late January 2011 I had a small hernia repair. Three days later I was admitted to ICU from the ER with Sepsis. I was in ICU for 9 days and the doctor said the if 10 were death, I was a 9. My kidneys, liver and almost everything else except my heart shut down. I was on 24 hour a day dialysis. After ICU I spent a week being nursed back by the incredible staff. I was then released to a nursing/recovery home for 10 days where I learned to walk aagain and to swallow.
Avatar m tn The presence of a hernia after endoscopic surgery is a known side effect. Walking after surgery is an important aspect of recovery and to prevent deep vein thrombosis. Ashutosh (Ash) K. Tewari, MD www.cornellroboticprostate.org This forum is for information only.
1702615 tn?1421815848 Surgery and Illness History Have had some gastrointestinal problems (constipation/diarrhea/IBS), allergies and repeated sinuses/throat/ear issues for as long as I can remember. Still battle with sinusitis and ear problems which is acknowledged by GP as "wicked allergies" but ENT says he sees nothing wrong with ears which remain chronically painful and crackle as if pressure changing most of the time. 1971 Tonsillectomy.
Avatar m tn Had da vinci surgery 9/21/2010.with your two concerns about sexual function and continence I was lucky I got it easy for me. Sometimes there is some mild leaking but not bad. Sexual function is okey. My surgeon prescribed me of 20 mg cialis after removal of my catheter. PSA test 1/7/11 was .01. By the way I'm 51 years old. Only problem was some bleeding after catheter removal. My surgeon did systoscopy in my bladder but find nothing abnormal in my bladder. The CT scan was also normal.
Avatar f tn Since the surgery all the pain that I had been having over the years is gone. The surgery was painfull for the first few days but the recovery went by quick. Now I still feel a little week but I am ok and for the first time pain free. It turns out my gallbladder was filled with stones and not working. How could the doctors mis diagnose me for that long. Over the years I must have taken a million antacids or thought I was having a heart attack a hundred times.
Avatar f tn My husband and I have always been sexually active (with the exception of when I was bleeding and in pain for 7 months before surgery, and the post surgery recovery) so i don't think that's the issue. Nor do I have any signs of an infection. Went to my gp doc, who thought it was a hernia, went to surgeon, who is supposed to be scheduling me for a ct scan to see if it is in fact a hernia.... can this cause vaginal bleeding???????
Avatar n tn What will this surgery entail and what is the recovery period? Dr indicates it will be inpatient.
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Tramadol Warriors, Many people have come here for many years, giving support and getting support. Because I still believe that Tramadol is unique in it's ... terror and torture of humans, this thread continues. The people who can understand what you are going thru are the people who have kicked it and there's people here who come back to lend a hand. You also will never need an understanding ear as much. You can do it. You can quit. You do not need to be a slave to Tramadol.
Avatar n tn I basically told my doc that I don't feel as well as I did before I had surgery. I have also been bleeding since surgery even though I'm on birth control pills, doc said it will probably take a few cycles to get back to normal, also the bleeding is attributed to the device they put in the uterus to move it out of the way for surgery. I've had one period since surgery and it sucked, really heavy and basically made me feel like the day I came home from the hospital.
Avatar n tn The uterus was removed but the ovaries and cervix are in tact. The entire surgery was done laparoscopically and recovery was quick. I was still nursing my baby at the time. A couple of months later, I had to stop nursing my baby due to breast pain. Within a month, I started bleeding. I actually was annoyed (I'd given away all my tampons) but didn't think much about it. The third time it happened, I casually mentioned it to my mother who freaked out. Went to my Gyn.
Avatar n tn He clearly presented the surgery as a breeze with quick recovery. Post op appointment he wants to talk about another surgery. He doesn't want to talk about my hip pain, he wants to smooth talk me about another surgery that has a 12 month recovery! I am doing fairly well at 8 weeks compared to others here, but I am not convinced this surgery will end up being something I'm glad I did. I did not realize that he was both a salesman and a doctor.
Avatar n tn I had the surgery and the recovery was very long and hard. I was 19 at the time. I am 22 now and live in constant pain. After everything with my accident I had been on pain killers so long that I have at this point discontinued them. I feel that they are too easy to become dependant upon and that I cannot function as well mentally with the narcotic fog over me. That said I'm on flexoral and naproxin for inflammation and muscle relaxation.
Avatar f tn From what I've always heard and continue to hear it takes your body a FULL YEAR to get over/recovery 100 % after any major surgery. I've read and heard the bloating/swelling part you get after a hysterectomy can last up to 1 year too. I wake up and am one size and by night I'm bigger all over from the swelly belly type thing. I'm just at my 5 weeks of recovering and no where near putting on regular clothes.
1704915 tn?1357604854 I went through so much he just doesn’t want to see me like that again. So for me my 2nd surgery started the recovery process all over again (which really sucked). They told me that from the time of my 1st surgery until the 2nd surgery my body was never really in the recovery mode but in chaos mode not knowing what to do. I had my 2nd surgery on March 2nd and was told I could go back to work again on April 19th. I ended up running out of FMLA. Cause my 1st surgery was on January 18th.
93210 tn?1287457826 Although we have all heard of people who will find a doctor willing to do surgery on them even though they do no qualify for the surgery. And lastly, she was indeed condesending by telling me and others that need to lose a lot of weight that all we need to do to lose is to try harder. And that these weight loss surgery's should only be reserved for those who have a life threatening condition(s) due to the obesity. Oh, and the kicker, I need to be honest with myself.
1140722 tn?1266356279 With a StomaphyX incisionless procedure, a correction can be made to your gastrointestinal tract with even shorter recovery than laparoscopic surgery. Dr. Elliot Goodman has performed bariatric surgeries at Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan, NYC since 2004, and been involved in bariatrics since 1997. Sometimes, after a gastric bypass surgery or other bariatric procedure, the stomach can stretch itself back to its original size.
870200 tn?1240463151 Thank you for your response, CalGal. I know that my friend went in for hernia surgery and gastric bypass, and now she is not able to breath on her own due to this bile leak. The doctors said that it was her stomach leaking and they did a second operation on her,becuse she was also bleeding and losing a lot of blood. I saw her the other day and she does not look good. I just never heard of what a bile leak can do to your body.
Avatar n tn If it is not the actual inscision u r speaking of, i had bad swelling after laperotomy which began on my right side and we thought it might be a hernia from trying to get out of bed, then as my swelly belly went down, we noticed it was on the other side to and actually formed a "smile" face from hip to hip. I was told it was the interior suture line. Mine was made very large due to my ulcerative colitis and fear of nicking a inflamed bowel.
Avatar m tn I ended up with an embilical hernia from being inactive and thenover lifting during my recovery. I need corrective surgery when I can stop the effient. (its not an emergency yet) I went through the cardiac rehab and was looking forward to getting off some of the meds. I am all for the long run but I worry about fatal bleeding and liver damage.
Avatar f tn If it's not a hernia and nothing else alarming shows up, they will assume it's scar tissue and likely to a laparscopy to look for and break up scar tissue/adhesions. Anyone out there have a hernia after surgery? I'm not quite sure what to expect as we haven't gotten that far in discussing it. Any thoughts are appreciated. recovery time? when were you able to return to work? how does the pain compare to the cyst removal? etc Thanks!
674904 tn?1226075482 After the surgery I was told that they removed the cyst, however, the pain may be related to a hernia surgery I had 5 years ago. Something to do with the patch growing into other parts of my body. The surgeon that did that surgery came to see me in the hospital and said he finds it hard to belive that something that's been in my body for 5 years is now all of a sudden hurting me. So, although I no longer have the cyst, I'm back to square one.
Avatar n tn I saw the surgeon and due to my age 50, and due to the fact that last year a previous ct scan showed the cysts while looking for a hernia, had that surgery last June. Thought the pain was due to the hernia repair. It was quite large. I have suffered with my periods. lots of cramps, bloating etc. Also I have suffered what I call "spells". Severe episodes of gastric upset. They seem to occur around the cycle time, either just before or after.
Avatar m tn We are currently stuck in an information vacuum with the healthcare providers because the surgeon who was going to remove her spleen and repair an umbilical hernia cancelled the surgery and referred her to a more advanced facility. The insurance company refused the refferal because the doctor is out of network and somewhere along the line the referral was mistakenly sent in for "idiopathic scoliosis" instead of the real problem regarding the spleen, liver and umbilical hernia.